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Tyler: Can you see me? Am I live? Let me know. I don't know. Uh, I'll wait for you to let me know. Can you see me? Is this working-No? One second... Uh.. I don't know if it's working, is it? Hello? Yes! OK, it is working, somebody says it's working.

Um, OK so we're live! Hello! Welcome to Project for Awesome 2011! I've never done a livestream for Project for Awesome, so it's very fun to be here. So, my name is Tyler, if you don't know me it's probably for the best. Uh, I celebrated Christmas today, but I was, you know, I was checking my email yesterday and John emailed me and he was like "Hey, do you want to do an hour of the livestream for Project for Awesome?" and I was like "Well, I'm celebrating Christmas, but I'll drop my Chri, I'll drop my family, I'll just get right on and we'll have a grand old time together" and he was like "Oh no no, I don't want to take you away from that" but so here I am.

(01:07) Um, so do you have a link for me you guys that are helping out for the Project for Awesome that I can give to everybody watching and I will forward them to where we need to go. Sorry, I'm a little frazzled, I don't really know how this works, this is my first time doing a live thing on, um, on the YouTube stream. So, we're waiting right now for a video, I think you're already commenting on a video.

(01:32) Um, but, if you don't know what the Project for Awesome is, the Project for Awesome is a chance for the whole YouTube community to come together and to work together to support charities that everybody loves, and everyone adores, and we all get together and we, you know, vote and we favorite, and we comment the crap out of videos so that those videos are the most viewed, and the most everything videos of all time for that day, and so YouTube gets completely taken over.

(1:59) Um wait, the ge- terrible or the sound is terrible? Is it too loud? Is that what it is? Should I turn down the input? Is that what's going on? Is it too loud? How's this? Is this good? Yes? Oh, not my sound, OK, sorry.

(2:17) OK, so I'm putting a, a, a what's it called, um, a link to the video, so here's the link. Sorry, I'm a little frazzled, just give me the first couple of minutes to figure out how to get into this. Um so, OK. You don't, wait, let's see.. hold on people.

(2:40) So if you got the gist of it, what we're doing is we are, um, we are taking videos and we are not spamming, we are just boosting them to the top of the charts, and I'm getting the video right now, I'm confirming that this is the video we are going to use, um so hold it just one second. Um, just waiting for the people to reply to me that are in the Skype chat.

(3:05) OK, here's the video, I'm editing it right now, go to the livestream and refresh the page, right now we are doing this video from AmazingPhil, who I love. So, if you haven't seen the video yet, click, so refresh this livestream, click the video in the description. If you're commenting on the live stream's comment section, that's not going to help. Those comments do nothing. Um, so, oh somebody says disable Skype sounds. Girl, how do I do that? Needy people.. So, I'll go figure out how to disable Skype sounds if you go, and you figure out how to comment on that video in the link. So, go do that and I'm going to disable my Skype sounds, just calm it down, I will do this, OK, just hold on one moment.

Don't talk in the livestream chat, you need to go to the video. The video link is in the description and you can click that, watch the video um, and then comment on that video, I will have directions on what to comment. So I just disabled Skype sounds, just for you guys, OK? That's how much I love you. So now I have to figure this out.. You guys are just going to be the death of me. Somebody says turn up my mic. -sigh- First you want me turn it down, then you want me to turn it up. It's just like, people. OK so how's this?

(4:38) OK so now we are getting into the groove, OK? We are in the groove. We are here, we are doing this. Um, OK so you should be at the video that I just sent you to. It's in the description of the livestream. I don't want you to comment on the livestream because that doesn't do anything. If you comment on the video itself that I'm giving you, then we're doing stuff.

(5:03) So we're going to work on that video. It's AmazingPhil's video. Right now we have 679 comments and we're going to get it up there, OK? We don't have time for 679 comments, we gotta get- So right now we're are 855, no, we're gonna get it to 5000, and we're gonna do it by starting with, "comment with your favorite YouTuber", OK? And once you're done your favorite YouTuber, do your second favorite YouTuber. And then once you've done your second YouTuber, do your third favorite YouTuber. And once you've done your third favorite YouTuber, if you haven't said Tyler Oakley already, then I have nothing to say to you. I'm just kidding, then you should comment your fourth favorite YouTuber, or whatever, I don't know. We're just going to start with that, OK? OK? So this is what we're doing.

