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Dr. Doe:

Now pay attention! I've done a lot of videos on blowjobs: giving head, fellatio, oral sex on a penis, or a penis-shaped object. But I have more to give, so here's your blowjob series!

(Intro cut-scene)

I think the easiest way to explain a blowjob is that it's like making out with a phallus, a penis, a strap-on, etc. Just as there's preparation for a good kiss: technique, positioning, all the stylistic things to consider, there's also the important factor of what makes your kiss, or in this case your blowjob, unlike any other. These are simply my guidelines for fellating, which includes an anatomy lesson!

Mouths have these parts: lips, teeth, tongue, cheeks, roof and connect to the throat.

Penises have these parts: glans (or head), foreskin (or scar), frenulum, meatus (which is the urethral opening), and shaft - this is all connected to the rest of the genitals. 

Take a moment and study them both. Both the mouth and penis are important, highly-sensitive organs, both are parts of elaborate systems, and they're both dangerous if used incorrectly. 

Used correctly, the mouth gets to enjoy the taste and texture of the phallus, and the phallus gets to enjoy the pressure and movement of the mouth. How is this accomplished? How do you give and receive the ultimate blowjob? My answer used to be enthusiasm, with lubrication as a close second, but now my answer is: Hygiene. 

It's difficult to be enthusiastic when things smell foul, taste sour, or have untreated growths. That goes for up here and down here. if you use your hand to hold your penis while you urinate and shake off, then all the germs from everything you touched before are now on your penis: Steering wheel, gas pump, door handles, friends hands and their germs, lockers, cute dog, money, blargh! That's not hygienic! Don't put it in a mouth, a vagina, or anus like that. If you want to participate in awesome head, clean up and keep it clean.

What you put in your body also affects what comes out. Anecdotal evidence points to vegetarian diets (except asparagus) refreshing spices, fruits, and juices (especially citrus) to improve the flavor of semen. In contrast, to meats, dairy, coffee, grease, preservatives, cigarettes and alcohol. It doesn't mean this is the rule for everyone, you'll have to taste test for yourself. Yes it is okay to imbibe your own semen. 

Person with the mouth, here are some Dos and Don'ts for you too:

Do: Brush the back of your tongue - this will help train your gag reflex to relax.

Do: Drink lots of water - this will help keep your mouth moist and your lips soft.

Don't: Brush roughly or eat spicy foods right before a blowjob. this draws the immune system to the surface and makes you more susceptible to HIV infection if your partner is positive. 

Don't: Cause an allergic reaction - for example, eating peanut butter before you go down on someone who is deathly allergic to it. 

Don't: Wear lipstick, lip gloss or ChapStick - oils deteriorate latex in condoms.


Flavored condoms are designed for this purpose. They're for oral, not vaginal or anal sex.

Cheeking is putting on a condom with your mouth.

Advanced Cheeking: Check to make sure the condom isn't expired or damaged, open it with your hands, face it inward, the open part that rolls onto the phallus towards the tongue, between the teeth and cheek, hide it until you're ready, drop it down onto the tongue, then do a 270 degree flip into position with the lips, sliding it down the shaft, teeth out of the way, curl your lips around them if you can. 

The intermediate version is similar but with less of a flip. Put the condom in, open towards the cheek, drop it down onto the tongue, then flip it up from the back of the tongue to the lips, where you then again, roll it on gently. 

The easy way to do it: roll it down a little on your fingers to make sure it's going the correct direction, purse your lips around the tip, making sure to keep the air out, then slide it on as far as you can with your mouth - here's great, here's great. Your hands can do the rest. The reason I go with condoms is because it keeps things simple. Like it minimizes transmission of sexually transmitted infections, eliminates the spit or swallow debate, and pairs pleasure with condom use consistently. 

So you know, from brushing your teeth, studying anatomy, and cheeking practice, that you have your own limitations. Next step is determining if your partner is into it and what they would like from the experience. This is when you ask for permission and instructions. "What would you like me to do with your cock in my mouth?"

If you love blowjobs I hope you find someone who shares your fellatio passion. If it isn't an option for you, there are other ways to express and show your sexuality - lots!

Next week we cover blowjob techniques and troubleshooting!

Stay Curious!

(End scene)

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