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Edited by Tim Thomas
Hank: Hello and welcome to I'm Hank and this is games with me, Hank. Today we're gonna be playing a game that I haven't played in a rally long time. I really love this game. It is Don't Starve. uh, so pretty much picking right up where we left off. I uh, I did walk around for a day or two to uh, make sure I knew- remembered how the game worked and where I was in it in this particular game so uh, we're ready to go. (beep)

And here we are, here's- oh gosh, I forgot his name- Wilson. Here's Wilson, and he's getting- he's-this is uh, we're sort of at base camp right now. And let's see, what do we got, I can refine some cut stone, and I can do a little light- what's this down here? Miner hat! That sounds nice, but I don't know how to get... luxury axe! Chop down strees-- strees?? Don't chop any strees down. uh, I always wan-- oh, you're so hungry, I'm sorry. Let's make a fire so you can cook up some seeds.

Uh, yeah, so uh Wilson here has found himself-- if you don't know the story of Don't Starve, you can go watch previous episodes, they are available. Wilson has found himself in a really peculiar situation where he has just woken up in this very strange, strange world... and apparently those do not have a ton of really great nutritional value, but... uhm, he--

Wilson needs food. Oh, I just burned flower petals. So flower petals do do something for you. Uh, but he's very hungry, so we're gonna plant a berry bush. He's found himself in this very weird world... oh no I want to plant it. (Wilson babbles) Plant it. Yeah, I know, you should plant it. That's why I wanted you to plant it. You didn't do it though. There you go, planted.

uhm, I need... You know what I need Maxwell? uh, I mean Wilson, I always call him Maxwell. I need some manure. So let's go over to our Beefalo farm and see if we can find some ka-ka, some stink-piles. uhm... It's not technically a Beefalo farm by the way, it's just a bunch of Beefalo living over here. Somewhere. Hopefully I will hear them any moment now, and I'll be able to collect their poo.

Light the grass. So I can see better. (Beefalo sounds) There you are. Where's your poop? I hear it. There's some. So manure's very important if you want to have-- If you want to have-- oh I've got my-- my facial hair is back, you guys. That's gonna--

So I have three things that I need to balance in this game, my hunger which is the number one rule of Don't Starve is to not starve, and my-- and, and my... and my insanity-- uhm, thanks for pooping and... hi, I don't want to hurt you, I just need to pick up your manure. Uh, so I need to make sure that I don't go insane uh, and then I have uh, my health, which goes down if I get attacked or-- or catch myself on fire which I have done. um.

And manure is very important because it allows you to uh, you can, when you're growing stuff, you can uh-- if you want to grow something, if you want to plant something in your little town, uh, you need to fertilize it in order for it to start doin' stuff. In order for it to start producing the thing, whatever the thing is you want, eh, happens to be.

uhm, very eloquent, I'm feeling very eloquent today but I will tell you that I'm hungry and I don't have a ton of ways to get really good food. uhm, so that is my primary concern right now, that I get my berry bushes producing, uhm and also maybe that I start catching some more uh varmints here, these little jackalope guys uh, with some traps and I can cook them up and eat them as well. Though, killing things does make you...

so, we can fertilize this. nope, fertilize. There. So I guess those will now produce now. maybe they'll grow back, yeah-- oh why did my fricking' face cam just turn off? Who knows. You guys, who knows, but we're just gonna keep playing.

uhm. I-- and I also collected a whole bunch of grass tuft which tufts which I can plant, uh I guess I didn't. I collected a whole-- what did I collect? I collected some-- some-- I've got twigs. What did I? I thought I collected a bunch of those. I got a bunch of saplings, so maybe that's what I was thinking. So let's plant some saplings. Nope.

Planting my saplings. and this way in the future, I will be able to fertilize those when I have more fertilizer and uh, I will be able to have saplings quickly without having to walk a long time between them. uh, which will be useful for my trapping efforts.

uhm, I'm gonna pick some grass. You know what, I need to build a shovel, actually. So let's build a shovel cuz I don't have a shovel right now. So, that's good. Dig. So this is how you-- you can dig things and then you get both the thing that is useful and the thing that you can plant for later like this berry bush which is exactly what i want cuz it has both food and things that I can plant.