You're going to give him some love, because that's who deserves love. He just deserves love. He just, you know, he, he, radiates love. And so what we really need to do is just give it right back to him. So in the comments be like, "Oh, AmazingPhil, you're the best", just give him a compliment, that's what we're going to do. Because you know what the Project for Awesome is all about? It's building up the community, OK? So you're going to go, and you're going to like his video, you're gonna comment a compliment to AmazingPhil, and you're just gonna give him some love because that's what we do, OK?

(6:28) So, we're commenting. We're commenting. Just keep it going. Just give him some love. If you are new to this stream, here's what we're all about: this is the Project for Awesome, its a chance for us to completely take over YouTube and to give back to charities that we deem amazing and to help out charities that YouTubers love and are apart of. It's a day to donate and to spread awareness. It's also for us to completely take over YouTube, so you're going to favorite, you're going to comment, you're going to like it, you're going to watch it because that'll get these videos to the top of the charts, which is exactly what we want to do because it raises awareness and it spreads the word. So, you're still commenting. I may be talking but you better still be commenting, OK? So, you comment. If you have nothing to say, if you have nothing to comment, just write DFTBA, Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

(7:18) And um, also another part of the entire livestream event is getting you guys, and encouraging you guys to participate in ways that you are able to. So, whether that's a donation of, you know, a small amount, whether it's a dollar, or five dollars, or ten dollars, or twenty dollars, whatever you can do to donate to the general fund. The general fund is a way for us to all give to a general fund, and then you vote for your favorite charities, and the top charities are going to get that general fund money. So if you don't know who to donate to, if you don't know who to give back to, you can always just donate to the general fund.

(7:56) Again, people that are watching this livestream, if you are watching this and commenting on the livestream, that doesn't do anything. You need to comment on, I'm not even reading that over there, OK? If you're doing that, I have nothing to say to you. So, if you're commenting on the livestream, you need to go to the video that I linked you in the description. You need to open that video, watch that video, like that video, and comment there because I'm only reading comments there, OK? That's all I'm saying.

(8:23) So, let me get an update as to how much we've raised so far in this 24 hour period of livestream that we've been doing, I think we're at 40,000, that is going to be in the general fund, that's going to be voted on to where that goes. So, you're still commenting because we are not leaving this video until we reach 5000 comments so, we're almost half way there. Keep commenting. Comment with, hmm, what can we comment with? Your favorite color, let's just be, let's just start simple, OK?

So right now we are at 40,000...dollars. I had like a brain fart, 40,270 dollars, OK? We are going to get that to 42,000. What can I do for you? What can I do to entice you to donate? Because we're going to reach 42,000 whether you like it or not, and if you give me things to do, it might encourage others to donate because if we reach 42,000, then I might do something. I might do something beyond your wildest dreams, OK? Because I have no inhibitions, because I have, I, I have no shame, if you know that.

So, right now what you're going to be commenting, stop doing your favorite color, start commenting with things that you want me to do, OK? Things that you want me to do if we reach 42,000 dollars by the end of this hour. We have 50 more minutes, comment with what you want me to do because if we reach it, I might just make your dreams come true. You want me to sing Marry the Night? No, ha! Slushie myself? In a video or something? I could do that, I could slushie myself. Um, make out with Doritos? OK, here's the problem with that: I've already done that, A, in a video; B, um, I don't have any Doritos. I'm at my mom's house because I'm here for Christmas, so there's no Doritos in this house. We celebrated Christmas today, so there's no junk food here. Um, more demands that you need me to do. Bohemian Rhapsody? No, this has got to be good stuff, OK? Um, I could do, see there's needs to be nothing with quo- You need to keep commenting by the way, we're not leaving this video until we get 500 comments. We are not leaving until 500 comments, so you need to-

Oh, somebody says bring your mama on screen, I could do that, she's a, she's a crackhead. And I say that in the most loving way possible, she could, we could bring her in. Would you guys be OK with that? we could do a little something with my mother, she hasn't been in a video in forever. Would you guys be good with- Maybe I could bring my mother in and she could be obnoxious, you could see where I became myself, maybe we'll do that. That'll be one of the things. And we'll, I'll do more and more demands if we reach 42,000. So that's the #1 thing I'm going to do, somebody write that down. So, my mom will come in at the end of this live stream, if we reach 42,000.

