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This year Sexplanations made a very special transition from one amazing director (Nick Jenkins) to another amazing director (Matt Gaydos). As part of our annual tradition we all took audience questions and chatted about our answers. Abby said nothing but she was very useful in increasing the cuteness factor.
If there are fond memories you also have of this last year please share them in the comments. I'd also like to know what your hopes for the new year are.
My hope: we stay curious!

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Nick: Alright we're rolling

Lindsey: [giggles]

[Sexplanations intro]

Lindsey: Which was your favorite topic this year?

Nick: I loved the Sex Toys topic. I thought the Sex Toys topic was awesome.

Lindsey: The one that we just did?

Nick: Yeah.

Matt: I really liked covering the most repressed and most, like, liberated cultures.

Lindsey: Sex Smells, that could be the best.

Matt: Sex Smells?

Lindsey: That's the one I watch again and again because I like seeing myself having so much happiness holding that skunk.

Plans for the New Year?

Matt: Personally or for the channel?

Lindsey: [giggles] Both.

Nick: Be healthier mentally.

Matt: Be healthier, physically and mentally

Lindsey: Awwww, you and Nick. For the channel, I would like to do a music video, I would like to have a condom puppet. I would, I kind of like to go on more dates.

Matt: Alright.

Lindsey: Like I have a partner but I'd like to go on dates to help those people be better daters.

Matt: To me it sounds exhausting and awful but you might have fun doing it.

Lindsey: More BDSM tutorials?

Matt: From me?

Lindsey: ...More BDSM tutorials?

Matt: Sure.

Nick: No.

Lindsey: [giggles] Yes, absolutely.

What has been the most significant part of adjusting from Nick to Matt?

Nick: I think it's always hard to let go of something that you helped create.

Lindsey:Do you feel like you let go?

Nick: Yeah, I think I had to.

Lindsey: Pass the baton...

Nick: Well, yeah you have to let go out of respect for yourself, out of respect for Matt, out of respect for you. Otherwise it just becomes a mess.

Matt: Ah, well, for me it was an entirely new job that I had not previously had. So, learning how to do the job was essentially a big adjustment this year [Lindsey giggles] Um, I mean I'd made videos on my own but being a director and editor and, uh, and not... I was going to say "dealing with the host" but that sounds negative.

Lindsey: [cackles] You know the weird thing is that I thought there was going to be more of an adjustment but there wasn't. So, maybe it's not significant but it's weird that there wasn't a huge adjustment.

What is your favorite non-medical term for male/female genitalia?

Nick: I think just dick and pussy.

Lindsey: So I was thinking about this question and I like to say pieces parts um...

Matt: Is that, that's just for anything?

Lindsey: Yeah, well, because, so saying words like cock and cunt kind of sound to me the way it probably feels for other people to say vulva and penis the way they're kind of awkward and clinical

Matt: Gotcha.

Lindsey: because I'm having to think about being a normal person who uses slang

Matt: I was trying to thing of something different than what Nick said Mmhmm But I feel that dick and pussy would probably be.

Lindsey: Really you two?

Matt: Yeah, I don't feel like I say pussy ever, like it sounds weird coming out of my mouth right now, like it's not a phrase I would say very often.

Lindsey: What are some topics you want to discuss but haven't?

Matt: One of my favorite things that we do on this channel is removing the stigma from certain things, and I think there are sometimes less clinical topics that can be discussed um, just more casual everyday type things that have a stigma attached to it that everyone just kind of accepts

Lindsey: Like what?

Matt: Uh, from personal experience buying condoms.

Nick: I would really like to see Sexplanations do an episode on body image, specifically not feeling comfortable in your body or not liking the way you look We talk a lot about self-care in a lot of other respects and I would love to see Sexplanations sort of tackle that idea in a self-care way.

Lindsey: All the topics. I want to discuss all the topics but haven't yet.

Matt: OK

Lindsey: This person wants to know, with the New Year coming what are some ways I can help improve sex positivity and education in 2016?

Matt: I think, as cheesy as it sounds, stay curious is a very good...

Lindsey: Awww

Matt: ...thing to remember and I think to broaden that out a bit is to always be kind of willing to open your mind and keep learning more things.

Lindsey: Have more conversations with people about their sexualities and about your sexuality.

What videos are you the most proud of?

Matt: Two different ones.

Lindsey: Kay.

Matt: Uh, the Sex Toys one, it's been very successful as far as views go and feedback and it's for me personally I have shown many friends it just to be like, "hey, watch this thing." And it's one of the most watchable long videos that I've seen on YouTube.

Lindsey: Mmhmm

Matt: ...and I feel like that's praising myself and you quite a bit right now but I'm willing to do it

Lindsey: You should be proud of it!

