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Hello! Welcome to Games With Hank. I'm Hank. This is games with me. I'm Hank.

Today, we are going to be playing a game called Never Ending Nightmares.  Never Ending Nightmares is a game that takes place inside of a nightmare that never ends.

And in this horror game there will be scary things and blood and gore and terrifying moments. You're gonna be experiencing me looking like y'know maybe a pansy and that might happen to you too, so if you don't like horror, DON'T WATCH IT!


All right, here it is: Never Ending Nightmares.  I'm listening to-uh-s-some noise, which you are also listening to. Hoah!

We're going to play, which I assume is ... which I , whoa, god, that was a scary noise. Ooh, creepy.

We strongly recommend playing the game with headphones!
If you have special audio processing mode designed FOR headphones that creates the BEST experience. Would you like to enable it? I guess.

Okay, anyway, let's go!

Enter. Hoo! Hi, Jeffica. No, you're ... ohhh! Why is that happening ... stop, don't do it. No. Why did you stab the girl!?

Oh, I didn't. I didn't stab the girl. I was dreaming. I was dreaming. I didn't stab the girl at all. This is a lovely art. I like it.

There's a colonel up on the wall here. Hello, Colonel. Oh, neat! This is cool!

I stabbed a girl in my dream. I'm sorry. So I'm trying to take things and put things on. Am I going in the closet? I can't go in the closet. You can't go in closets. Don't be ridiculous. Humans can't walk into closets! That would be a walk-in closet.

That's a ... so I can open doors, though. That's good.

Alright, so far not scary at all. I'm doing fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. Just say you're fine and you are fine. That's how life works. Say "I'm happy, I'm happy and I never care about things, people's opinions of me don't affect me at all, I'm a happy person, very self-confident!"

Alright. The colonel just doesn't - there's a person being hanged in that picture, there's an eagle in this one over here. Alright, I'm going to go through this door, that's - alright, a bathroom! I could use the toilette (twa-lette), the toilette here, it's an old toilet-looking thing, and I got a claw foot tub with claws on the feet. Can I look inside of this cabinet? I'm surprisingly unable to interact with things. So far I can only interact with doors, it, it does seem to be that the door have a different colored know; they're the only colored things in the game so far except for that girl's blood.

So one can assume that maybe that's the mechanic that I'm going to be seeing in the future. So I can interact with things that have color.

Alright, so I found a bathroom, I can't open that chest, there's a vase painting on the wall, and this colonel just keeps appearing.

He's everywhere.

Oh, I see - I see - oh, that's a creepy veil that you've got there, lady. Hoooh! OK. There are some letters here, but I can't look at them. Can I put this back? Oh, hello family! There's that little girl I killed! DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAH DAHH DAAAH DUH. DUH. DUH. DUH.
Moving on...

Let's go through another door! Wait. This looks familiar. It's not the same, though, it's different. It just looks familiar. There's a ham on that one, and there's a lemon ham on that one, it's a special type of lemon ham. This man's got an amazing turtleneck! He looks like he's from significantly after everything else in this game; I was thinking that this game took place in maybe, what, the 40s or 30s? But he looks like he's from the 70s!

OK. D - never put a candle on a bookshelf like that! You're going to burn the whole house down! What are you thinking?! That bookshelf - look, all those books are going to be destroyed! Blow out the candle, Jeff! Oh my god. Don't ever do that! If you ever see anyone put a candle on a bookshelf like that.... don't... not allowed. Very dangerous.

OK, we've got a book, got a thing here. Oh! Psalms... in Latin. Spirvadidin domino et petriet a-om salvum facetium guanomium voltaitium, guanomium - I'm not going to keep reading in Latin you guys, I'm just not going to do it. Well. I can't do anything with that! So... I looked at, I looked at that. Am I doing something wrong?
I don't know. So far - it's beautiful, it's like very pretty, but I don't - wait, what is happening in front of me here? Oh, is that, is that just smoke? Is there just smoke filling the room? Again, not safe, y'all.
Hey, that's a creepy vulture! Yeah. Why would you have a giant picture of a naked-headed bird in your - HAAAAH! HOHAAAHA! That's - ah - wish I had the heartbeat monitor on, because that got me a little bit, with the vague shape there in the (shakily) daarkne-e-esss... it's gone now though! (Nervous laugh) don't worry about it! Oh. Tingles all over. Full body tingles. Alright, everything's fine. I don't know why, why would this be scary? It's just a cartoon! It's fine. Alright.