So if you haven't given back to the general fund, I am urging you, every single dime gets us towards that 42,000. You don't have to be a big donor, like a $100, every single dollar really helps. So if it's $5, if it's $10, if it's whatever you can afford to give back, it helps. And so, it's not just giving towards amazing, fun, challenges that you want me to do at the end of this hour, it's also about raising money for charities that are doing amazing work throughout the world. And so again, if you are commenting in the live chat of this video, it's not helping, you need to comment in the video that we're supporting right now, which is AmazingPhil's. The link is in the description. So like I was saying, if you want to help, any small amount helps. And I'm telling you, I literally- This money is going towards projects that are doing amazing work throughout the world, you can vote on the Project for Awesome website and vote for whatever charities you want to support with the general fund, and yeah, that's what we're doing today.

(12:28) OK, so we're almost, we're almost at 5000. It shouldn't take this long you guys. I am challenging you. OK so this has taken 10 minutes and we're not even at 5000 yet. Can we do this any faster? Can we do this any faster? I challenge you, yes we can. So, I am, I am recording how long this took, and the next video we're going to do even quicker and then the next video we're going to do even quicker.

(12:51) So, as we're waiting for us to reach 5000, um, people in the Skype chat, can you give me a new video that we're going to support because we're going to dive right into it, and we're going to beat the record that we just set, which is, right now we're at 11 minutes to get this to 5000. We can beat this, OK? We can beat this. So hurry up, keep commenting, quicker, quicker, quicker, because we're going to move on as quick as we can. And if you need a moment to rest your fingers from commenting, take a moment, open your wallet, give back to the general fund for Project for Awesome, just really appreciate what we're doing here, and realize that we're coming together as a community to give back. And if you can do that in any way, whether it's a dollar, $5, $10. Your contribution helps. And if we reach 42,000, we're going to, um, get a little show from me. I'm going to do some challenges at the end, you know, at midnight, which is in 45 minutes! This hour is drivi- or flying by.

OK so we've reached 5000, OK? We have a new video that we're promoting. So that took, that took 13 minutes to get to 5000 comments. We can do better than that, you guys. We can do better than that. OK, so I've just updated the description of this livestream. So refresh, click the video in the description below, watch it, like it. If you don't like it, it's not going to get up on the charts. So just push the like button and start commenting. The timer starts now. Can we do this? Can we beat our record? Can we beat our record of 13 minutes? Take the moment to watch the video, to appreciate what it's all about, push the like button, and get to it. We're at 55 comments, so you guys gotta hurry. I don't got time for excuses, I don't got time for you know, "Oh, but my fingers hurt". Well girl, OK, you know what, no. My ears hurt from hearing you complain about how your fingers hurt. We needa, we needa get on it, OK? We don't got time. So, take a moment, watch the video, it's about toys for tots. Um, you know. Toys, tots. Great people, great toys, like the video, and get commenting because we have got some stuff to do.

(15:16) Can we get an update on, actually, um, hold that thought. You know, just hold on. Oops project for awesome... OK um chitate OK, so in the time that I've been live-streaming, I've got good news and I've got bad news. The good news is we've been having fun, we've been commenting on videos, we've been pushing them up on the charts. The bad news is we have only raised less than $100. you not want my mom to come in here and graphically me being birthed to you? You know my mom recorded that? I have literally seen my birth. I don't even want to talk about it. But, she will give you, she will give you a description what happened. Or you know, whatever you want to hear from my mother. Um, I'm sure she will talk your ear off about how much he hates/likes me, but keep commenting. If we reach $42,000 you will get my mother in my room talking to you for the last 5 minutes of us live-streaming and comment in the Toys for Tots video, another challenge that you want me to do if we reach the 42,000. Comment. Ya better, ya better comment.

(16:29) OK so it's been 3 minutes, we're at, we've already reached 1,500 comments. You guys, we're doing really good, but not good enough. So keep commenting. You know, give us some DFTBA, give some "work those legs" if you were here for Hayley just a minute ago. She was encouraging you to say "work those legs". Um, if you're here for me, you could comment "get it girl", or you know, I don't know what'd you comment. Just comment with some love, give this person some love. This person is SharkeyeJones. Give them some love. That's what the Project for Awesome's all about. And if your fingers are tired, take a moment, OK? Relax them by opening up your wallet, getting out your credit card, and giving back to the charities that need it most. I sound like an infomercial. At what point am I going to get hired to do this for a living, because I am like getting it. I, I feel like I should always be hawkin' this stuff.

