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Subway, official restaurant of athletes everywhere. WHAT?! How is that official!
So I watched the Olympics. I don't generally watch a lot of TV; I actually went out and bought an antenna, specifically so I could watch the Olympics. One of the things I found interesting about the Olympics is the advertisements because I'm used to just regular old internet advertisements. Not like the volume that you get with the Olympics. 'Oh by the way, we have to say something. We'll play a little bio pic on this person, and then 81 commercials!' And so I've been interested in that. One thing I'm interested in: Subway - official restaurant of athletes everywhere. How did they get that gig? Is there like an Athletes Everywhere group called like "Athletes Everywhere Incorporated?" And like they get the sponsorship money? Or does Subway somehow give like five cents to every athlete in the world for that sponsorship? Like how is that official? Second this new show on NBC about the power of all the power just going away. Like what is that? What is scientifically - like how, like how do you explain the whole world's like power grid going offline in a matter of minutes? Good luck to you on that one. Is there like a virus that infects copper? What is the - I don't, I don't get it. A solar flare that hits all sides of the world? What is your - explain this to me. And then it never comes back? Okay, sure. I love your plot device; it's contrived. Anyway, television. Now it's time to watch Michael Phelps in his potentially last race ever. So I'm going to go do that. Goodbye.