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Curious about the world's largest display of erotic art?  The Erotic Heritage Museum was founded in 2008 by Reverend Ted (?~0:19) and pornographer Harry (?~0:21) to preserve and share erotica from all over the world.  24,000 square feet of exhibits, including these breast casts, which are meant to elicit discussion about the 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries performed in the US each year.  A Ron Jeremy fortune telling machine sits nearby and there's a quotation from Larry Flynt on the wall, "Other than the desire for survival, the strongest single desire that we have is for sex."  That's Ron Jeremy, the adult performer and Larry Flynt, founder of the pornographic magazine Hustler, also the author of the full page Washington Post ad announcing a $10 million cash reward for information leading to the impeachment of Trump.

Sex is really political.  The first big exhibit in the museum comments on the sexually related scandals of politicians.  This  sculpture of a grill in the shape of the United States illustrates the hypocrisy of searing Americans for so-called crimes while their own hands are being branded in anti-women, domestic violence, sex negativity, patriarchy, misogyny, and heteronormativity.

Next up is the world's largest erotic bicycle, which propels a dildo into a willing recipient.  There's also what I suspect to be the largest phallus made from pennies.  To get it that big takes a lot of heads.   Penny for your twats?  This dick really makes sense.  It has the balls to change.  I'm a nerd, which is part of the reason I'm super into all of the education and history here about puberty, anatomy, orgasms, and evolution.  I could spend hours learning about cosmic sex practices and gender equality.  What all is this sex doll experiencing?  

Going up to the second floor, there's a display of film reels and cameras addressing mass media as a prominent source of information about sexual behavior.  Mannequins are positioned to explain the history of peep shows and a circular room has erotica playing in every direction.  From graphic dioramas to thoughtfully chosen art, the Erotic Heritage Museum covers an incredible range of sexology.  So much to absorb.  A lot to zink about.  

For example, I didn't know the order of the (?~2:09), depicted in this painting, used vaginal fluids to ferment their beer or how payphones were used for sex work.  This Chinese ceramic plate shows a woman bathing when it's lit from the back.  Clever people looking for ways to understand and express sexuality.  

Museum once meant shrine or temple of the muses, sources of inspiration, and the Erotic Heritage Museum is certainly this.  If you're around in the evening, the Museum of Erotic Heritage is also home to puppetry of the penis.  It's incredibly powerful to experience the efforts of so many people, of muses who have done their part to create and preserve this valuable collection.

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Theater of penis puppetry.  (burp) And I've been touching it the whole time.