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Kerbal Space Program, Part 1: Today Hank Green plays a highly requested game! Let's go to space!
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games With Hank, I'm Hank, and this is games with me. Today we're going to be playing Kerbal Space Program.

This is going to be sandbox mode. I can do whatever I want.

Okay, we're going to go into our building here. Wow, there's so many things man. There's so many things you can do.

Okay, so I'm creating a ship here. When you create a ship, sometimes you get roll. That will happen naturally, when there's something uneven on your spacecraft, if there's like a little bit of extra aerodynamic or weight on one side, the spacecraft will roll. And that is something that you generally have to counteract. Now you can also encourage it, so if you have-- I'm going to put this stabilizer on here, I'm just going to show you some rolling here. And we're going to stick this giant booster on because we can.

Okay, so um... So we're just going to launch here. And then if I push-- oooh, haha, I put my, I put my, that's, that's not going to be good. I put those on the same stage. Alright. I also didn't put a separator. So let's thrust down and see what this, what this parachute can do. Can it land this giant booster? No it can't! Oh but my Kerbals lived!

Let's go back to the Vehicle Assembly, 41 seconds ago, and let's be a little more careful with our staging here. So we're going to want... structural... a stack decoupler, and then this, and then oh look at that, look at that, see? Now we've got multiple stages. Oh how clever.

Yeah, so. Going back to showing you the thing I wanted to show you...

We're launching. We can actually control our roll. And this is all being done with the SAS module here. So there's basically gyroscopes spinning really fast inside of our control pod and inside of this stabilizer module. And by controlling the orientation of those, you could actually affect things in space without having any -- space, meaning, that exist -- without having any external components, without like shooting jets. So basically it's a very efficient and very cool way of changing the orientation.

And the more I do this, because it actually builds up as I do it, the faster it moves. So we're getting a fair amount of roll right now. I could do this for longer and I would go faster, and if I were in space, there would be nothing counteracting me, and really there's not much counteracting me right now except for the angular momentum of the craft, just the fact that it's quite a heavy thing, from spinning faster and faster and faster and faster and faster.

The only thing here that would be slowing that down, aside from the weight of the craft, is sort of the things sticking out here, any aerodynamic effects those might have. So now I'm spinning quite fast. It doesn't seem like I'm speeding up that much now, I've run out of juice. And now we're in space. We're in space and we're spinning like a top and it's beautiful.

Now the question that I have is, these craft have a certain amount of structural stability, that they can have in this direction, so like along the craft they have structural stability that you can't-- that like if the g-forces are too great, they will snap. But I'm wondering if they have rotational stability, so if you get it spinning fast enough, will it actually-- can you actually break a craft by having it spin too fast?

Now, probably not. But we're going to try.

Alright, let's go back to the-- Let's go back to the space center here.

Alright, so, what we're going to do is... take this off. I don't-- well maybe I'll need that later.

We're going to use a structural component that is weird. This is a multi-point connector. We're going to throw one on each side here. This is just an insane idea. And then we're gonna-- we should actually put a decoupler here. That's not the right one. That's an SAS module anyway, that's not a decoupler at all.

Where are the decouplers? Why do they hide things? Oh here they are. They are indeed in structural. I don't know why I didn't see them. Hello? Stack decoupler. Boom. Okay.

And then, I think that the problem with this idea is that it's going to throw the engines right off. If anybody sees what I'm doing here... How do I rotate engine? Okay. Is that it? Can I...? I can only pop on that? Why can't I pop on this thing? Come on. I want it to go there. No come on let me do it. Why not?!

Stick it on. Awwww. You saw what I was going to do here and it was going to be amazing, right?

Okay, I have a different idea now. Let's try this. I don't, I also don't know if this is going to, but now if I can rotate parts, why don't I just stack decouple them to the side? Not stack decouple, radially decouple. There we go, like that. Okay good, we've got two of them now. And then just, let's stick some solid rocket boosters on the side of this thing.

This looks better to me anyway. Where are my SRBs? Okay. Nope. We're going to go this... nope... why don't you stick on the stack decouplers? Come on, you just really hate this idea. There, okay. Good. And now the other one. This is just insane. Okay. That's a little more stable.