Noises are scary. Hall noises are scary. Every noise. Stop. Having. Never. Ending. Nightmares!

(Splat against window)
BLLLAAAAAHHHHH! AHGODDANGIT are ya serious! Why would you do that, bird! And why wouldn't you react, Jeff! Come on! Did you see what just happened?! You're not going to move at all?! Oooh. Panic.

Alright. Teacups are cool. Just... this is a big house you guys. That's one thing I've noticed about - oh, I thought I saw a person but it wasn't a person. Uh, one thing I've noticed about horror games is they tend to take place in very large (teacup shatters) houses! Why you keep pushing and breaking things? Is it because I killed a little girl in this house? Oh geez.

Alrighty, that's, that's a lot of blood. Somebody has been working at the meat. That's fine though. Like, somebody has to prepare the food! That's not scary! People prepare food sometimes. It's almost never made out of human skulls.

Why would I go outside? Go back inside, Jeff. That's way too scary. I just noticed that the wallpaper in this room is made of skulls, which I had to go back and tell you that before moving outside again.
Every - everything had an "M" on it. Put some shoes on, if you're gonna go outside in the dark like this! Hello? There's no - the creepy music has gone, so there's that. It has that going for it. Ooooh. There's owls, though. Owls are nice. Owls never kill people. Almost.
Alexander Bruce - with candles everywhere! OK, we're gonna go into the - Justin Fruhling. Shaun Robert Con. Uh, people have died in the 17-and-1800s. 1850, 1749, 1774, 1786, 1793, 1790, oh - oh, so apparently this is the 1800s that this is currently. Currently? I don't know. 1800s ish.

Oh. No.
Oh geez.
Waaaauugh! Hey, Gaby, how's it going
Gaby: Are you still sleeping? You promised we'd meet for breakfast.
Oh. Everything's fine.
Gaby: Are you okay? You look upset.
Yeah. I killed you in my dream.
Jeff: Sorry. I just had a terrible nightmare. I dreamt you were dead!
Gaby: (Laughs) that's silly! I'm fine!
It's silly! She's fine!
Gaby: Besides, you always promised you'd take care of your little sister.
Is that who you are?
Jeff: But that was when we were kids.
Gaby: It's still true, isn't it?
Jeff: Yeah...
Gaby: Why don't you try to get back to sleep. I'll be outside.

No! We - were going to have breakfast! Why don't we have breakfast?! We were going to have breakfast! No! We should have breakfast! That was a closet before. This was a closet. This wasn't a door.

Ahhhh..... why... this looks like it's still a nightmare. I'm guessing from the paintings which is NOT THE KIND OF PAINTINGS THAT YOU PUT IN A HOUSE! IF YOU HAD A NORMAL HOUSE! Which apparently some people don't!

Just... alright, we're going in this one! Also, I'm guessing by the noises which is not the NORMAL NOISES THAT YOU HAVE in a house either.

Hiiii.... are you from the 7 - 1800s? Your clothes look fairly modern.
Definitely the lamps don't. I don't know. I don't know. What do I know?
(Creepy noises)

Auuugh. Sometimes things scare me for no reason. Oh, that's a deep, dark hole. Alright. I guess - should I go in the deep dAAARK hole - nope - uh, sorry - I didn't mean to go - I just didn't realize how the mechanic worked.
(Creaking noise)

That's a terrible noise! Don't - no. No. No. No. Not that noise.
Alright. OK. It's very dark in this room. Let's turn on some more lights!

Hraaaaah! OK! Everything's fine. I woke up. I'm fine. I'm still fine. I just had to wake up. The music is still scary.

So did I go in that door? Is that where I went? And then there was the stairs? Oh, no, right, right, that guy. I forgot about that guy. Of course. I don't know why I can look at some paintings up close but not others. Let's not - hah! Somebody down there? Should I go down there again? Somebody crying?

I don't know. Can - does it do the same thing again? If I go down again? I don't know! I LIKE YOUR PAJAMAS! Is that an OK thing? Is that an OK thing to feel? Just try to make it further this time. Making it fur- ahhh! OK. That didn't work.

Doooh dooh dooh dooh dooh dooh dooh didooo dooo doo... and there's some planks on this wall and there's also I can go this way. I can go two of those ways. Gonna try the planks. Let's do the planks first. Um. Can I do anything to these? No. Apparently not. I don't really understand this game.

Hello meat. There's - meat is featured heavily in my dreams of - also skulls and tiny Napoleons! B- oh, this is a child's room.