(17:31) OK, so we are almost to halfway to 5000. We are bustin' though this, We are about to obliterate our last record, and I think it was 15 minutes to get to 5,000 comments. Can we, can we, can we, can we... girl, I needa, I needa reign it in, figure out how to talk. Can we beat that record? We're halfway there. OK? Keep commenting and um, if you need a moment to relax your fingers, get out your wallet and relax your budget. OK? Can I get an OK? So we're at $40,420, we have about 1,600 to reach our you know, goal of this hour, If you want to participate, you may. If you want to participate by commenting, I appreciate it. But you know, the Project of Awesome is really about challenging yourself to just comment, or not just favorite, or not just like, or not just watch all these videos, but to participate in a very tangible way. And that is by giving back and how you can. Um so, if you can do that it really, it warms my heart truthfully. If you can't, I guess you can just comment, and help us in that way because by commenting you are building us up and pushing all these videos to the top of YouTube for the next, you know, however long.

(18:56) We are at 3,500 comments, we have 1,500 to go, and ooh: 1,500 comments to go, $1,500 to raise, can we do it? I think we can. So it's been about 5 minutes working on this video. We are about to obliterate our last record, OK? We are about to obliterate it. So keep commenting, I have faith in you, you guys are doing amazingly. Um, and comment with hmm, what can we comment? An animal, OK? Come up with an animal. Oh no. no, no. Not an animal, comment with, um, what you want me to do if we reach $42,000 because I need more suggestions.

(19:36) Okay, so we are kicking butt with donations. You guys-I've been refreshing it, and it's been going up, like, five dollars, ten dollars, five dollars - you guys -these small donations, although you may feel like this little bit of money doesn't help, we have been raising the amount that we have been, you know, achieving for the Project for Awesome, since I started. Little by little, and it's going up quick! So if you have a moment to just... And I know this sounds annoying, but if you have a moment to just get out your credit card, get out your PayPal, donate a little bit! We are gonna reach our goal, and we are gonna do some challenges for you guys, okay? 

(20:10) So if you guys have challenges that you want me to do at the end of this hour, I am taking them. Um, somebody says dance with your mom. We could do that, we could do that if we reach 42,000, don't you think? Um, somebody says bring back fornication Friday. If you didn't know, I was on 5AwesomeGays for a couple years back in the day and I did Fornication Friday as a segment, and I talked about sex things. Um, so, yeah. I could do that in a video, upcoming video, I could do that.

(20:40) So we have dance with my mom, show my mom (it's like the same thing). You want me to smile, I could do that. Um, hmm, put on a bunch of makeup for a video? I will do that. I will commit to doing that. A makeup tutorial, I will do that. If we reach $42,000 by the end of my hour, I will do that. We have $1,500 left to go. I think we can do it. I'm positive that we can do that. And like I said, this amount that we've raised so far has been going up a little by little, so any little bit you can help is amazing. 

(21:16) The people in the Skype, can you get me a new video, and we are about to move on to a new video. While you guys are waiting for that video, I am going to encourage you to keep commenting, keep, you know, favoriting, liking the videos that we're working on. And we're about to get a new video so hold tight. If you're commenting in the live stream, that doesn't do anything. You need to take your comments and put them in the videos that we're promoting. Otherwise that doesn't go toward anything. That doesn't build people up, it doesn't go toward donations. You guys need to comment on the videos that we are promoting. If you wanna find a link to that, it is in the description.

(21:51) I just updated the description of this livestream. Go to that video, it is Jess's video and we are gonna go to that right now. Okay. So we are working on this video. It has 90 views. It's for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, it's by Jess, who you may or may not know, but the very first comment that I'm reading right now is from Vlogbrothers themselves. And it's from John, so I'm encouraging you to go to this video, watch it, it's two and a half minutes. Enjoy it, like it, favorite it, and then get to commenting because we did that last 5,000 comments in 7 minutes and that's not bad. 

(22:31) We cut our previous time in half. I think we can cut it in half again! Do you accept that challenge? Whether you accept it or not, we're gonna do it. So watch that video, like it, favorite it, and then get to commenting. Comment with your favorite color. We're gonna start off really easy. We have 52 comments right now. Let's build that up. Can we? Shall we? Let's do this. DFTBA.

(22:56) Um, okay. So while you guys are watching, while you guys are commenting, I'm gonna update some things, figure out what I'm doing next. Sorry, I'm a little frazzled. Um, and while we are building up all these videos for the Project for Awesome to take over YouTube, which is an amazing thing, we are also taking the time to donate to these charities. So, if you have a moment to spare, if you wanna relax your fingers from commenting so hard, decreasing suck so hard, take a moment. Get out your wallet. Go to the Project for Awesome website which is We have $1,500 left for our goal for this hour. I think we can do it- I hope we can do it. If we reach that goal, we are going to do a lot of fun things. My mom is gonna come. She's gonna get in a video for the end of the livestream if we reach that amount, and my mom is like a crackhead, so if you wanna see that- I'm not, I mean, I'm not saying it's gonna be a good thing, but she's, she's not all together. She's *"crazy" gesture*. Though, if you want that, donate. Um, we have $1,500 left to go for this goal.

