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Continue the game in comments by free associating with other nerdfighters! Oh, and you really CAN get great nerdfighter merch at, although there are alas no disco golf balls. (....yet.) And don't forget to prepare for the PROJECT FOR AWESOME:

In which John and Hank play a silly game of word association instead of making a real video. Thank you for all your kind messages of sympathy regarding the loss of our grandfather. Regularly scheduled, better-edited programming will return after the project for awesome.


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A Bunny
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John: Good morning, Hank.
Hank: Good morning, John.

J: It is Wednesday, I'm not really in a mood to make a proper video. Here's my uncle Mike, he's bring us flowers. Aww, thanks uncle Mike.
Mike: The flowers are here for you guys.  You're welcome. 
H: That's very sweet.
J: Uh, however, we are going to play a game of word association today and then you're going to continue the game in comments I am going to start now. lemon.
H: pie.
J: meringue
H: mushroom
J: what is.. pizza!
H: corn dog
J: uhh, hot dogs
H: dachshund
H: [laughs] Sonic the hedgehog
J: uh, Mario
H: um, Luigi
J: princess
H: Katherine
J: awwww - sweet
H: uhh, peppermint
J: umm, I.. minty

H: um.. Mitt Romney
J: [laughs] umm, politician
H: George Bush
J: rich people
H: [laughs] Mountain Brooke
J: [laughs]
H: it's where we are right now
J: umm, country clubs
H: golf
J: clubs
H: um disco
J: [laughs] balls
H: [laughs] back to golf
J: back to golf and disco, it's just beautiful
H: it's, we're in a loop.
J: just beautiful
J&H: disco golf balls
H: disco golf ball loop
J: yes. somebody right now is making disco golf balls on Tumblr.  It's gonna be beautiful.
H: I know, why- they should be selling those on Etsy right now.
J: yeah, they will be.  don't worry.
H: okay, I will buy one
J:, now available for pre-order
J: not really, not really. but you can get a pizza john shirt..

H: umm, basket
J: umm weaving
H: umm underwater
J: uh swimming
H: uh scuba
J: umm acronyms that are -
H: that's a lot of word, that's not a word.
J: acronyms.
H: there you go. initialism.
H: awesome
J: um Hank
H: aww
J: aww
H: George Washington - it's what Hank reminds me of! I remind myself of George Washington, I don't know if you've ever no-- I'm a really good general..
J: obelisks
H: ahh.. phallus
J: it's just all balls and phalluses today here. where am i supposed to go from phallus? what is that supposed to make me think of? umm, Greek or possibly Latin
H: Socrates.
J: he is either Greek or Latin.
H: I'm not sure which. 
J: i know, I know from Crash Course. you will soon find out, my friend. in episode 3 of Crash Course. um. Socrates makes me think of hemlock
H: makes me think of pine
J: makes me think of sap
H: turpentine
J: makes me think of that turpentine-y smell
H: that's, that's not a word.
J: that is a word!
H: it's a smell.
J: it's 'thatturpentineysmell'
H: marble
J: umm, Venice
H: Italy
J: mm corruption
H: Berlusconi
J: sex with 17 year old girls
H: [laughing] that's also not a word
J:[laughing] Also, also not a word! Not a word.  Did you ever see the headline in The Economist with Silvio Berlusconi and it just said, the headline, uh on the cover was 'The Man Who Screwed an Entire Country'?

J: So uh, we're gonna stop there and you're going to start at Silvio Berlusconi.  Hey Chief--
H: oh a dog.
J: It's a doggie!  So the job now is that in comments
H: om nom nom nom
J: you the nerdfighters will continue our game of word associations. Say hi to Chief.
H: rawrawfrawfrawf
J: Best wishes.