Matt: Yeah, there we go. I would say the other one would be the uh, Exam Room video, the Pelvic Exam video.

Lindsey: Oh, yeahhhhh

Matt: Because that was one of my first weeks on the job, uh, we did three cameras, um, I had never edited multi-cam video before, and never shot a multi-cam video before and [Lindsey cooing] so there was a lot of new things that I was just like thrown into on that, that it turned out to be a very good video that I very much enjoy it. And it was a new experience for me, I had never been in uh, gynecological office. So...

Lindsey: Oh! I didn't even think that part was new for you.

Matt: Yeah.

Nick: Um, I liked our two porn videos and I loved what you guys did with the Sex Toys video, honestly. I think that was fantastic.

Lindsey: What about the stuff you did?

Nick: I did porn [Lindsey laughs] Somebody tweet that.

Lindsey: The Sex Ed Maps I was super proud of because I did the graphics that are like, yes, Nick made them workable but I was like "yeah, look at me go, Photoshop."

What video has been the most challenging?

Matt: Mentally: Sex Toys video. That was just a lot of later nights, a lot of like animation and stuff and it's all, I really don't know why that video was so challenging. And also the goats.

Lindsey: Oh yeah, the goats.

Matt: The goats were hard to work with.

Lindsey: It was really difficult

Matt: Uh, they were not cooperating a lot.

Lindsey: Yeah.

Nick: The one that I worked on was Sex Maps. The Sex Maps video was... it was sort of mind-bending to put together. Like, you did a lot of the map work, like you drew maps and sort of colored them in in Photoshop, I think. And then gave them to me and then just, it was pain-staking to put all of that together and make sure it was correct.

Lindsey: [giggles] You didn't like my layers?

Nick: Oh no, it, I cannot think of a better way to have done it so it was fine but it was still just a lot of work to make sure it was all, and to make sure it was correct. I mean that was a big deal.

Lindsey;Yeah, that's true.
Pelvic Exam because it was hard for me to get that one line about the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which he kept trying to shorten for as ACOG and I refused and then said incorrectly anyway.

Matt: I was going to say it's still technically wrong in the video

Lindsey: Uh, the goats one because I was trying to hold the phone and the toys and the script. It just, phlah. Um, and then Sex Toys for the same reason. Like how to take these thirty toys and integrate them while also not touching things that I don't want to touch.
Where do you see Sexplanations going in the future?

Matt: It's interesting because I feel like video to video, covering different topics in different ways, like the Pelvic Exam video is like incredibly different from the Sex Toys video, as far as like the style and that kind of thing, but I feel like they're both under the same umbrella of what we want to do.

Nick: One of the beauties of Sexplanations is that you're able to cover material sort of again with new twist. I think that's one of the things about teaching that I always liked. It was, so, I think with Sexplanations you could do the same thing, you could do an episode on condoms again but then you can look at it with whatever is going on now in culture and keep that in mind as opposed to where it was two or three years ago. Um, or birth control or whatever it may be.

Lindsey: Um, I see Sexplanations going on tour and I see them having, them, us, having some sort of workbook that goes along with our material, which I think I said last year.

Matt: I mean, it's a good idea.

Lindsey: What were you most excited to tell us about this year?

Matt: I'm here!

Lindsey: Oh yeah!

Matt: I have not yet been on camera except for uh, I was on camera on this channel before...

Lindsey: Look at these are the other times Matt has been here. I think you were very excited about Porn.

Nick: I mean I'm always excited about porn.

Lindsey: I know but I think you were excited to start that conversation with our audience

Nick: I think you're right.

Lindsey: I'm going to say it incorrectly, Inish, In-ish, Inis Beag

Matt: Inis Beag

Lindsey: Inis Beag.

Matt: That's probably not right either.

Lindsey: What homework do you want to give Matt?

Nick: Ooooo.

Lindsey: Host an episode, get on the camera more?

Nick: There you go, host an episode this year.

Lindsey: What homework do you want to give me for next year?

Matt: I don't exactly know what assignment to give you based on that.

Lindsey: Can I give myself one?

Matt: If, yeah, sure.

Lindsey: From you, I really want to make a condom muppet... for the show.

Matt: I am a thousand percent onboard with this idea.

Lindsey: OK.

Matt: I, I love puppets which is a sentence I was trying to say in a normal voice.

Lindsey: [squealing] I love puppets.
Have you seen Mirror Mask?

Matt: I haven't actually.

Lindsey: What!? OOOOooo Do you know what Mirror Mask is?

Matt: No.

Lindsey: HOooo.

All: Stay curious!

Matt: Abby, you didn't say it.

Nick: Is Abby's butt just in frame.

Matt:  At the moment yeah.

Nick: Get her off the couch.

Matt: It'd have to be a pretty wide shot to get all of her.