(24:11) Um, and, not only that, but I will also do a makeup tutorial or, you know, a video in drag or something like that. I don't know, I've never done any makeup in a video but, um, we can do that. We can do that. Okay? So if you guys donate, we are able to do those challenges but, in the meantime, please comment on this video. We are going to get it to 5,000 comments and then we're going to move up to another video to promote.

(24:41) So, my mum just peeked into the door and she goes, "Don't call me a crackhead!" So, just hold out. Um, if you want to see my mother at midnight, she is gonna be here, if we reach that goal of $2,000 during my time frame. We have $500 already; we need 1,500 to go and we're not gonna reach that unless you guys take a moment to get back. So, please, if you have it within your heart. Um, the best thing about this money that you're donating is that it's split five ways, it's going to five different charities, you're helping five different organizations decrease worldsuck. So if you have it within you, I believe in you. I believe that you can do this. I believe that we can do this together. So if you can do it, take a moment to spare a few dollars and give back to charities that are doing amazing things in the world.

(25:33) So I think we can do it. So keep commenting. We've already done 1000 comments. That's quick. Let's double the amount of comments in half the time. So that we can beat our previous record of seven minutes for 5,000 comments. Let's do this, okay? DFTBA.

(25:51) I had to just promise my mom that I wouldn't call her a crackhead any more. Sorry not sorry.

(25:58) So keep commenting. This Mothers Against Drunk Driving is obviously very close to my heart. I would never ever ever ever ever drunk drive. One... even one drink is too much for drunk- or for driving. Um, it's an organization that needs attention so I appreciate you guys building this one up. So like this video, watch this video entirely, favorite it. If you have a mother, think about what she would do if anything were to happen to you if you were drunk driving. So while you're commenting, think about that. It's an amazing organization to take to heart because they're doing amazing work, spreading awareness, giving support, so please, um.

(26:41) Yes, my mother is watching in the other room. I said she couldn't be in here unless we reached the $2,000 goal. So let me refresh. Let's see how much money we've raised.

(26:49)You guys, we haven't gone up at all since I last talked about how much we've donated. That's a problem. I don't think we're going to reach our goal unless you guys believe that we can with me. So if you want to donate, it's at Not the number 4, but f-o-r. And just take a moment, okay? Take a moment to donate. And then can vote for what charities you want us to donate the money to. It's gonna be split five ways, so the top five vote-getters are going to get the money.

(27:20) So I believe in you. I believe we can do this. But I can't get the Paypal out for you. I can't get the credit card out for you. You need to take that challenge. You need to run with it. You need to realize that, you know, now is the time to give. Now is the time to give back to charities that are doing things in the world. So I think we can do it. I think we can. Okay? I think we can.

(27:73) So we are halfway to 5,000 comments and we are slowing down. That's not a good thing. Okay? We have so many videos that we need to get through during this hour. Let's beat all the other hour's records and get through more videos than them. I think we can do it. I think we can. So hurry up. I'm not gonna tell you to spam. But girl. Work them thighs. Work them legs. Work them ankles. Work them calves. Over. Hurry up.

(28:12) So, um, I'm reading the comments right now, I'm gonna do some shoutouts. So the more comments you leave the more chances you're gonna get a shoutout. We've got Kateasaurus21. Hey girl. We've got TBNotebook. DFTBA. We've got JamieFaceless. You're beautiful. We've got GreenSpot13. How you doin'? We've got MillonSkier. Holler. And again, if you're commenting in the live chat, those comments are not getting looked at. You need to go to the video in the description. And that is where I'm reading comments, that is where these, uh, the comments amounts are going up. So we're trying to get those comments to 5,000, not the live chat/livestream comments. So if you're commenting right there, please, don't do that.

(29:01) And it's funny, I'm looking at the live chat comments right now and all of them are calling me fag. Girl. You can't insult what I'm proud of. okay? I'm not a fag. I'm a beautiful soul. Jelousy's a sickness, get well soon.

