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Eff Yeah Nerdfighters on G+:
Few weeks ago, Nerdfighters were mentioned on Adam Hills Tonight, an Australian comedy program. You can see it here:

After the tremendous response, Adam Hills reached out to Hank and John over Twitter asking for an interview. The tweet is here:

Now, the interview has finally aired!!! Enjoy!

Check us out on G+:
Adam: The reason I ask you this is because a few weeks ago on the show, uh, we were talking about a group of people called "Nerdfighters." Alright, okay. Now, turns out nerdfighters are followers of two guys that call themselves "The Vlog Brothers." And The Vlog Brothers are Hank and John Green. They have their own YouTube channel and they have over one million viewers to the stuff they put up on YouTube. Now I was fascinated by these guys, so during the week, I got together with a whole bunch of nerds, uh, and had a Skype chat with one of the Vlog Brothers in this, exclusive report: 

Nerds. Who are they? Who do they look up to? And if they're so awkward with the opposite sex, why are there so many of them? (Audience laughs.) Today, in Adam Hill's Tonght-Today Exclusive, I'm going to get to the bottom of this weird world of globally connected freaks. What better way to do that, then with a group of nerds... Hey, what's the collective term for a group of nerds?... Right. And what better way to do that then with a Shatner of nerds. (Audience laughs.)

Josh, Alice, if I took you into a room now and set you up on a Skype call with one of the Vlog Brothers, how would that be? 

Alice: (laughs) Uhhhh...

John: (laughs) I don't know how to react to that. 

Adam: Would you say that this is possibly the most exciting day of your life? 

Alice: Yeah.

Josh: Definitely.

Alice: Would definitely say so.

Josh: It's up there, close.

Alice: Yeah.

Josh: If not...

Adam: John and Hank Green are known to their followers as The Vlog Brothers. Their YouTube channel has over one million subscribers. They sold out a night at Carnegie Hall. They Skyped with President Obama. 

Today I'm chatting with Hank Green, 'cause his brother John is off on paternity-leave. That's right people, this guy actually had sex with a lady. (Audience laughs.)

Hello Hank Green!

(Shatner of nerds cheer.)

How many nerdfighters around the world do you estimate there are now?

Hank: Hundreds of thousands, at the least. I feel like there are more nerdfighters per capita in Australia than in a lot of places. Definitely then in America. I don't know why that is, but you guys are like, I feel very bad that I've never visited you.

Adam: There's excitement in the room.

(Shatner of nerds agree.)

Adam: They're all saying that you should feel bad but when you were saying that there was more per capita in Australia, someone in my ear whispered, "Yes!"

(Everyone laughs.)

Adam: And it's been a long time since someone whispered that into my ear.

(Everyone laughs.)

Adam: This question was most commonly posted to me on Twitter: "Who the eff is Hank?"

(Shatner of nerds laugh and agree.)

Adam: Why is that funny?!

(Shatner of nerds laugh some more.)

Hank: Why is that funny? (laughs) Uh, I think part of being a nerdfighter is uh, is uh, understanding that there are a lot of things that don't make any sense but are amazing anyway.

Adam: And what is "in your pants?"

(Shatner of nerds and Hank laugh.)

Adam: I've been doing comedy for a long time and I never got so many laughs while not knowing what it is I'm actually saying.

Hank: Uh, every book and movie title can be improved by adding "in your pants" to the end of it.

Adam: For example, Little Women?

(Everyone laughs.)

Hank: Yes, that's an excellent example. That is why you are the comedian in charge of hosting shows. 

Adam: (laughing) Little Women... In Your Pants. Pride and Prejudice In Your Pants. 

(Everyone laughs.)

Hank: Yes. It keeps going.

Adam: The Grapes of Wrath In Your Pants!


Adam: Why did President Obama Skype John?

Hank: I don't know. I guess because John is so amazing, that's why.

Shatner of nerds: Awwww!


Hank: He told my brother's unborn child not to forget to be awesome. And the thing that we say in Nerdfighteria is DFTBA, which stands for "Don't Forget To Be Awesome."

Adam: Okay, what is the nerdfighter symbol?... Guys, can we all assume the symbol please? And, uh, just for you... (undoes his buttons to reveal a DFTBA t-shirt)

Hank: Yes! That's awesome!


Hank: Thank you guys.

Adam: Thank you, Hank. Bye!

So, what have we learned? Absolutely bugger all. I still have no idea what these people are talking about. In a world of negative press, political sniping and global crises, it's good to know someone out there is not forgetting to be awesome. Back to you, Adam, in the studio. 


Adam: I believe there are lots of nerds in the audience, in fact Josh who was in that group is sitting up there. Uh, they have their DFTBA t-shirts on. (Applause.) And look, Josh, I know you've got a spare t-shirt, and if ever there's a group of people in the world that need to be awesome right now, and need to remember to be awesome, it's our nation's politicians, so if you could please present that shirt to the Member, Fred Deakin. (Applause.) I now pronounce you Minister for Nerds! (Cheers.)