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Saying bye to Jane.

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a Primetime Emmy Award winning series based on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
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[Lizzie Bennet] Hello everyone! As you know my incredible older sister  has landed an equally incredible new job in New York. She's found a friend's couch to crash on while she apartment hunts and she leaves, can you believe it, tomorrow. 

[Jane Bennet] Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I won't get to see you anymore. 

[Lizzie] But unlike previous videos I am not going to be all depressed and mopey at your leaving, instead today is Jane Bennet's going away party! We are going to recount all our favorite Jane moments and Jane hairstyles and send her off in style. 

[Jane] Oh, that's so sweet.

[Lizzie] So my name is Lizzie Bennet.

[Jane] And I'm Jane Bennet. 

[Lizzie] And we are-

[Knocking on the door]

[Lizzie] Uh hang on... [off camera] Bing!

[Bing Lee off camera] Hey Lizzie, I hope you don't mind but I need to speak with Jane. 

[Theme music plays] 

[Lizzie] Um...I...

[Jane] It's okay Lizzie. We'll be fine.

[Lizzie off camera] O-kay. 

[Jane] It's good to see you Bing.

[Bing] You too.

Jane I saw the latest video. Whoa. Were you gonna tell me?

[Jane] Yes.

[Bing] Before you left?

[Jane] Of course. I was just nervous. 

[Bing] Why? 

[Jane] Because I wanted to avoid this.

[Bing] Avoid what? Saying goodbye, me, me asking you-

[Jane] Exactly. I couldn't have you asking me to stay. This is a really incredible opportunity, and there's no way I'm going to miss it. How unfair would it be for you to ask that of me?

[Bing] Jane I wouldn't-

[Jane] And this fresh start, it's not enough for me to just give up my career-

[Bing] Jane! I'm not asking you to stay. I'm asking if I can go with you. 

[Jane] What?

[Bing] I quit med school.

[Jane] You quit med school? 

[Bing] A couple months ago. 

[Jane] Why?

[Bing] I was heading to a lecture one day and I suddenly realized, I didn't want it. Any of it. And then I went to a cafe and I was staring at a cup of coffee for eight hours trying to remember why I wanted to be a doctor. And then I realized: it was never really my choice. My family wanted me to be a doctor and I wanted my family to be happy. But I wasn't happy anymore. I couldn't even remember the last time I was happy. Until I remembered you. But I didn't even listen to what I wanted then, either. 

[Jane] I was happy with you too. 

[Bing] Jane when I watched your sister's videos I was ashamed. I realized how terribly I treated you. 

[Jane] I, hm....

[Bing] Jane, I don't care what my family says, or what my sister thinks she saw, or what my friends want me to do...I don't expect you to want me anymore. I know I said that I wanted to be friends, with a clean slate, but that's not the truth. I want to be a part of your life. You're already a big part of mine. I just hoped that you'd give me another chance. 

[Jane] In New York? 

[Bing nods]

[Jane] I'm sorry, that's too much. You can't-[huffs]

[Bing] Yeah. I guess it was foolish to think that...

I'm happy for you. Really. You're a great person. You deserve the best out of life. 

[Jane] Wait. Uh. Wait. What have you been doing all this time? 

[Bing] I was doing some volunteer work with some charities, mostly children's causes and disaster relief. 

[Jane] Why didn't you tell anyone? 

[Bing] I wasn't ready for anyone to know. My parents thought I was learning to be a doctor. I was really learning about myself. 

[Jane] What did you learn?

[Bing] I learned that I love bringing smiles to people's faces. And I love bringing a smile to yours. 

[Jane] If we do this, if you...

[Bing] Come with you to New York? 

[Jane] You wouldn't be coming with me, okay, you would get your own place and I would get mine that's the first rule.

[Bing] Yeah, rules, rules are good.

[Jane] And we're different people now. I'm going for my career. For my life. 

[Bing] And I would be going for mine too. 

[Jane] There are plenty of people to help in New York. 

[Bing] Well I think I can set some things up. 

[Jane] Yes. 

[Bing] Yes? 

[Jane laughing] Yes, you can come with me. 

[They hug; they kiss]

[Knocking on the door]

[Lizzie off camera] Um, guys, I'm sorry to interrupt whatever's going on in there, but I think I left my camera on.

[She giggles; they kiss again]

[Theme music plays]