Alright, so. Let's put that on the second stage, so we can get a little height before we... no that's wrong. This is wrong, wrong order. Okay, let's try it in this order first. This is not what I was intending to do, but let's see what happens if we just do this.

Alright. So these engines will fire first. Yup. I can confirm that they are going, they're spinning very fast. I'm interested, there is, it's very difficult to, oh it's just like a top, just spinning like a top right there on the ground. Alright. They broke off. They did not finish their burn, one of them is still going somewhere, over there. There it is. Okay. Got an eye on it before it...

It spun so fast, and I believe it was the spin that separated this from that. I think. But there's only one way to find out, and that's to repeat this experiment up in the air a little bit.

Alright, so we're going to get in the air a little bit, with this liquid fuel, and then we're going to fire these. So that's just two stages, the rest of the stages just don't matter. 'Cause I'm sure I will explode before those stages matter.

Alright, let's take off you guys. Let's take off. Nothing happened. Why didn't anything happen? Why didn't anything happen? I'm confused about why nothing happened. Alright. We've just got one. We've just got one and it's taking us for a ride. We are actually going up which is shocking, a shocking state of affairs. Why didn't my liquid fuel booster turn on? I'm confused.

I mean, this is going remarkably well.

Alright, everything's fine. I'm fine. Bill Kerman is totally not dead.

Do I need some struts here? I can get you some struts if that's what you want. Well let's see what happens. Nothing. I'm not getting-- is there no-- those are just engines? Oh I assumed that since it was so big that, hahaha.

Well now I'm going to fire these before I let go of the... so that's going to be interesting. Oh good job, it actually managed to hold onto that. Wow those things are strong. And then I let go... And then we all die and explode.

Alright, we made a... wait, wait, where is that engine? Where is it? How is it? Where is it? Where did it go? It's still going.

Oh wow. This is a very interesting way to fly an aircraft.

Alright, so take these away, we don't need those. We just need some fuel. Which I don't know why I forgot about. Is it this one? That looks like the right one. Alright now we've got fuel. That's good. That's going to make things go much better.

Alright, so now we've got fuel, we've actually launched. We are-- whoaaa I forgot about the fact that we were going to have a weird weight and I didn't turn on my stability systems, so we might not make it to where we want to go. Alright, I'm just going to fire them, because we seem to be in somewhat of a stable launch, even though it is not in an upward direction.

Alright, here we go. We've got some really good spin going. We are spinning hard, let's zoom out here so we can see the spin a little bit better. Oh that is a pinwheel, that is a pinwheel-- wooooow. Okay it broke, it broke off, broke off. Couldn't handle the... so there was, wow, there it goes, keeps going. But somehow this has slowed down, which I did not expect to happen. I would have expected that to continue spinning.

Alright, so we need some more stability there. Let's get some struts going. Just need a lot of struts. That does not look like a particularly stable way to put struts down. I am not an engineer. But my guess is that those won't actually be very helpful. If we could somehow get these out further, we could make the middle spin faster without the same force being exerted.

Let's add on a couple more of these. You fire that way. Correct. And then you... fire that way. Yes. How did you know? How clever of you.

Launching. Now we've got even more spinny power. Twice as much spinny power. We're going to launch it, so let's get... turn on this first so that we can have some stability. No, not what I meant! Not what I meant! Why do I keep doing that? I was just looking at it. Okay. It's just a cloud of fire. I cannot believe that it hasn't exploded yet. Some serious stability there.

I saw. Just for a second I saw the pod. Are you serious? Are they going to survive this? Uh, okay.

HEEEEEEY, well done everyone. Oh my god I cannot believe... well two of them fell off. Oh, they were decoupled. Why didn't these decouple? Oh, because there's struts all over them. Haha.

This was absolutely 100% worth it for me, but was it for you? The only way I know is if you push the Like button. So thanks if you want to do that, thanks for watching this episode of Games With Hank. I'm Hank, this has been Games With Me, the game has been Kerbal Space Program. Messing around with angular momentum. DFTBA.