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YouTubers React #12 - Rejected

Anthony: Dude, do you remember you made a parody?

Ian: Yeah, I actually, like, before YouTube, I made, like, a- a flash video where instead of the spoon it was his penis and he said "my penis is too big", yeah. And it still had the bowl of cereal.

Fine Bros (Rafi): Does it remind you of any other content you've seen before?

Hank: Yeah, it reminds me a lot of TomSka.

Adam Montoya: TomSka!

Felix: ASDF movie. Super similar. 

Marcus: ASDF movie, yeah, it reminded me straightaway of all that stuff and I love that stuff.

Harley: Like Cyanide and Happiness a little bit.

Olga Kay: I would think this is something you guys would do you're like, "Y'know what, we're producing 25 shows, what can we do on the weekend? Let's do that." Or Shane Dawson. Maybe it's like a collaboration between Shane Dawson and the Fine Brothers, and that's what you'll get for your children. 

Fine Bros (Rafi): How would you describe it to someone who hasn't seen it?

Hank: Are they on marijuana? 

Fine Bros (Rafi): No.

Hanks: Okay. Surrealist and, uh, gore, gore focused stick drawings. 

Fine Bros: And if they are on marijuana?

Hank: I would say dude, you gotta totally check this out.

Fine Bros: Did you like it?

Marcus: I think I liked it because it's just so unusual. The ending- just my mind is blown right now. I have no idea what happened. 

Philip: Yeah, I love that. Like that, uh, salad fingers, uh. Anything that was made for or ripped off by Ebaum's world back in the day. 

Ingrid Nilsen: The little cloud guys were cute but I wasn't expecting blood to be, like, gushing out of his private parts. I didn't even know clouds could have private parts. 

Fine Bros (Rafi): Do you think these really were rejected, uh, commercial's interstitials for tv networks and commercials?

Ian: Apparently not.
Anthony: I'd say absolutely no.

Fine Bros: Why would you say no? He said it!

Anthony: Oh! Oh, he said it?

Ian: Oh! Because everything on the internet is real.

Anthony: He said it! It is real.

Ian: Oh, okay.

Marcus Butler: I think it would have been funnier if it was actually made for TV and it got rejected because it's like this guy's tried so hard and then everyone's just gone, like, sorry. None of that.

FineBros (Rafi): Why do you think all of his friends were celebrating his anus bleeding?

Felix Kjellberg: Oh, that's part of the ritual.

Harley: I just- I just thought they were enjoying it like we were enjoying it.

Timothy DeLaGhetto: You know what, man? It's like a metaphor for life. He's, like, happy. He's dancin' around, right? That's like, the facade that he's putting on for his dancing friends, you know? But in reality his a**hole's bleeding. The friends are like "oh, we don't want to deal with that, man, we're not paying attention to your pain. We just want to live in this happy world", you know? And it's because, like, so many people just don't even wanna listen to you when you wanna, like, when you're like feeling all depressed and shit. You know? It's all metaphor, man.

FineBros (Rafi): What are your thoughts that it was an Oscar nominated short?

Hank: Well, then it was more revolutionary and weird and no one was doing anything like that. Now there's a culture around this kind of creation and that culture mostly exists on YouTube. And that, uh, whereas this guy, probably, was part of the culture that they were all part of and then he was breaking out to do one little thing that was different. We have our own culture that just does that.

Tay: You can look at something like this and say, "Okay, cultural shock value is at an all time low where nothing is shocking anymore" but are we better people, are we more empowered people, are we more educated people, able to make better decisions about our lives because period cloud and pepper spray eye and bloody this and bloody that is not shocking?

Timothy : Even when you're, like, used to it, and you're like "Okay, I know what this is, this is just a bunch of random funny stuff" and then it's like, oh my god their whole world is crumbling! And, you know, everyone's dying. Ugh, it's so twisted. So beautiful.

FineBros (Rafi): So this short film is actually very old it goes back to, I think, almost 13 years now.

Tay: Wow, like, before YouTube. 

FineBros (Rafi): Yes.

Tay: That's like when ICQ is trying to be a social network and people didn't have enough broadband.

FineBros (Rafi): Where even were you 13 years ago?

Ian: Suckling on my mother's teat.

Harley: I was in grade 9, being lanky 'n weird. I think I had frosted tips.

Adam: Was Halo in 1999? I was probably playing Halo. Was that- was that in 1999? I'm not sure. I think that was, that might have been... I'm getting old.

Kurt Hugo Schneider: Oh I was a huge nerd. People on the internet don't even know. I was off at, like, chess tournaments.

Ingrid: I probably wasn't even on a computer then. Because I don't even think my family had a computer when i was that age so i was probably like off playing in the dirt somewhere. good old fashioned fun.

Rafi: That's what you did, is play in the dirt.

Ben: That's why you're obsessed with makeup now because, like, "I want to look clean".

Ingrid: I went from dirt to makeup.