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Duh guys, we had visitors. Hank and Katherine Green! And Emily from The Brain Scoop!

Duh guys.

Also, I shot video for the This Star Won't Go Out campaign. That video will appear in the future. But here's their website.

Also also, wanna enter to win an iPod touch by making a logo for Matt Hogan ( and my new company? Rules here:

1. Like the WheezySoup Facebook Page
2. Upload your design to the WheezySoup Facebook timeline.

End Date: July 24th.

Nit picky rules
-You can submit as many designs as you want but only upload once per design. If you upload more than once per design you will be disqualified.
-The winner will be selected by us.
-The winning design becomes property of WheezySoup LLC and is subject to trademark.
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-WheezySoup LLC is not liable for any damages (personal or financial) generated by the playing party.
Craig: It's time for Wheezy's daily vlog! Oooohhh! Guess what -- we have a special guest visiting us today. Uh, his name is -- it, I'm not going to say his name, maybe I already say it in the title of this video, I don't even know what the title of this video is gonna be -- but it rhymes with... uh... Schmank Schmeen. So... yeah. And, as well, Schmatherine. 


Craig: So I just shot some video for events happening at VidCon for the "This Star Won't Go Out" foundation, which is a foundation that was started in memory of Esther, the nerdfighter, um, for families who are struggling with children with cancer. And there's a signing happening at VidCon -- I'm going to be there, other YouTubers are going to be there. Just made a video for... to promote it, that's going to go up somewhere on YouTube, I think the "This Star Won't Go Out" campaign's channel, it's gonna go up on. I'll link to it; you'll know about it.


Craig: And another important thing to discuss, you know that secret project I'm doing with Matt Hogan, who is GlobalSoup on YouTube? Uh, we are starting a Facebook page for our, uh, our I guess you could call it our company, that we uh started. Uh, it's called WheezySoup and we need a logo. So if you would like to go like our Facebook page and then submit a logo, we will choose the one we think is best as our logo for WheezySoup page. And um, you will win an iPod. The one who, the one who we pick. Yeah, that's right, iPod, free, you won't even have to pay for it -- that would be really bad of us to be like, "Oh, you win an iPod, that'll be a couple hundred dollars please, thank you." We won't do that. So the link and the rules, all down there in the doobly-doo. Help us make a logo for WheezySoup.


Craig: I see these strange people walking outside the apartment. Who are they? Who are they? Ohhh! I know them!


Craig: Who are you?! What are you doing in my house?!

Hank: Hiiiiiiii! My name is Hank Green, and I'm peeing in your house.

Craig: Oh, uh--

Hank: Dagh! Don't point it down!

Craig: I'll sensor it.

Hank: Okay.

Craig: Well welcome to the house. Wanna go eat food?

Hank: Yes.

Craig: Where you wanna go?

Hank: Tapas.

Craig: Okay, let's do tapas.

Hank: Okay. 

Craig: How's that sound?

Hank: That sounds good.

Craig: 'Cause we didn't plan it out at all.

Hank: Can we walk? To it?

Craig: Ooohh, we gotta drive.

Hank: Okay. 

Craig: Yeah.

Hank: That's fine, that's fine. I don't like driving in Chicago. They don't have lines -- there's no lines on the road.

Craig: Wha-- oh, we'll drive. We'll drive my fancy '91 Corolla. 

Hank: Nice. I saw it. I was like, we must be here! 


Hank: It's very familiar. It's a little less blue than it is on the internet. 

Craig: That's true. Uhhh, color correction.

Hank: Yeah. 

Craig: Wha-- does it look the same size? Bigger? Smaller than you thought--

Hank: It looks bigger.

Craig: Bigger! Good!


Craig: Tapas.

Hank: Tapas.

Katherine: Tapas.

Craig: Tapas.

Emily: Tapas.

Chyna: Tapas.

Craig: Hi. Hi.

Katherine: Tapas.

Craig: Hahaha. It's Emily!

Emily: Hi!


Craig: What did you think of the tapas?

Hank: MmmMMMMMMmmmm!

Craig: Wha-- so, is that good? I, uh...


Craig: So we're playing "7 Wonders." Have you played this game?

Katherine: Yes, I have. 

