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In which I take the 10th anniversary YouTube quiz and am legitimately disappointed by my results.

If you'd like to play, you should do that before watching this video :-)

Also, they made a pretty badass video:

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Hank: Hello and welcome to a very special edition of Games with Hank.  Just doing a Thursday video real quick here, because YouTube's having a 'Do You Know YouTube from A-Z?' quiz thing, "explore some of YouTube's most seen content through the last decade in a nostalgic game of pop culture knowledge."

It's YouTube's 10th anniversary, I've been on YouTube for eight-ish, eight and a half years, I guess, so for a while.  I'm gonna play the game, I'm gonna see how I do, I wanna know if I'm a YouTube trivia expert, alright, let's play. Dah, it's loading.

Ooh.  "Play him off, keyboard ___."  Cat.  Keyboard tortoise?  Should I just click?  Do I just--click and drag, oh, I see.  A is for animals.  Correct answer!  40 mill- (singing along to keyboard cat) BaBaBaBa Babababa Bababab alright, next question. Do I have to play all twenty- how many letters are there? Uh- chess tutorials? This is maybe a little too easy, you guys.

Alright, next question. Sorry, I was at karaoke last night and my voice hurts. "Gotye cover played with ten hands and one"... huh. Oh guitar, this is a guitar. I thought this was a ukulele. Yes, ten hands and one guitar. Yep, Walk off the earth, I know that one. I've got thirteen points. I've got- I've got the bronze medal. You guys, I've got a- I've got a bronze medal now.

Uh- "A forever dance surprise here." On the moon? Or is that cheese? Graduation, basketball, a forever dance surprise. I don't actually know what this one is. Let's go with- we're gonna guess wedding. I got the right answer! Oh, that thing? Yeah, JK wedding, okay. Yeah, okay. Yep, uh-huh.

"Felix Baumgartner broke a world record wearing this." Well, this is just not- this is just not hard. It's the Redbull guy. Thirty-eight million views-erinos, you guys. 

"This kid just can't wash the blank out of his hair!" The flash-drive? Is that- gum, it's gum. I thought that was a flash-drive. This- uh- what's this, a germ, some kind of germ? I've never put butter in my hair but I imagine it would be hard to w- Oh no! I did not do well! Germs? Oh God, gum? Is it gu- oh my goodness. It's shampoo? "I just can't wash the shampoo out of my hair?" I don't... I don't think I've ever seen this video. Oh, I love it. This is hilarious, I've never seen this. He's like, "I don't understand! Why can't I wash the shampoo out of my hair?" It's like never-ending shampoo!

Shampoo kid: *Yelling* Oh my god!
Hank: *laughing*
Other kid in video: Come on!
Shampoo kid: It's not (?~3:06)
Shampoo video: *Inaudible*
Hank: *Laughing*

Hank: Oh, evil. Evil children. Making sure I'm recording, I am. Alright, I got it. I got it eventually. Uh, G is for Gangnam Style, should I just put Psy in there? Is that what's happening? Okay, I did it. Four points. I've earned four- Wait- did I start all over again? No, twenty-six points. I've got the silver medal now! I've got the silver medal. I can't believe I got one wrong!

"Fold this in under 2 seconds!" ...Oh this yeah right, I remember that. That was a thing, how to fold shirts really fast, but meh-mmm... no.

"Dad accepts his twin sons when they blank to come out as gay." Rock out? Sing... are similar here. Call on the phone, send a letter, drive... a car, they car to come out as gay? I don't know, rock out and sing seem like the same thing so it shouldn't be either of those. *singing* I don't know, I don't know, I don't know I haven't seen this video. Let's just guess... call. Yaaaaaay! Oh *end singing*

Video: Hey guys, it's the Rhodes bros here, I'm Aaron and I'm Austin, and-

Hank: I have- I've seen clips of that video. "A twerking conspiracy." Yes, the fire! It's the Jimmy Fallon- Jimmy Kimmel! Dang it, there's too many Jimmys! Um... "Charlie bit my-" finger bone. My ear, my pop-pop-pop dog, my popsicle dog. Yeah, Charlie bit my finger. I'm aware of Charlie biting fingers. 

"Mr Stampy explores"... Mr Stampy- cat, Stampy cat. Yes, Stampy Cat. Okay. I was like "What is happening?" I was confused. Yes, it's a cat, Stampy Longhead.

"Do the Harlem"... shake. Okay, alright, yes, next question. Thank you. Oh, I've got the gold medal! How many more- 

"Caught on a dash cam"- meteor! A troll? A bunch of- a bunch of these doll things? Some balaklavas?

Ohhhkay. Let's... "The blank your man could smell like." Man. The man your man could smell like. 

"Double this proved too mind-blowing." I think appropriately mind-blowing. I think just mind-blowing enough, frankly. Yosemitebear. 

"V ___ is a popular creator who has an answer for everything." V Sauce. Well, I don't know for everything. That was ketchup, that wasn't really a sauce, that was more- that was more V Ketchup than V sauce. 

"If you like it then you should have put a " - That's not, that's just pop culture. That's not- I got Rick-rolled during- during the YouTube quiz, I like it. They also didn't run an advertisement before that, so that's good.

"Baby, baby, ooooh!" Is it George Washington here? Is that what's happening? Baby, baby, ooh. Baby, baby, ba- oh. That's Just- it's Justin Bieber. *singing* Like baby, baby, baby ooooh! Okay, I got... wait! I just, I went from gold to bronze! What happened? What-come o- what? What? What? What? I-what? *confused babbling*

What? "Frans Hofmeester filmed his blank every week for 14 years!"His dog, his baby, his car, his belt, his food? I don't know, I'm gonna say baby. Yeah, baby it is! Alright, everybody gotta film their baby. 

"Get a pep talk from kid"... President. I know, I know I'm right. 

"YouTube vlogger, Marcus"... uh, Butler, Butler. I was... That was just... you know. You never know, there could be other Marcuses out there

"Charlie the" unicorn. The Nyan cat. Alright. I can't believe I have a bronze medal now, after having a gold. 

"This weird combo is explosive!" Diet coke and Mentos. Aha. 

"Combined, you upload-" uh, we? You, we. I believe at this point it is three hundred hours every minute. Yep, I was right. Nice work, I got the silver trophy! I'm just too good at this game, I broke it! I broke it in the middle, even. It went around, the speedometer went around. 

"The star of YouTube's first video" was an elephant. At the zoo! Featuring one of the founders of YouTube. I've won the gold trophy! I got twenty-six of twenty-six - I've answered twenty-six of twenty-six but I did- I do believe I missed one, so let's go and tweet my success! Everyone, I earned a gold trophy at the YouTube A to Z game! Is anyone surprised? Tweet!

Thank you for watching this episode of GameswithHank, I've been Hank and the game has been, which was pretty well designed, I enjoyed the cuteness of it. Thanks for watching this weird GameswithHank, you are great, thanks for being great, and DFTBA.