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Just a quick vlog
Hello, it's Hank. I was just making my Vlogbrothers video and I figured I'd make a daily vlog real quick.

Um, this is probably a fairly familiar perspective to you. Ah, you will notice I have some, some pretty significant pimples. Ah, that seems to be the way of my life recently, I just, always just where the glasses hit too so it's painful.

I remember, I don't know if I've ever told you this story, I remember when I, ah, about my first zit. And I felt like I had been betrayed. Not because, like, my face was rebelling against me or like my beautiful, my beautiful visage had been, had been scarred, but ah, because they hurt, and no one had ever told me this.

I just assumed they were like temporary moles, and, and that people complained about them because they were ugly and I didn't mind that, I didn't having, you know, a spot on my face, even if it was lots of spots on my face which it turned out being, later.

But I, but like, the fact that this, this piece of information had gone unmentioned, that not only are they ugly but they're painful, I was like "What the heck, why didn't any, why doesn't anybody talk about this, this is, this is completely new information to me" and I was quite, I was quite upset.

Um, so my Vlogbrothers video tomorrow is of course Esther Day video, we have our, um, we have, I have made these, which you can get at "" which are, uh, they're Esther Day, Esther-tines, to give to people who you don't say "I love you" to enough. Or, you know, people who you want to say "I love you" to.

Um, so that's, ah, they're awesome. I cut these out, here's what they look like when you print them out. Um, and I printed them out on card-stock, if you have card-stock, do that, if you're able to.

Um, and they're really nice, they're super nice, it's really, uh, really cool that we have (sorry I'm focusing my face here) that we have, uh, that opportunity to have people like this person, I think her name is Julianna, just making cool things, uh, to promote ideas, um, and to promote Esther Day which is something that's really important to us.

So, um, thanks to everyone who participates in these things, and uh, and you'll see my video tomorrow morning, cause I'm making it now. Getting, getting a leg up cause I gotta film a Crash Course tomorrow.

Um, and Michael Aranda's downstairs right now working on another video, for later, that you don't get to know about yet... (laughing)