(29:16) So we are on this video that we're working on right now. We're trying to get it to 5,000 comments. We are at 3,400. Let's do it quicker. You guys, we are 5 minutes into it, we have 2 minutes to go before we are slower than our last video record. So let's do this a little quicker. So what we're gonna do is say DFTBA. That's what I want you to comment. Right now. And then I want you to comment your favorite YouTuber. Let's give them some love. You've got less than a minute to reach 5,000. Can we do it. We have 1,300 comments left. We have less than a minute. Can we do this. Can we do this. I don't think you can do it. Prove me wrong. Prove. Me. Wrong. Prove me wrong. I'll wait. I'll wait. Less than a minute. We have 800 comments left. Less than a minute. Can we do this. Can we do this. Can we do this. Can we do this. I think we can. So we have literally, we're edging up on 5,000 comments. Can you guys get me a new video in the Skype call? Um, and I will replace it, as soon as we reach 5,000 comments I will put up a new video that you guys need to work on. We are inching up towards 7 minutes for this video itself- can we reach the record.

(30:36) Oh, my goodness. We just beat our own record. Okay, so we just did that in 6 minutes. We are moving on to the next video. So go to the Project for Awesome livestream. You guys, we just did it. We beat our record. We got 5,000 comments in 6 minutes. So now I just put on a new video in the description for the livestream. And click the video there. Click it. Click it. Click it click it click it. Watch the video. I'm opening it up right now. You guys. We just did some awesome crap right there.

(31:17) Okay. So this video is very important. If you're a Nerdfighter, you know all about it. It's for This Star Won't Go Out foundation. I want you to watch the video. You need to like the video. It's 3 minutes long, so while you're watching it, like it, favorite it, share it if you're inspired, and then get to commenting. Because the last video took 6 minutes to get to 5,000 comments . We have 100 right now. And I want to get there in 5 minutes. So that would require 1 minute, 1,000- or, 1,000 comments per minute. Can we do it. Can we do it? I believe we can.

(31:56) And while I'm talking to you guys, we have just reached $40,000- or, $40,880. Which means, we have $1,000- about $1,100 to go. And if we reach $42,000 raised, my mom will come in here, she'll talk to you, you'll see her, I can't call her a crackhead because she just yelled at me for calling her a crackhead, but you might get to meet a crackhead, not saying it's her, but you might get to meet her.

(32:26) Um, so if we reach $42,000, I will be impressed, A) I will be impressed that we did that together as a team, and B) I will be proud of you, and C) you'll get to meet my mom, and D) I'll do a video with makeup on, so. If you want that, please donate,, uh, and yeah.

(32:47) Okay, so we are working on a new video right now. The link is in the description. We are almost at 1,000 comments.

You need to hurry up. Okay? I don't have time for you to not hurry up. Cause we are gonna beat our last record. Okay? We are gonna beat our last record of 6 minutes to get to 5,000 comments. Can we do it?

Comment DFTBA. Comment your favorite color. Your favorite YouTuber. I wrote down some ideas of what I wanted you to comment but I haven't even been thinking about it. Your favorite musician. Your favorite movie. Your celebrity crush. Your favorite Lady Gaga song. That's always a hit. And I'm gonna be doing some shoutouts to the people that comments. So the more comments you leave, the more chances are I'm gonna give you a shoutout. So we've got PurpleMushroom00- hey girl. We've got BlindingLightnings- how you doing. We've got WookieLoverful- pardon if I don't understand. We've got TomatoPaisley- hello. We've got MyWoodyScreenName- which within itself a woody screen name. I approve. A+. We've got UntappedInkwell- hello. Um, and we are at- let's see. We are at 2,000 comments within 3 minutes. Okay. So it was a little show for the first couple minutes, but I say, that's okay, we were watching the video, we were appreciating it, we were liking it, we were favoring it, we were sharing it. So we need to kick it into overdrive because we need to reach 5,000 comments in the next 2 minutes. I don't know if you guys can do it. I mean you exceeded my expectations for the last video, but maybe that was a fluke. I don't know. I don't know. So we've got less than 2 minutes. We are at halfway point. We have less than 2 minutes. You need to impress me, okay. I know that you're working hard, but you need to work a little harder. I don't got time. Oh girl- I see VloggerQueen17- I'm subscribed. Hey girl. We see MegaOrangePenguin- hello. We have KaylieCommons- hello. We have ThPandasGirl13- how you doing.