Oh that definitely says murder. That definitely says murder, those blocks down there in the corner... I don't... Can we move one of the...

Oh, this -- Hah, he's takin' a poop. Hush, no talking. There's a poopy soldier. Oh god, this is scary. Why is this so scary?

Aaaaaaah, don't like this room. Aaaaah ooooh goodness me oh my why don't any of you have eyes? That one's gonna turn around and look at me, isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it going to? Why is it looking at -- don't turn around and look at. God, I was sure it was gonna turn around and look at me.

There are a lot of little dolls here. Alright, everything's fine. Did I somehow go back the way I came? I'm confused right now. I did! How did I do that? Wait, no I just went through a circuit. Did I just go through a circuit? Oh okay. I just went through -- okay.

So I went out that door and then I came back in this door. Stop with the terrifying creepy sounds! God, the headphone system that they have is good. Oh, why would you, why do you have a clock that kills people? Probably because you're having a neverending nightmare.

It's dark in here, it's dark in here, it's dark in here. It's dark in here. Arig-- AAAH. Holy cram pants.

Strum those piano strings while a dark shape moves against the window. Alright. Heeheehaha someone's always making creepy noises, I have to, it's part of how I work.

Alright, let's see what's in this door, because apparently that's all I want to do is explore. Oh, a dress making room. That's totally normal. Sometimes people make dresses. That's got some boobs. That's some boobies. That's a really really narrow waist. That's way too narrow.

Heeeeeey... Bertrand. With two glasses of wine. (singing) Everybody knows, everybody loves Bertrand. Always double fistin' the wine. Lol lol Bertrand. Ahahahaha.

Okay. Aaaaalright. Do I have a choice? I never like choices. I've been going for a long -- it's dark in here, and there's definitely something red on the wall. Definitely something red on the wall that I can't read. Wish I could. I'm almost certain that that's something written in blood but I can't tell what it is. Something terrifying I'm sure.

Oh I like it when the rooms have lights in them. Can I pick up a light to take with me -- I can. I can pick up a light and take it with me places. Look at that. How clever pieced am I. This took me a long time to acquire. Hopefully I won't need it.

I'm going to go in this room and it's gonna be not fun but I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna DO IT FOR YOU! Oooooooh god dangit. Oh god why have you forsaken him? Why did you do that? Is that me on the ground? It is, it's me! I got stabbed in the place where I saw me get stabbed before. Oh god. Why have you forsaken me?

It's dark everywhere now. Whhhaaaaaa you're seriously right now. Oh man. Alright, she's not there anymore. Where are you, little girl? (singing) Where are you little girl? Are you behind me, all the time? Can I just wake up from my nightmare now that'd be great. That would be great.

Okay, still the dressmaker's room. That's just the same as it was before. Let's wake up please. Can I wake up, I'd like to finish this one. I'd like to be -- aaaaah -- done with this.

Okay. (singing) I got a light, it shines down on all the evil in the world. You cannot stay my heart with your blackness, I have got a light. Got a light. It feels like I should be singing about God.

Okay, everything's fine. Gaaaah god again. Every time you get me with that noise. That's such a scary freakin' noise. I don't know where I'm taking this lamp. where am I taking this lamp?

Well that's a -- oh, the basement. I'm going to the basement. I'm going back to the, where I'm going. Stop with the creepy noises. Why would I even go to that basement, it's so scary there. Oh god why have you forsaken me? Seriously! Also, could you jog maybe? Just put a little hitch in your giddy-up, that would be fine. Geez, Jeff, you are a slowby sometimes.

Alright, we're going down to the basement, where my light is -- I'm gonna to keep the evil at bay, with a light that shines from my heart. Also from my candle. Gettin' on down there. My hands are very cold. Alright. It's way less terrifying with a light.

You can't wake me up, I've got a light. Oh an ax, oh great. I can take an ax. Do I want an ax? I'm gonna take an ax instead of the light. Which seems like a -- aaaaaahh oh man oh what no no no what the frick is that. You serious right now? What?! Aaaah man. Why was there a purple thread in your arm and why didn't you just leave it there? Pro tip: if there's a purple thread in your arm, leave it there.

Thanks for watching this episode of Games With Hank, this has been Neverending Nightmares. Apparently a nightmare that never ends. Now I have access to an ax, and I know where I'm gonna take that next time, when I play this game. On a different episode of Games With Hank. This has been games with me. DFTBA.