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In which Hank films mostly in Indianapolis, but uploads from Pittsburgh.


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Good morning John, it's Friday, August 31st.

I don't know if you can hear that buzzing noise in the background but that's you mowing the lawn. I remember in high school you thought you had a really great idea, and the really great idea was to have a band and call it "Mow and the Lawns." I'm guessing you don't think that's a really great idea anymore. Now I think about that though,I seem to remember that you actually wrote songs for Mow and the Lawns.

Did you actually write songs for Mow and the Lawns? If so, can I see them? If you're holding out on me, big brother,I'm not going to forgive you.

Any John Green original music is definitely part of this project, and I want to see it. Katherine and I are about to go back to Montana, and while that's sad, it's also very happy. I miss home.

And I miss my cat, and my friends, and regularity, my barber, my grocery store, Honey Bunches of Oats, 50 cent corn-dogs, our garden, sanity. Don't get me wrong, it's been wonderful, but there's something to said for home, and I'm looking forward to being home, even though I'm not going to be there until like 1 o'clock tomorrow morning. Lame airplanes!

John and I had the phone-call with the YouTube partnership people yesterday. And if you'e wondering about the contents of that strictly confidential phone call, I will tell you, it was a fascinating 45-minute lecture on copyright laws, and that's pretty much all. I did learn one thing tough, and that's that a dance can be copyrighted.

If a dance is choreographed, then that dance is copyrighted, which is very sad, because it means that I can no longer do the Macarena on my YouTube videos. Also, since John and I's happy dances are choreographed dances, I will sue you ass if I see you doin' my happy dance. All Brotherhood 2.0 are actually licensed to the Creative Commons License.

For distribution and modification as you wish. However, every person really kinda should have their own happy dance. Speaking of happy dances, you should know that we will not be able to use any sound that happens during your happy dance, because we will likely be playing music over the whole project, hopefully music some kind of music that isn't violating copyright!

And now I'm in Pittsburgh. There once was a farm, that became an airport, that created a community, connected to the world. Here in Pittsburgh, they're really excited about the fact that they have yesterday's airport of tomorrow, meaning today's airport.

The airport of today. I can't say that that's a tremendous load of confidence for the airport that I am currently in. I'd rather be in, like, you know, today's airport of today.

I'd rather not be yesterday's airport of anything. I miss you already, John. Mostly I miss the guest room, and that big bed that's in the guest bedroom.

Anyway, I have to get on a plane so I will see you on maybe on Monday, maybe on Tuesday. Monday is Labor Day, and that is an official holiday, however, I don't feel like we really qualify for Labor Day, because Brotherhood 2.0 doesn't really count as labor. You have to like lift a tripod every once in a while.

Like the camera. Ooh yeah, work the camera, mm, work the bicep. So if you consider Brotherhood 2.0 labor, I guess you can take Monday off, and I'll see you on Tuesday, but otherwise, I'll see you on Monday.