If you're just joining the chat now, I'm gonna give you a quick synopsis of what we're up to. We are building up all these Project For Awesome videos so that they completely take over YouTube. Which means you are commenting and liking and favoriting and watching so we can raise them all up in the charts of YouTube so that all these charity videos are taking over the whole website for the day. And not only that, not only taking over YouTube, but we are also giving back. So if you want to give back to the Project for Awesome, and you don't know what charity to give to, you can give back to the general fund for the Project for Awesome, which is at The general fund is right now- I'm gonna refresh it and see how much we have- we have $40,000. So $40,880. The goal for this hour is to get to $4,200- or, $42,000. Can we do it? I don't know. If we reach that money- if we reach that amount- I am going to do a couple of challenges. I'm gonna do makeup in a video- it might be a tutorial, I might be in drag, which I've never done in my life, so. If you want that, we need to get to 42,000. My mom will come in at the end of this livestream- if we reach 42,000, you will get to see my mother. We will- we might dance together. We can do that. I think we could do that.

Okay, so we just passed 41,000. You guys are amazing. We have less than $900 to go to reach that goal. Can we do it, we have, you know, we have a little bit of time. Okay so I'm refreshing the comments. We are so close to 5,000 comments. Can I get a new video to promote please, people on the Skype chat. Um, you guys have less than a minute. It's cutting it close. We might beat our record. We might get 6- let's see... bam. We just beat our record. We just did that in 6 minutes. Can you believe it? Because I can't. I cannot believe it.

Okay, can I get a new video to promote? And as soon as we get that, it'll be in the description of the livestream. You guys, we are a well-oiled machine. We are getting really quick at this. Girl, I'm impressed.

Um, so people in the Skype chat can I get a new video to promote? Please? Pretty please. In the meantime, take this moment. Take this moment away from commenting. Rest your fingers. Get out your Paypal account. Go to Donate to the amazing fund. What you donate is going to be spread 5 ways. So if you don't know what to donate to tonight, this holiday season, donate to this general fund, and that money is going to get spread out to 5 different amazing charities that the nerdfighters that are watching this and supporting the Project for Awesome are going to vote on. It's going to get to 5 different charities and we're going to give some love back to organizations that are doing amazing things. So right now I am updating the video that we're working on. It's a man that we all know and love, Michael Buckley, who did a video for the Trevor Project, which means the world to me. (37:54)

Um, Mike, Michael Buckley has been an amazing inspiration for me so go to the video on the live stream, refresh. Click the link in the description. Go to the that video. It's for Michael Buckley's video, click it. I'll wait for you. Do it. Um, watch the video, like it, favorite it, and share it with whoever you can. It's for the Trevor Project. Um, and right now it has 600 comments. We're going to get it to 5000 comments in five minutes. Can we do it? This is up to you guys. We just beat our record. It was 7 minutes before, then we slimmed it down to 6 minutes. Can we get this to 5000 comments by 11:44? You decide, you decide. You decide. OK? I'm challenging you. 11:44, so you have 4 minutes. 

(38:49) You have 4 minutes. Whoever is calling me, decline. I don't got time for that. Whoever is calling me on Skype, no. We don't got time for that. We are Project for Awesomeing. OK? We are not forgetting to be awesome. So, we are commenting on this video. We are just at 1000 comments so you have 4 minutes to get 4000 comments. Can we do it? I think we can. Michael Buckley, if you don't know who he is, you need to obviously get with the program, and if you don't know what the Trevor Project is, it is an organization that focuses on crisis and suicide prevention for LGBT youth. Anybody can call, whether you are gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, whatever you define yourself as. If you are depressed, if you feel you have nowhere to turn, you can call the Trevor Project. But just so you know, they do specialize in LGBT issues like coming out, unsupportive families. So if you don't know where to turn, call them. They are trained, they are specialized in helping youth find hope and I think that's the most important thing about the Trevor Project. Its that they give back in ways that you and me can't, because sometimes these people don't want to talk to us, they don't want to talk to people they know. They want to talk to an anonymous person, so it's completely confidential. It's 24/7, 365 days a week. Or I mean 365 days a year. Um, it's confidential, free. Um, and if people feel alone, they can call them and turn to them. So it's an amazing organization. 

