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Oculus Rift Horror Game, Affected The Asylum: 3 Days In Horror is back! Hank Green plays part two of this terrifying game using the Virtual Reality Oculus Rift!
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Part One:
Part Three:

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(0:00) Way too-OHHH god!! POOPY-GOD-BLUG-MOTHER!!!

(0:07) Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, where I play games with Hank. Who is me.

(0:11) The response to my first video was very positive so I decided to do this again. So, horror week continues with Affected: The Horror Experience... the Asylum.


(0:23) Alright, The Asylum. I'm less scared right now than I was last time. Uh, starting out, cause I feel like I-you know-I've had the experience of the first one, I know- roughly- what this- what Affected is like, and, you know, I would- oo. Yeah.

(0:40) This part where I'm not controlling it, and it's controlling me, I'm basically- just wanna close my eyes because it makes me nauseated. Oh, is that just a big... pile of blood? Oh, yeah, this is about the same where I'm just like, oh, it's sort of urban exploring, because apparently there's just old abandoned places that are not good.

(1:07) "No return after this point" is maybe not the right- like, you may not wanna put that particular thing on your office door. But that, like, I would love to have a door to my office that did that. That would be totally cool. I would- I'd pay an extra... money for that. 

(1:26) I feel pretty at peace right now. I'm not- I think that we could really make this place quite nice with just a little bit of elbow grease and, you know, paint here and there, maybe not have lead doors with slots in them. If you keep talking, it's harder to hear the screams of the dead people who still inhabit the asylum. But eventually, they get loud enough that no matter how loud you talk, you can hear them. 

(1:57) Oh, hey, wow, all right, yep, I'm scared again. It happened. What's that? It says "10 PM Bar Goopa"? "Bun Goopa". "10 PM Bun Goopa" sounds fun. I'm into it. Woah, oh. Okay, what's this say? Oh, "Eh... ehmente ciham". Look at him, he seems happy. People probably had a pretty good time when they lived here. AAH! AAH! Uh. What's the biological purpose of your heart not beating during times of fear? Oh, there's a just- a lower part of a human skull. Oh, what the frick is that?! What the frick? Is that? Okay, what the frick is that? 

(2:40) I don't care, I don't wanna know. That- was that a human? I don't wanna know. I don't wanna know. That was weird. Why am I following that terrifying thing that was covered in blood? AAH! GOD dammit. *scare cam* I'm breathing. Or is that my breath, or is it someone else's? Why does that happen? That was unexpected. 

(3:09) I didn't expect the wall to implode on me. It's really hard to say anything but the thing that your like subconscious mind is saying when these terrifying things happen to you in VR games. Like I can't- I'm completely unfiltered, which is pretty amazing, that I don't really come out with real strong curses, I'm just- scream. Seems to be.

(3:33) Uhhhh, well, I looked up. So I'm seeing what, maybe, I shouldn't have seen. Or maybe I should, I don't know. Is it gonna fall on me? Uh. Oh, there's another one. You guys look pretty fresh. Like you got up there fairly recently, which is not... I'm gonna have to put a disclaimer on this one. YAH GAH!Oh, *scared noises*. Apparently I had to say "YAH GAH!" YAH GAH! Uh, that's the noise that my subconscious wants to make. 

(4:10) What are these... things? Electroshock, maybe? There's definitely something to do with electricity. All right, let's just keep moving- AH GOD! Apparently, "YAH GAH" is short for "AH GOD". *scared noises* Uh, wh- why, why, why, didn't I- why don't you bring- next time I come here, I'm bringing a really big flashlight, just a- you know, next time, which maybe there shouldn't be. 

(4:39) *scared noises* It's fine, everything's fine. I guess I'm just gonna go into this, like, complete darkness, 'cause that's fine. That's fine. Okay, well there's a dead guy in there, and I don't like- I don't wanna go see him, but I kind of have no choice. I really don't like looking behind me, 'cause I feel like there's always gonna be something there

(5:02) Wait, what happened? What was that noise? This one opened. Okay, I think. Did I get lost? Am I going back where I was before? I don't wanna... why am I scared? I don't wanna be scared. Stop being scared. Everything's fine, it's a video game, it's not- it's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine, don't- it's fine.

