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Good morning John. It probably doesn't make a huge amount of sense for me to be addressing this video to you, since you will see me before you see this video. And that, unfortunately turns out to be bad news. I'm making this video on Sunday because while this video is being posted, I'm probably on an airplane headed to Birmingham going to Papa's funeral. There may be people thinking to themselves right now: "Why is Hank making a video? His grandfather just died, he doesn't have to make a video! His hair looks weird…" But I mean, it's not like I hate making Youtube videos. I wanted to talk a little bit today anyway, because I've got a lot on my mind. Papa was old. He was very old, and he's been sick for a very long time, and it's very strange though, to feel like after a fantastic, long life in which he did a lot of amazing things and he was sort of a great person, and a wonderful asset to his community and his family, and we owe him a lot, you know, beyond creating our mom, which was very important, not only to our existence but also our happiness. But even after that, it still feels like it's not fair. By the traditional definition of fair, it's like the fairest thing that ever happened, right? Everybody who's ever lived either has or is going to die. It's an equitable arrangement, I feel like, you know, when young people die, people like teenagers die, yeah, that's not fair, it's not fair for a sixteen-year-old girl to die of cancer. But when a ninety-two-year-old guy dies, yeah, that's fair… right…? That's more than fair! Papa had more life than the average person by twenty years! Still makes me super angry, but, like, what else is life, except for a limited timespan in which we get to do stuff. But then it ends, it always ends! Nobody gets around it, everybody dies. Every thing dies, everything that lives dies. Except I actually - the notable exception of that jellyfish that doesn't die. Um, but it fits between being a jellyfish and dying. I prefer to be a person than a jellyfish. Even if I get to be a jellyfish forever. What are the stages of grief? Which one am I in right now? I looked it up. It's number two. So, at least I'm past number one! I'm not sure what stage of grief is the stage where you eat lots of potato chips and watch QI for hours, but I'm definitely inside of that one. Why didn't I know about QI? I only discovered it a few months ago, and it is the best - it has everything. And I had no idea, which is kinda great actually, because that means there's a huge backlog of them that I can watch… all day long… if I want to… So let's… At least spend a little bit of time talking about something besides my grandfather. The Project for Awesome is - nothing is changing with it - but here is where I'm coming from for the Project for Awesome this year. P4A has always been about utilizing the power of this community and online video in general and nerdfighteria specifically to make great content for non-profit organizations. And also use that community to promote and curate the best videos. When I say 'curate', I don't mean promote your video or your friend's videos, I mean you go out and you find the best dang Project for Awesome videos that there are, and you make sure that they get in front of the - as many people as possible. We have a website, at, where those videos will be submitted. You can go to that website now, it's not fully functional yet, because it won't be until the Project for Awesome begins, at noon on December 17th. But you can start planning, of course, many people have already started making their Project for Awesome videos, myself included. In addition to Project for Awesome being kind of a clearing house for P4A videos, there will also be an opportunity to vote for the charities that are featured in those videos, and the charities that get the most votes will be getting a piece of the money that we're raising for the Project for Awesome, which is already over ten thousand dollars - yes! You'll see my Project for Awesome video not on Friday but on Saturday, because that's when the Project for Awesome is. Nerdfighters, thanks for being awesome, John, I will see you momentarily.