Who's this? (Wilson babbles) Well, go dig 'im. Don't just examine him, I want you to dig him. (Wilson babbles) Ok fine, don't dig him. If you don't want to dig a skeleton that's fine with me.  And then I need to get this, excellent.  I could--I could, I don't know, I don't know if this is worth it.  I've seen people who have done their Don't Starve villages and they have really intensely awesome villages that have lots of good stuff and always, always do they have well, good, I found a bunch of berries, that's making me happy right now.  Always they have a little area of saplings and grasses and berries that they can easily and quickly harvest, which seems like--that seems like--I mean, I should do the thing that the experts do, you know?  Just do what everybody else is doing, and that's good.  But I am feeling good about the fact that I've collected how many, seven berry bushes right now.  And I have how many manures?  I have ten.  So I have enough manures to fertilize all of my berry bushes.  Now, I imagine eventually that poor Maxwell will get sick of eating just berries, so hopefully we will be able to acquire for him more things than just berries.  It's getting late, it will be dark soon.  Where is--okay.  Okay, good.  I was headed the right direction, I just wasn't sure if I was headed the right direction, but I am.  Um, and I can shave also, so that's--that's a nice thing that--'cause that, having--oh man, I'm hungry.  Having bad--having facial hair makes you, I think, go insane faster, which is really interesting, not something that I would expect, but whatever.  So let's plant our new berry bushes that we've collected.  Well, first, let's cook our existing berries.  Apparently if you cook berries, they are more nutritious or something like that.  I don't know why that would be, but it is.  Now I'm gonna eat them.  Yeah.  Oh yeah, I'm so not hungry anymore, that's really pleasant, alright.  Where did I put my berry bushes?  Here we go.  Alright.  No.  I said plant.  Okay, maybe I'm hitting the wrong button.  Plant a berry bush.  Plant another berry bush.

That--that would be good, yeah, okay.  And then fertilize all of those boopy boops.  Yeah, excellent, good.  Good job, Maxwell, okay.  Fertilizing all of our--yes!  That looks promising, very promising, I'm quite--feelin' good about that.  Uh, walking to my science machine.  What can I build?  I can build traps.  Okay.  Build traps.  (?~9:29) I don't have any more grass, are you serious right now?  Are you serious right now?  That is pathetic.  Uh, some new things that I can do...uh, a bug net.  I can catch bugs with the bug net.  I'm gonna prototype that for sure!  

No, I made a fishing rod instead of a bug net!  That is clearly not what I wanted!  Uh, it's so dark, that was scary.  Throw a pine cone on the fire, maybe.  Maybe a log, logs, (?~9:58).  Um, I can't believe I got a fishing rod instead of a bug net.  I guess a fishing rod's gonna come in handy, I should probably look and see if there's a place where I can--have I seen a lake anywhere?  I don't think you just toss it off the side of the continent, I think you need some kind of lake, and I definitely--there's lightning bugs all over the place, and I wanted them, and now I've done the wrong thing.  Okay, where's my razor?  There it is.  Um, I've shaved, excellent.  What?  Beard hair, pick up beard hair.  Yeah, pick up your beard hair and put (?~10:35).  Okay, beard hair, beard hair stored.  Alright, good.  Lightning bugs gone, bird gone.  I don't know how long it will take for me to start--these--these to produce something useful but--um, anything here look like it might be a kind of place where you would plop a fishing pole?  Yes.  That area over there did.  I can't just click on it and (?~11:07).  So let's go, Maxwell, let's go see if we can find some fish!  This will be an interesting experiment and the first time I will have ever attempted to fish, so, ooh, a carrot.  

