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In which John discusses Nerd Fighters.


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A Bunny
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[Group of people] Good morning Hank, it's Thursday!

Hank, after a long delay because of snow in Columbus, Ohio, I finally reached Houston, Texas; where, by the grace of God, it is not snowing.
There was one really cool thing about the Columbus airport, though. They had Nerd Fighters! NERDFIGHTERS!
Here's my question about Nerd Fighters: Is Nerd Fighters a game about people who fight against nerds? Or is it about nerds who fight against other people?
I've came to believe that Nerd Fighters is a game about nerds who fight. Nerds who tackle the scourge of popular people. And I've been thinking to myself: This would be a great video game.
It could be like a mix between Mortal Kombat and Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Like, first you pick your character - everyone would totally have their own special powers. Like, the Band Geek would be like "I will destroy your ears with my tuba!". And the Theater Guy would be like "I am an expert at sword fighting!". And the English Nerd would be like, um, "I know a lot of Shakespeare quotes!"
Using the English Nerd when you're playing Nerd Fighters is kinda like using Toad when you're playing Super Mario Kart.
So you would pick you Nerd Fighter then you would go to war with popular people. The Mike Tyson of the game would be the Quarterback of the High School football team; and you have to dodge his upper cuts, and dodge his upper cuts, and dodge his upper cuts and then jab!

I mean, to be honest I've never even really understood the war between nerds and popular people. Like,

Who'd-who'd-who'd you guys got?

- Uh, we got, like, George W. Bush and, like, Tom Brady?

Ok, well, I see your George W. Bush with... Bill Clinton, and I raise you, um, Abraham Lincoln and uh Franklin Delano Roosevelt. AND I can easily see your Tom Brady with the thinking man's football player Tiki Barber and I think I can raise you, hm, an  Isaac Newton, a William Shakespeare,  Blaise Pascal, an Albert Einstein, an Immanuel Kant, an Aristotle, a Jane Austen, a Bill Gates, a Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela and all four Beatles

We win!
And yet, Hank, the war continues.

You know what we need for Nerdfighters? We need a theme song.

We've got calculators and trombones.
We've got D&D and Star Wars drones.
(They're in the original box too, which makes them a lot more valuable)
Nerd fighters.
We're fighting nerds!
We're no longer just using our words.
(Although, by and large we are really articulate, so)
When I'm not watching Battlestar Galactica
I'm designing weapons that will kick your asstica!
Nerdfighters, we fight with our brains
Nerdfighters we bring the fracking pain!
(it's a reference to a sci-fi show, I don't know, 'mean maybe, you never saw it but it was really- it was a really good show, um, I liked it a lot and, um, some of my friends liked it. I mean, not- they are not real friends, I just know them on the internet)

Hank, now that you successfully completed the Strawberry Hill challenge, I feel like it's time that we had some more challenges. Maybe you or our viewers can suggest some.