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Windlands, Part 2: Today Hank Green turns into Spiderman, basically. Let join him in this virtual reality adventure!
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is games with me, the game were going to be playing to day, with me, is Windlands, on the Oculus DK2. this game is so beautiful, so fun so immersive to be in, uh, that it makes me a little bit, feel like puking, but allot, feel like enjoying and playing it again.

[mumbles] oh, right, uh, hold my tongue, uhhugh, right, yuouyroyueouyyeu.

Ok, that was a significant hair. Were actually gonna try and get somewhere in this game today. 

Weeeee. uh, last time i was not able to do anything effectively. um. There seem to be certain things that have lights sticking out of them, and those seem to be important, uh, as if that where I should be headed. Um, I think. Well there's also  little, that little glow thing. What is that? Ok. I didn't get it. It's right there. No, NOOO glowy thing, oh i got it. I GOT IT. That was close.

And I'm just gonna walk very carefully. Hello ball. YES! I GOT A BALL! I think that's the point of the game.

I spat on myself.

Oh, hello. There's another one up here. Hello other ball. And creepy, giant, dog, maybe. I got two balls. That seems good. I wonder if i can get to that from here. I can try. HOOO GOOOh, WOW! That gave me way more vertigo than i expected. Oh, no! OH, I HAD IT, I HAD IT AND I LET GO! I had it and I let go. Dang it!

Oh, Oh i got it again. I almost let go again that time.

Get it! There you go, good job. Oh another ball. hello ball. Yeah, I don't know what those do but I, I like getting them. It makes me feel good.

Ok, there's a ball right there. My hands are so sweaty. The jumping of of high places is surprisingly, vertiginous. HOOOOly smokes! Got it. Got it, everything's good. wow, that's neat.

Thank you for the ball.

My hands are so sweaty. Ok. K, good. I think.

Nope. Yeah. Yes, yes. Yeah. I bet there are people who play this game who are just embarrassed by how bad I am at it, but i am really proud of myself right now. I can't shoot that with that thing.

Get on up. Get on up. Ok, goin back. HHoough. ho, come ooon, yeah. yusss! Ok, I dunno why I'm gettin these thing but they seem to be a goal and I've, I fee like I've accomplished something when them, so. Alright, I don't know how to do any of this.

Um, I don't know. I probably can hit that. But I don't know what good it's gonna do me. Well lets try. Oh, ok, there's a thing down here. That's the first thing  I wanna do, that actually makes it way easier. Um, none of that stuff is, is grabable, so I don't know how to get there at all.

K, well, lets just. Get over there. Oh, this is awesome. It's no longer awesome, Wooow, wow. Ok. Ok. everything is fine. That is so neat. But I can't grab that stuff right, no, I can't grab that stuff. And i can't grab, apparently I can't grab that either. Why are they even there? come on! Yep, get me on up. How am i supposed to jump on top of that? come on! Do I just jump? I guess I could maybe get it. Maybe. Yep. OH, NO NO, I way over shot! Arghh! Dang it. Dang it, dang it. Ok, well that, I feel like that was a fairly accomplished second try at Windlands. 

So, thank you for watching this episode of games with Hank. I'm Hank, That was Windlands, It's so much fun, and so pretty and its the, ni th ne, music is nice and the, the mechanics are very cool. I'm just, I just, It's. I'm Spiderman. Basically, I'm Spiderman.