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Edited by Tim Thomas
Hank: Hello and welcome to games with Hank I'm Hank this is games with me. Today the game we're gonna be playing is another pre-release alpha that uh, it looks similar to Super Meat Boy which is one of my favorite games of all time. It's called Bloodrush, and, I know very little about it, which tends to be how I'm feeling these days about a lot of the games I'm playing which I think is pretty fun. (beep)

Alright, so he follows my mouse and I... OK good. He stops... (Click. Click. Click.) What's that? (faster clicking, avatar explodes) Oh, I just EXPLODE... if I don't (concentrating)

OK, OK, I'm getting it. (click. click.) Except for the part where I'm gonna die again. (fast clicking) aaand exploded. OK. Let's do better this time. Uuuh, you are some kind of machine monster. Go- no, do better than this. (beep)

No, go up. No. Up, up, up, up, over, over, over, higher, higher, not that high, hit the thing, and (click. click.) then explode in the middle of the. sadness. alright. (beep)

uuugh. OK this game- is a- is pretty annoying, I can confirm. (click. click.) (so close noise) UUUAAAAAAAHHHHH. OK. (beep)

OK. jump jump jump jump JUMP jump jump jump jump jump (click click) JUUUUUUUUUUU. Who is putting inside of this poor man all of these time bombs? I do not know. (beep)

So I'm still- uhhhh, I'm still on the first level and I still have not REALLY I think gotten UUUUUUHH very close to doing anything useful. (beep)

uuuuh. Nobody knows how to do this. (click lick click) uh, blood. on. everything. Kill him.

NOO. So at least I figured out how to automatically kill him so I can save those precious seconds that I would otherwise spend waiting for myself to die. AAAAAHHH. KILL.

(sad laughing) It's really- like I understand what you're trying to do. It's just so hard to control. Oh, I would really love to watch somebody play this game who isn't awful at it. (beep)

Super Meat Boy was hard in a fun way, this is hard in an awful way. I can- oh my god I cannot handle it. uuuUUUUUHHH FRICKIN KA- BA- GUH UH alright, I'm gonna finish this, I'm gonna get through this first level. I'm gonna DO IT! I'm gonna do it. Go, go go, NOOOOOO

Good, NO, and you go RIGHT OVER that thing because OF COURSE you go right over that thing cuz HOW DO YOU aim at it cuz if you click on it, it doesn't go to the thing, it goes- you shoot a trajectory- you don't even AIM AT THE THING directly, so you have to learn this whole new way of experiencing the world which is NOT NORMAL and- OH my god... and you just, and you just DIE. You die over and over again, so there's no way to actually try and play the game cuz you keep frickin dying. How bout just one new mechanic instead of two? oh my god, OK die (beep)

(3:30) AAAAAHH!
(3:40) UUUUHHHHH I HIT THE WRONG ONE. That is not the one I expected to hit. (beep)

This feels like a game for people who REALLY, really like Super FUUUUUUUU I god- mother of- puuh eat a. doughnut. potato. (click. click.) I'm gonna die. (fast clicking)

(4:08) NUUUUH. Cuz like, there are people who wanna play Super Meat Boy because they want to get the fastest possible time ever- OK, go ahead and die. And they just wanna be really really good at the game. I'm not one of those people. I want to play Super Meat Boy so that I can beat it and like, have something be hard but not be impossible and then at the end I'[m like "I did the thing that I've been waiting-" Oh my god. I can't believe this game. (crying) Have you played this game, developers of this game, have you played it? Is it not as awful for you as it has been for me? (beep)

yep, OK. I'm p- I'm paying as much attention as I possibly can. NOOOUH. It is just not a normal thing... to control this with a mouse, no one does this. noho, I- I've done that before, I did it again. uuugh. (sigh) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO uuugh, you have to keep going up cuz you get blocked. (beep)

(5:32) 62. 62 deaths. (panting) Get in there! GET IN GO IN GO IN YEEEEEEESSSS oh my god. Are you frickin joking with me right now. (sigh) That was no Super Meat Boy you guys. Alright let's just take a look at this.

(6:11) (pitiful death noise) OK.
(6:20) OK. WHAT? How did I just die? There was a spike on the ceiling? That was too well-hidden.
(6:43) OK. Alright. So... WHAT!? He surfs on the ceiling. That's new information.
(7:07) AH!
(7:12) (cry/laughing) This is just not a normal way to control a game! (beep)

(7:33) How do you not-- you just-- you just by chance, without controlling it, slide on the ceiling. That's what you do? (sarcastically) That makes so much sense, I gotta say. I got-- I gotta say. Everybody would expect for that to be the case. But wall jumping, no. That's not a thing that would happen ever. (laughing hysterically) STOP. Stop oh my god. (beep)

Well plenty of blood, at least. No lack of blood in this-- oh, too fast.
(8:16) uhm. If you are a particular like, lover of self-punishing video games, let me tell you Bloodrush is for you. OK. uh. I. give. up. I give up! I give up. I GIVE up. I give up! WHY!? Why? oh my god.

Thank you for watching this episode of games with Hank I have been hank and the game has been Bloodrush which is admittedly a very early alpha game so I'm sure-- It's beautiful, it's a very interesting game, i feel like it's well-designed, I just... I think it's fundamental mechanic is painful to my forearm, which is potentially problematic, and it is clearly a game that is designed to be hard. Very hard. So if you like very hard games, go check it out. uh, but, my tip to the developers of this game: make it a little easier, cuz some of us-- huuu I just, wanna have a good time. Alright thanks for watching. DFTBA.