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Oculus Rift Horror Game, Affected The Carnival: Last day of 3 Days In Horror! Hank Green gets attacked by clowns in this terrifying game using the Virtual Reality Oculus Rift!
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Hank: Gotta add that to the list of things your gonna- ARGH oh my god! No I can't look away from it!

Hello and welcome to games with Hank, where I play games with Hank, who is me. We've just launched the channel this is our third video ever. We're starting out the channel with three days of horror. this is our final horror day, so if your not into that come back tomorrow for something that won't be scary.

This is just us playing through Affected, we've done the first two levels and we're going to play the carnival which I've heard is the scariest of them all. So if you don't like that, we put a link, to a really adorable video in the description. Thanks for watching three days of horror and for reveling in my discomfort.

Alright The Carnival. The nice part about the beginning of this game is now that I've done it twice I'm not scared of it 'cause I didn't die either time. Yeah. There's some floating wheelchairs there and stuff. this is the part where I have to close my eyes because it makes me nauseated if I'm not controlling the Oculus

Um. Do not play alone. Alright. The Carnival. So something tells me there's going to be scary clowns, you guys. Car-ni-val! Oh I;m outside, I'm outside, this is the first time I've been outside. Outside is less terrifying for me, I feel like you can go more places. But probably, probably not.

Hello? Hello? Oh I got my flashlight on now, That's better. Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. That's copyright- copyright violation! There's blood on that sign! Fun festival. Well I feel like I'm headed toward a fun festival like nobody's business. There's a big fire over there, somebody's started that.

I don't know why they did that. Yeah the circus is this way. It's a nice 3D experience, I definitely feel like I'm in a place. Oh don't make me go inside. I don't like it inside. This is definitely less scary then the asylum so far because um, I don't know, there are fewer just dead people walking around.

(Noise) Ah, yep, yep, that made my heart skip a beat. Feelin- feelin the tingles. Oh that door opened. I bet I should go in there. NO. Why would I go in there?! (Sigh) It's just a trailer, it's just somebody's trailer-(door shuts) AHH GOD DIESEL PANTS! (clowns laughs) ah my god. ah. Whats happening?

The clown attacking the trailer? It's dark, it's dark, it's dark (muttering) (train horn) Ah. Okay. I can see again. It's tilted my trailer over. He;s havin a good time. That was a happy clown. He was enjoying himself. (Crashing) Hello? (Crashing continues) Hello? (Crashing stops) For some reason, that didn't scare me.

I think I'm like desensitized after that sudden weird devil in my trailer. Feeling hesitant about moving forward. Hugnt. Haha, ha ha, okay. Okay, that's fine. Yeah, light it up. I am totally in favor of more light, yes. Please, suspicious beings, turn on the lights. Not turn off the lights, suspicious beings.

(Door) Eght. Who turned off the lights? I specifically just told you not to do that. What are you? Are you a horse? A big dog. Why would I go over there? There is a giant horse eating what appears to be a dead human. I don't want to. I- like- it- it clearly, wants to eat, humans.

Okay, guess I'm just gonna keep walking right past (clown laughter) ahhaha. Hey, how's it going? I FEEL LIKE THERE'S NO REASON WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS. (laughter stops) Right? Okay. Nah I'm fine. Everything's fine. Everything's- let's flee. Hot dogs? I would like a hot dog.

If this was a regular circus think how much fun it would be! Oh great. That's totally a haunted house experience at the haunted circus. That's just- that's the worst possible. This is the entrance to the circus? Oh, the Wall of Death. That sounds like let's do that. There's a lot of different brothers involved.

Oo that's making me nauseated real fast! Gotta get through that before I puke. Okay, alright that was no problem. I mean it's kinda cool, but I wish I could enjoy it but I feel like I'm going to- wow no. That's probably enjoyable for you who are not wearing an Oculus, but for me I feel as if my upside is downside and my insides gonna be outside.

Alright little catacombs of corrugated metal, that's fine. why not have a catacombs of corrugated metal? Wait, no, did I come from here? I don't know. It's e- so easy to get lost! This feel very much like a, ah, I don't know if you've ever, if you guys have ever been on a ranch- oh, look, hah hahaha okay.

Definitely got lost, but if you've ever been at a ranch it feels like ah, those, those devices that they use to get the cows to go the way that they want the cows to go. so I assume that's what being done to me right now. You know, one of the primary reasons they need to get the cows to go places is so that they can take care of them, and give them antibiotics- AHHH OH MY GOD FRICKITY CLOWN!

(Slo-mo) and give them antibiotics AHHH OH MY GOD FRICKITY CLOWN!
So I assume that that was good for my health for whatever reason. Um, and usually their not putting the cows through the devices just so that they can slaughter them. That only happens once in a cows whole life.

Well it happened to that one. Sorry, cow, thing. I think that was a horse, actually. That's sad, gotta add that to the list of things your gonna- (clown laughter) ARGH oh my god! No I can't look away from it!

(Slo-mo) Oh my god! No I can't look away from it!
(Clown continues laughing) Yeah yeah you're so funny, so funny when you're a big scary clown and nobody else is! (Clown laughter stops) Wait am I not done yet? This is still going? (Ferris wheel creaks, motor noises)

Where am I- what is thi-am I in a- what am I in? (Creaks get louder, crashing) Did you sling shot me? Did I just get sling sling-shotted? Oh I think I hurt my arm. Is that it? Am I- am I done? Oh, good, it's over. Well thank you, Mark Paul, and Mark Paul, and all of you guys. That was just- thanks so much.

(Sigh) Thanks for watching for the first three days of Games with Hank, in our horror series. Tomorrow will be a game that isn't terrifying, so for all you friends who were very afraid to watch the first few episodes of Games with Hank, they can come, and watch something that will hopefully be a little more lighthearted then that terrifying clown.

Who I couldn't look away from. Thanks for watching, DFTBA.