(5:21) *scared noises* I've got weird goosebumps. Oh, no, it's fine, you're fine you're fine you're fine everything's gonna be okay. I'm gonna help you. I can't go very fast, I am surprisingly slow. What? Why are there more than one peoples in here? You died. You died. AH GAD. "There is no- this is no- this is..." What? "This is your last" AAH GOD I bit my tongue. I bit my tongue! *scare cam* Ah, heh. Apparently, it's my last chance to turn back. This is my last chance to turn back. 

(6:11) I don't- well, I don't feel like I- there's a lot of words on the wall. "You would have none of my counsel." You would have none of my counsel! I apologize for not having any of your counsel. Where the frick am I? Am I going the wrong way? I don't know. How do you know? I saw a person run this way. I'm sorry I had none of your counsel!

(6:36) (in response to laughter from game) Was that a funny joke? Did you laugh at it 'cause I'm funny? I can make you laugh, we can be friends. I'm pretty funny. I'm a nice guy. I like- what are you in to, do you like Star Trek? I like Star Trek. I'm in to- I don't know. Science? I like science. We could talk about science. There's two ways, there's two ways to go, I don't like that. This is a dead end. 

(7:04) What kind of music do you like? Uh, Pink Floyd? They Might Be Giants? David Bowie? Are you in to Bowie? Oh, I have a great idea, let's go deeper. Let's go deeper underground. I'm sure that that's totally safe.

(7:21) (in response to a baby's crying from the game) I mean, I kind of find adults less scary than terrifying children. It's terrifying- oh man. That wasn't that scary. It's not that scary. Something's gonna be right in front of me, isn't it. No, I thought it was, but it's not. Is that gonna go in a cycle? That's always right in my ear. Like it's really close to me. That doesn't sound like a human at all.  I guess it was on the other side of the wall. 

(8:02) Let's not go to the other side of that wall. How about that for a plan? Well, I guess not, 'cause we're gonna go down deeper into the asylum, 'cause let's just go as deep as we can. So far, there's never been anything sort of right there as I come around the corner, which is- okay, and that thing. Oh, oh, a femur. Just a quadricep. A single upper leg. Of a human being. I'm just gonna see what... are you okay? Are you alright? I also am not having a great day, but I'm apparently handling it better than you.

(8:45) Shh, no no no no no no no no no no, shush. No, no. Oh, no, no no no no no, I don't like that. I'm not gonna look at that. I'm not gonna look at that. I'm not gonna look in there, I'm just gonna very intentionally... okay, actually, it wasn't too bad in there, just razor wire and razor wire and nobody's in there. 

(9:12) Any- okay. I don't like this. Too many body parts. That's a mechanical noise. That's not scary. Mechanical noises are fine. I- I'm not afraid- okay, I'm afraid of this. This is scary. No light anywhere? Shh, no, it's fine. Okay, the loud noise accompanied by scary things very soon going to be happening.

(9:45) Oh, I'm in a wheelchair. That's fine. Was- do I have one of them behind me? Oh, there's nobody, there's nobody there. I definitely wanna look behind me because in front of me is scarier. No, I'm just gonna- oh. Hi, are you just gonna- okay, what, well, I guess it was nice knowing ya, everything. It was nice- why are you so twitchy? That's okay, it's okay. 

(10:19) All right, all right, yeah. Did you go away? It did for a moment. Yeah, you're gonna eat me, aren't you. You're gonna eat me alive. Ah. So, it's way too quiet. Way too qui-WAAH GOD! POOPY GOD BLUG MOTHER!

(10:45) *scared noises* I found him. *scare cam*

(11:03) What do I do now? Okay.


(11:06) So for those of you who stuck around for the- Affected: The Horror Experience Asylum, thanks, I hope you enjoyed watching me be scared. The nice thing about Oculus is you take it off at the end, and you're just in the normal world again,  which is quite nice.

(11:22) This is been your second-ever episode of Games with Hank. We're starting out with three days in horror. For more Affected: The Horror Experience we'll be playing The Carnival. DFTBA.