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In which Hank goes over the details of the Project for Awesome. His P4A video will go up tomorrow at noon!


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Good Morning John and welcome to the day before the Project for Awesome. Today's video is going to be not very interesting because tomorrow's video is going to be my Project for Awesome video.

Today, though, I just need to tell you some logistical things to get you prepared for the project. First however though I got a confetti canon and don't point it at your face, they say so I'm not to point it at my face but I am going to shoot it off.

(Pop) Ah. It's going to take a while to clean up.

So let my answer a few questions real quick that I'm getting about the project for awesome.

When does it start?
The official time to upload your video is noon Eastern Time tomorrow which is Saturday December 17th.

Can I donate to the project?
Yes, you can sharp looking sir. In fact I would encourage that guy and all of you to do so at, which will be live starting at noon or before then at All of that money will be going into the P4A fund.

Where does all of that money go? Are you doing something illicit?
No, there is no funny business going on here. The P4A fund money gets distributed to the charities that get the most votes at

Votes? Project for Awesome? I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you don't know. Today at noon we will be launching where you can go, submit your video, your video's charity will then be entered into a database and then people can vote on whether that charity they deem worthy and they liked your video. It may be that you need a but of a guide, so let this guy give you one.

So say you see a video promoting a charity that you are interesting in helping to raise money for. The way that you can do that is you go here and you can vote. It's a web search for the foundation to decrease world suck and it showed up there so I can click on that and I can vote for it and my vote has now been saved and that is excellent news.

So what if I have made a Project for Awesome video? What do I do with it?
1. Make sure you put P4A and P4A2011 in the tags.
2. If you are a partner use the Project for Awesome thumbnail which you can find right now at
3. Upload it at noon and then
4. Submit you video at so your charity can get a chance to be funded by the Project for Awesome Fund.

How else can I participate in this?
1. By donating to the P4A fund or to a charity that you care about.
2. By following the live show that will being running at, who will be hosted by many people including myself, my brother John also other cool surprise guests. You'll find out.
3. By checking out the items we will shortly be releasing on being on auction on eBay including all of the posters that I've had on my wall for the last six months. Not all of them you get individual ones. You don't get all of them. No one would want all of them. I don't want all of them. You saw them all over the floor before. There are too many of them but I will personalize each one and send them off to the people who get them. I'm not sure I think we are going to do a straight flat price on those. Lots of cool things like the flip chart that Chameleon Circuit used when they were making Still Got Legs. That's a piece of history people. And the VidCon poster that a bunch of YouTubers signed. Tons of people signed this there's, it's got like 50 signatures.
4. By signing up for the mailing list at You will only get emails relating to the Project for Awesome that means that it is only once a year. It's not a scary mailing list to sign up for. And that is all.

I am really looking forward to the live stream starting out at noon tomorrow. I will be there. I will be starting off the live stream and then John will be coming shortly after. Thank you to everyone who has been working on Project for Awesome videos, who have been working on the Project for Awesome. Karen Kavett who is our designer and Sam Rudge, our developer.

And now as a final piece of excitement, you know they say never point a confetti cannon at your face, so you're never going to know what that's going to look like unless you continue watching right now.

Right at your face. (Pop) Weeeee. John I'll see you on Monday.