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In which John and Hank, in what may be the year's final reunion video, answer frequently asked questions and challenge the Nerdfighters to acts of magnificent happy dancing.


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A Bunny
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[J] Good morning Hank, it's Thursday!
[H] Good morning John. That's the big surprise.
[J] That's the big surprise! It's still us, it's still the two of us! Just kidding, there's another surprise.
[H] Well I think a good surprise is that we are doing a video together.
[J] Yeah, actually so it's not really 'good morning Hank, good morning John', it's more
[together] Good morning nerdfighters!
[H] That was cool!
[J] Yesss! [high-fives]
[H] That was completely not-
[J] We're on fire! We didn't even script that, that was so improvised!

Today's video comes in two parts, first we are going to answer some frequently asked questions and secondly we are going to talk about the exciting secret project.

Hank, I can't tell the two of you apart, which one is which?
[H] I'm John-
[J] I'm Hank-
[the Katherine] -And I'm the Yeti.
[H] Why do they call her the Yeti, John?
[J] It's because she's so hairy, Hank.
[H] She is so hairy.
[J] Oh my God it's amazing. It's all over her face.
[H] I would hate, like to clean your drains.

Why is there an 'i' missing in 'communication' in the animated intro?
[J] It's because there is no 'I' in brotherhood.
[H] But why is there no 'i' in communication?
[J] Because there's no 'i' in shut the f up?

[H] I wanna become a nerdfighter, how do you become a nerdfighter?
[J] If you want to become a nerdfighter, you probably already are a nerdfighter. Technically you should go to and write a song but in all likelihood, you my friend, are a nerdfighter. And like, three months ago, that woulda sucked, but now, it's awesome somehow.

How do you become a secret sibling?
[H] To become a secret sibling all you have to do is make a video response to one of our videos on YouTube.
[J] Preferably several responses.
[H] In a row. Every day.

Remember like in January you said you were going to make a Happy Dance compilation?
[J] Yeah.
[H] Whatever happened to that?
[J] We didn't do it. I don't know if you've noticed this Hank but there's like 70 million abandoned Brotherhood 2.0 projects along the way. I mean, Question Tuesdays?
[H] Question Tuesdays!
[J] Question Tuesdays didn't even have a second appearance.
[H] No, it was just the one question.
[J] The giving away of my tote bags. But there is another answer to this question and that brings us to the exciting secret project which is about not to be secret anymore. Notice how I didn't split the infinitive.

[H] John and I are asking the nerdfighters to help us create the Happy Dance Project.
[J] Hank and I were sitting around the other day and we said to each other, 'you know what would be more awesome than if we made a Happy Dance compilation video? If all of the nerdfighters sent us their Happy Dances dancing in front of their awesome places in their towns and neighborhoods and then we made a Happy Dance compilation video using all nerdfighter Happy Dances because you know the nerdfighters have a lot of crazy Happy Dances.

I mean, we've seen some Happy Dances in some secret sibling videos-
[H]- CRAZY Happy Dances.
[J] I mean these videos are so crazy and sexy and cool they could be a TLC album.
[H] Word.
[J] Excellent use of 'word'.

Some quick rules about the Happy Dance videos we hope you'll send us.
[H] Please make them about ten seconds long, not too much longer because otherwise our computers will explode.
[J] Also please send them to You probably need a deadline, I know you people, you like to procrastinate... October 1st!
[H] October. 1st!
[J] At the very latest.
[H] If you have your Halloween costumes already, put them on.

[J] It would be great if everyone could organize to make sure that there's a Happy Dance in front of like, the Seven Major Wonders of the World so if we could have someone hit the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, that would be very helpful because we are going to have a tough time getting to Babylon.
[H] You might have wanted to choose one of the major wonders of the world that still exists.
[together] Get to the Pyramids!

[J] Oh, by the way, if you're new to this and you're wondering what a Happy Dance is, it's the dance that you do when you're incredibly happy. Here's two examples.

[Hank and John do their Happy Dances]

[J] See that was way less than ten seconds.
[missed high-five] Nerdfighters! That's how we roll!