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Just what we need around here. Sorta.

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Lizzie: O-kay! Really late New Year's Resolution: no more making videos in the middle of the night. It's not that Jane had a problem with that last video or anything, but, oh my god, can't something around here not be an angst-fest?!

I am sure you are all nearly as sick of hearing about it as we are of living it. 

My name is Lizzie Bennet and what we really need around here is a---Bing?!

[intro plays]

Bing: Hey Lizzie! Sorry, your dad let me in.

Lizzie: What are you doin' here?

Bing: Well, after the last time we talked, I found your videos on the internet.

Lizzie: Of course you did.

Bing: Hey, ummm . . . I didn't watch 'em all or anything, I mean there's kind of a lot.

Lizzie: I have some suggestions for ones you can skip.

Bing: Um, I saw the one that you posted on Monday.

Lizzie: Oh.

Bing: Is Jane in?

Lizzie: Can I ask you a question?

Bing: Uhh, sure.

Lizzie: Why did you let yourself get talked into dumping my sister?

Bing: I don't think, um, that's not really important---

Lizzie: Because when Darcy explained to me why he did what he did---did you see that one? He said something about Jane's "indiscretion" at your birthday party . . . everything else he said, I can understand how someone could see it that way, but what was that about? What happened that night?

Bing: I don't know.

Lizzie: You don't know? Darcy said your girlfriend was indiscreet, and-and you're just like, "Enough said. I wouldn't want to know any nuance or detail or anything." I mean, what the hell?

Bing:  I don't know what happened that night, because I haven't asked her. 

Lizzie: Right. Of course. Um, wait here, I'll, um, I'll see if she wants to come down.

I'm sorry, um, Jane's busy right now doing something super important, um, but she says, "thank you," and if you're going to be in town for awhile, maybe she'll give you a call.

Bing: Right. I probably should have called ahead. I feel like somebody suggested that. Okay, um, thanks anyway.

Lizzie: Right. Good luck!

Bing: Thanks. You too. Oh, um, I just want to let you know I had no idea about George and Gigi until I saw Gigi's video.

Lizzie: I know.

Bing: I just didn't want you to think that I---

Lizzie: Of course not.

Bing: Okay, I guess I'll just be going.

Jane: Bing?

Bing: Jane! It's good to see you.

Jane: Hello.

Lizzie: Excuse me . . . and yes, that's all you get to see. Actually, that's all I got to see too. Non-interference and all that. Sorry, but hopefully you understand. I just hope that whatever was said between Jane and Bing was---

Jane: It was fine.

Lizzie: I was just telling the viewers about how I'm not going to air your drama on the internet, which doesn't make that much sense when I say it out loud.

Jane: It's okay. The part they saw was probably the most dramatic bit anyway. 

Lizzie: Really?! No confession about how stupid he was to let you go? No begging you to take him back? Please, tell me there was begging. Just a little bit?

Jane: What happened to not airing the drama for your viewers?

Lizzie: Sorry! Old habits.

Jane: We had a good talk. Um, we've both been doing a lot of thinking since we saw each other last and we agreed that we can't go back to where we left off. We've both changed. 

Lizzie: So that's it? It's over?

Jane: Well, not exactly. Turns out Bing's in town for awhile. 

Lizzie: He's staying in town?! The next time I go to the doctor, remind me to make sure that he went to a med school with actual classes.

Jane: And since I'm also in town for the foreseeable future, we're going to see what it's like with a fresh start . . . as friends. I don't know if it'll work. It's not like we can erase the past, but [sighs]---

Lizzie: If he hurts you again, tell him that I will kick his ass.

Jane: Not until after I kick it first. [laughs]

Lizzie: Wow, so we have New Jane and apparently New Bing. Glad they're getting a fresh start. At least they can try to get a new start . . . Mom spotted Bing on the way out and the wedding radar is already up and pinging! Oh, Bing forgot his bag. [pauses] Snickerdoodles.

[outro plays]