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Lizzie: So! Nothing reminds you of the good old days like your mother inviting "just a friend" over for dinner every night. At least the awkwardness is subsiding. It was definitely not like, "Oh! There's Bing! The guy who broke my sister's heart! Why is he here and being so nice?" Not like that at all.

My name is Lizzie Bennet, and I am really bad at lying.


Lizzie: So, you're probably wondering how dinner went. Well, luckily mom did not make a green bean gelatin salad. Wouldn't have paired well with her attempt to serve up her eldest daughter on a platter. But as for the rest of it...

(dressed as mother)

So! Bing, should I be calling you Doctor Lee yet? How have you been keeping busy in Los Angeles? My Jane just loves Los Angeles. Have you two ever run into each other down there? It is so unfortunate the firm let her go. The city just agrees with her so much. Isn't she looking so well?

Jane: (dressed as Bing) ...This feels weird.

Lizzie: It's supposed to. All the dinners are weird. You don't have to do this. I can ask Lydia if she wants to emerge.

Jane: No, don't ask Lydia. She's still healing.

Lizzie: Yeah.

Jane: It can be hard not doing anything.

Lizzie: I think we just have to give her all the time she needs.

Okay, costume theater is canceled for the day. You get the gist. Mom in full mom force. Awkwardness all around. Bing, central to said awkwardness.

Jane: Actually, I think Bing handled himself really well at dinner.

Lizzie: I think you handled yourself really well at dinner. How is new Jane dealing with reappearing Bing?

Jane: She's fine.

Lizzie: Has he done any, I don't know, abject begging to get you back?

Jane: Lizzie, you seem like you really want him to beg.

Lizzie: After everything he put you through, I want begging! I mean, if he isn't going to do any begging, then why is he even here?

Jane: No! It's good that he's here. I don't have to wonder "what if" anymore. You know, what if we ran into each other unexpectedly? And what if it still hurt?

Lizzie: You think about those "what ifs"?

Jane: Of course. But now I know. Whatever happens with this fresh start, my time with Bing will always be a good memory for me, not a painful one.

Lizzie: Jane. Why do you think Bing is here? Really?

[cell phone vibrates]

Jane: Oh. Um, I should answer this. (off-screen) Hello? This is she.

Lizzie: So why is Bing here? That's the big question and I don't blame Jane for dodging it. Things had just started calming down around here and then Bing shows up and it's confusing. My two cents? I think Bing had some "what ifs" of his own. It would make sense. Everyone does. What if things had been different? What if the timing hadn't been so bad? What if they moved on? What if we missed our chance?

So until Bing Lee has, uh, the answers to some of his "what ifs," I think he might be around for a while.

Jane: Lizzie? Um. I'm moving to New York.

Lizzie: What?

Jane: Yeah, um. That phone call was from a company that I did a phone interview with last week and their buyer showed my Look-book and samples to their boss, and they want to hire me. This means that it's going to be a better title, better pay, and... I'm moving to New York!

Lizzie: Wow!

Jane: Yeah.

Lizzie: How about that?!

[outro plays]