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Oculus Rift Game, Nekolus: NO MORE HORROR! NOW CATS! Today Hank Green meets his new friend Duck! Would you like to have a virtual kitten? The Oculus Rift can make that happen!
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Game Played:

Hello, and welcome to Games With Hank. I'm Hank. This is games with me!

As far as I can tell, I'm about to have a virtual cat, which I'm totally in favor of. I'm also in favor of having actual cats. The only reason I don't have more cats? Is because my cat doesn't like cats. But now, I get to have another cat...uh, in-in-inside of this little box!

Alrighty, here I am in my house that has no doors or windows, so that's... terrifying! I guess it's just me and this cat forever-Ah, did I scare it away? Because I'm too loud? I-I'm sitting on a chair. And I've got-Oh! You just-you're, like, doing a weird moonwalk thing, kitty. (laughs) Oh, animals. Walk.

Cat: (meows)

Hank: Oh! I threw a ball. Get it, kitty, get it! Get it! Get it! What should I name you? Thank're a Scottish Fold! Oh. Get it! Yeah. Get it! Ah, yeah. I just...this is all I can do, is just control with my face. Oh. Hey, a ball! Woo! Kitties don't fetch! That's made-up!

I'm gonna name you Duck. Hi, Duck! That's a cute kitty name! Go over there, go get the ball, Duck! Oh, God, your butt's cute. You got a cute butt.

Thanks for bringing the ball back, Duck! Over there, go to the corner! You're a bad kitty! Oh, I didn't get it in the corner. Are you a good kitty or a bad kitty? Are you a good kitty or are you a bad kitty? I bet you're a good kitty. Get the ball! Yeah! Yeah! Oh, yeah. Alright.

Let's play, let's play, let's play stick game. Oh yay! Oh, get it, oh, oh, get it! This is super weird! I can't believe I'm controlling this thing with my head!

You know, what's not great about this game, is how I can't pick up the kitty and put it on my face, which is all I wanna do...with the kitty.

Ah-whoa! Just gonna do this, and I'll see what - oh, you're so confused! You don't know what to do! You're such a cute little Duck! Ohhh...go to the corner. Oh, I can't throw very well - whoa! Whoa! You're a teleporting kitty cat!

I wanna get it in the corner...where'd he go - oh man, you have got - your head went through the wall! I guess maybe that's how we leave this place, Duck. Maybe it's just you and me and me forever in a brick room with this kinda crappy painting, a quite nice bed, and a vase in the corner. But at least I have you, Duck. At least I have you. And this weird soundtrack. *humming*

This is terrible! I don't like cat simulators, 'cuz it's like, "Hey! Look how cute your cat is, but don't ever touch it!Or - or leave the room!"

Gimme a kiss, Duck. Mwah!

Do something! Oh, just, you know, moonwalk. Forward. Forward moonwalk. And stare at the wall. Well. You know, sometimes we all need a little bit of alone time. Don't I know it, living by myself in a house that has no doors or windows with a cat all by myself. Apparently I really like alone time. A lot.

Well, that was a weird experience! Why didn't they build a door? How did I get in there? I'm gonna go to my actual house and play with my actual cat, which is slightly more fulfilling, uh, because of how I can touch it. But I will miss Duck.

Anyhow, thank you for watching this episode of Games With Hank!