I don't know, what does that say?  Guano.  It's guano.  Spelunk sinkhole, that's not what I was hoping for at all!  That's--a sinkhole is very clearly not a lake thing.  Alright, let's build ourselves a hammer, a pitchfork, a razor--is there nothing that is a weapon that I can build?  Okay, well, I guess I'll equip my ax then, and I will try and kill some spiders.  Where's my ax?  Do I have an ax?  Do I not have an ax?  Give me an ax.  Okay.  Apparently I didn't have an ax.  Let's try and kill some spiders for their parts.  A blow dart.  I don't have anywhere to put this blow dart.  I don't know, I want all these things.  (?~12:17)  Who needs a pine cone, not me.  Oh, wait, my torch is at 1% so let's switch that and this.  I don't need that torch, that's for sure.  Alright, let's go attack some spiders, friends.

Oh gosh.  Three of 'em.  I'm going to stomp you to dead!  Ahh, ahh, ahhhh.  Ahhh!  I'm not good at this.  What?  Alright.  Oh, God, my inventory's still full.  Uhhh...don't need this monster meat.  Take that gland and then I can take the meat and maybe what do I don't want...I can drop this.  Maybe if I--I think if I feed monster meat to pigs, something useful happens.  Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know.  Ooh, that tree just turned into a tree.  Hi piggy.  Do you want monster meat?  I got this.  Oh.  Oh, okay, we're friends now?  I thought you were going to poop manure.  I didn't think I'd get a new friend precisely, I thought maybe if I gave you meat, you would poo, and then I would be able to collect that poo, but instead, I got a friend, so that's not nothin'.  Um, and now I've got two more spider silks and aside from the fact that I almost died--no, not chop, attack.  Okay, apparently, I have to--yeah, smash mean tree.  Oh, are you just gonna go punch trees for me?  That's not nothin'.  Okay.  Interesting.  Um, my new pig friend is just punching a tree for me, oh, excellent, I mean, I can't complain about that.  Wait, apparently I can, 'cause I can't hold this, what is it?

Today, together, my pig friend, we are going to chop down trees, you and I.  I don't know why, but that's what we're doing.  Why am I hungry again?  Oh my God, Maxwell, you are always hungry.  Where is sun?  I don't know, my friend, I do not know.  It just goes away.  Take that, nature!  That was weird, that was weird.  I did not fish, but I did kill some spiders, I did get gravely injured and nearly die, so that happened, that's not--that's no joke.  I actually did that.  

Alright, well, that's too bad.  Uh, what do I have anything good to toast?  I could eat these seeds.  When are my berry bushes going to start making berries for me, 'cause I am a hunger?  I need food if I'm going to be a happy Maxwell.  Oh man, that was not as effective as I had hoped.  Alright, so I can build--can I now build--no, I need sticks?  I need sticks!  Oh man, I need sticks!  Ah, shoot.  I need a torch, I need sticks.  Hey, my friend, hi!  Are you still hanging with me?  Where'd you go?  Hey buddy?  Where did my buddy go?  No, my buddy.  Or he's still behind me?  No, that looked like a bad thing.  That's a bad thing!  

I had a torch!  I had a torch!  No!  What occurred?!  What is this awfulness that has occurred?  Oh no.  I got murdered.  It was, I think that it was my, I think that it was my pig friend, he turned into a bad thing, and he murdered me, just 'cause I wanted some sticks.  All I wanted was sticks.  Oh man.  That's a bummer.  Where's all my stuff, is it up here?   Where did I get murdered?  Oh, I was so close.  I was so close!  I should have just kept going.  I was like, oh, I'm curious what that is!  Let's see what happens.  Oh, death happens.  Just death.  Dang it.  Nananananana.  Hahahaha, I wasted my table.  Oh, and there he is, Pickles.  There you are, how's it going, Pickles?  Thanks for actually, literally murdering me, just 'cause I wanted to get a frickin' firefly net.  What's this?  Pitchfork.  Move the ground around.  Don't really want that.  I want, obviously and completely, a bug net, which I still am unable to acquire because of a lack of sticks!  

Alright, we're gonna end this episode here, thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green plays Don't Starve, um, it's really frustrating and I'm sad and annoyed right now by that, so I --boo.  Boo, boo, boo.  Damn.  Um, but anyway, this episode, I will continue once again playing Don't Starve later in this--in the game, in the world, and I will play more, and I'm glad that people ask me to play more, 'cause it's fun, even if you do die for no reason!  Okay, thanks, goodbye.