Craig: How do you feel about it?

Katherine: I really enjoy it. It also won all of the awards.

Craig: All of them?

Katherine: Yeah.

Craig: Is that what that means?

Katherine: Yeah.

Craig: In, in German?

Hank: It's surrounded by awards it's won. If you go on to the side.

Craig: WOW!

Hank: And this side is awards.

Katherine: I'm tellin' ya, all of them.

Hank: That's not, that's just the logo. 

Craig: Wow.

Hank: That's just the big-man-crotch.

Craig: OH! Okay. Wow. He, ya, you know what you don't realize about Hank? It's that he's very inappropriate in person.

Hank: That's not true!-- Wha-- how is a big-man-crotch inappropriate? 

Craig: I know! That's not in person. You should hear what he says when I turn the camera off. Ya ready?



Craig: It was great. He just said something great, that you don't get to hear. 


Craig: Alright, it's a dance party.

Emily: Okay, try. 

Craig: We were going to play a game but turns out we're dancing.

Hank: Uh, that's not dancing. 

Craig: It's a Chyna-- OH! There we go. 


Craig: Yeah.

Katherine: Can't resist. 

Craig: Alright, stop! We gotta play a game.

Katherine: Craig, we--

Hank: I farted.



Craig: So I showed Hank my, how to do the, uh.

Hank: Your little light isn't on!

Craig: I know. I like to keep it secret when I'm recording.

Hank: Oh. 

Craig: Actually, I didn't realize that that doesn't, that it's supposed to happen.

Hank: Okay. 

Craig: Yeah. Anyway, uh, this is an automatic, uh, you have to set it up but it automatically plays the records. And I, um, I just showed Hank how to do it, let's see if he can do it.

Hank: So this is a stack.

Craig: A stack of records. 

Hank: Of LPs. 

Craig: Yeah.

Hank: There's like five of 'em in there.

Craig: Yeah.

Hank: And then I'm gonna 

Craig: We're flipping it around, 'cause we listened to the other side.

Hank: 'Cause we listened to the first side already. Where are you little thingy? There you are. And it like sits on there.

Craig: Yeah.

Hank: And that's just floating there. And why are they fffssss...

Craig: You gotta put that on there. Yeah, see.

Hank: Ooohh. And then I click it to "on." 

Craig: Yup.

Hank: Is that all?

Female voice offscreen: Auto!

Craig: Well, you click it to "auto," and it'll, it'll come back. Yeah. And then it checks -- Oh! There's a record! And then it drops it down and into place.

Hank: It's gonna put one in there.

Craig: Ohhh yeahhh.

Hank: Ooooo.

Craig: And then what are we listening to?

Hank: "Sing To Me," it's Johnny.


Craig: Who won the first game?

Chyna: Hank Green!

Craig: Hank Green! More importantly, only I didn't win, which is upsetting.

Chyna: You didn't lose, could be worse.

Craig: Chyna, uh, we basically tied. Chyna and I basically tied. 

Chyna: No, we didn't!

Craig: We did basically.

Chyna: No...

Craig: I mean, relatively. 

Chyna: No!

Craig: No?

Chyna: No.

Craig: Wh-wh-whh who did better?

Chyna: I did better!


Craig: "7 Wonders" is a very fun game, but not that fun in that I didn't win. But who won this time?

Emily: I did!

Craig: Oymhgosh! Emily won.

Chyna: Emily's the winner!

Craig: Hooray, hooray! Anti-cheering, the confetti's going up because, because I didn't win, but that's okay.

Hank: You didn't just not win, you were last.

Craig: We didn't have to say that. We didn't have to say that!


Craig: And now dance party again... But when you're dancing, you don't want to hit the people next to you. You have to--

Chyna: Be careful!

(Cuts to WheezyWaiter screen.)

Craig: Monty bonus! Say "Monty bonus".

Hank: Monty bonus.

Katherine: Monty bonus.


Craig: Can I make you say anything? Anything at all?

Katherine: Uhh

Hank: Probably.

Katherine: Test that theory.

Craig: Um. There's a bunion on my foot.

Hank: There's a bunion on my foot.

Katherine: There's a bunion on Hank's foot.