(40:13) We are at 2000 comments for Michael Buckley's video, which is for the Trevor Project. We have 3 minutes to go. I think we can do it. I think we're about to kick butt and beat our record. I think we're about to. Reminder: don't just do some letters, you need to comment something of substance. So comment your favorite movie, your favorite TV show, your favorite celebrity crush, your favorite color, your favorite person to subscribe to on YouTube, DFTBA. Comment with whatever you want, don't let it, don't do just letters. Um, but comment substance. We have less than 3 minutes now, to reach 5000 comments. I think we can do it. Less than 3 minutes. We are half way there. While you guys are commenting, I'm going to give you an update as to how much we've raised so far. You guys, we are less than $800 away from reaching our $42,000 goal. So, just going to give you a quick little spiel again, OK If we reach $42,000 in the next 18 minutes, I will get my mother in here, she will say hello, we will do a little jig for you. She can, you know, make a fool of herself, make a fool of me. And on top of that, I'm going to do a video of myself with with makeup on. I have never had a video with makeup on. I've never put makeup on, that's like drag makeup. But I will do it for the Project for Awesome if we reach $42,000. But if we don't reach that amount, I'm not going to do it, cause why would I do it if you guys don't want to reach that amount, OK?

(41:45) So we have 1 minute to go, 1 minutes to go. We have 3000 comments. I don't know if we can do this, you guys. If we, if we reach this amount, if we reach 5000 comments in the next minute, I will be very impressed. We will have done it within 5 minutes, but I don't think we can do it. Cause that's, that's very quick commenting, and I don't know if you guys are up for it. We have 1500 comments left in less that a minute, can we fo it? Can we do it? prove me wrong. I'm refreshing, but prove me wrong. I'm like on the edge of my seat here. We have, OK, we have 3700 comments, we have 3800 comments. You guys gotta hurry, you guys gotta hurry. I know the quick captures are killing you. Um, while we're about 5000 comments, could somebody in the Skype chat give me a new video to support? Um you guys, less that a minute and we have less than 1000 comments to go, this is going to cut it close, this is going to cut it really close.

(42:46) Oh my gosh, you guys, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to say we did not reach it. But, keep commenting because we're about to reach 5000 comments, but we were over by probably 20 seconds. You guys, I think we can do it in the next video. It's OK, it's OK. I'm not ashamed of you, I'm not mad at you. Girls, it's going to be OK. Um, so keep commenting, I'm updating the video that we're doing next and we're going to do this even faster. We are going to reach 5000 comments in 5 minutes, OK? So we just reached 5000 comments! Congratulashayla, go to the live stream. We're going to do this quicker than we just did, OK? Cause we were very close, we were very close to beating that record. So go to the live stream, refresh, click the video in the description.

(43:36) (From Tyler's computer) "...very close to beating that record...". Ooh, I just heard myself talk. Um, click the video in the description and we are going to go to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Watch the video, like the video, favorite the video, and get commenting because we have less that 5 minutes to go. That's 1000 comments per minutes. 1000 per minute, OK? So if you need some inspiration as to what to comment, you can comment your favorite movie, your favorite t show, your celebrity crush, your YouTube crush, what color shoes your wearing, what color face you have, what color eyes you have, what your favorite person named Tyler Oakley is. Or anything like that. Um, or you know, anything, OK? So we are going to get 5000 comments in 5 minutes. We're starting from like, literally 0 with this one so, you guys gotta hurry. We are going to beat our old record, OK? We are going to beat it cause we went from 14 minutes with the first video, to 7 minutes with the second one, with 6 minutes for the third one, to 5 and a half minutes for the fourth one. But this is the fifth video, I think you can do it in 5 minutes. I think we can get 5000 comments in this 5 minutes. I think we can, I think we can. 

(44:53) But remember, you need to watch the video, like it, favorite it, share it in whatever way you can, cause that really does help. It's not just comments, it's watching it. It's watching it, liking it, favoriting it. Cause there are so many different charts that YouTube gauges how well videos are doing on, so you need to do all these things. And, you know, then we're going to move that video up. OK so, update on how much we've raised to far, OK? Do you want to know? I will tell you. While you're commenting, I will update you with you much we've raised so far. If you've donated, thank you so much. If you haven't yet donated, please consider donating. We have $41,348. That's pretty good. But we have 14 minutes left to get $650. Can we do that? Can we? 14 minutes for $650? If you have it within your heart to donate $1, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100, whatever you can donate helps. So any small amount, so whether it's, you know, those smaller amounts, or a larger amount. If you're feeling like you want to give, this money is going to amazing causes. And if you don't know how to give back, or you don't know who to give back to, it's an amazing thing to go to, donate to this general fund because the money that you donate is going to get split 5 ways, it's going to go to 5 different amazing organizations that you guys are voting on. The top 5 vote winners are going to get, you know, 20% each of this. I think that's how it works. 20% each of this, um, money that's going towards these organizations. Um, so you're not just giving back to one organization, you're giving back to a whole bunch, OK?

(46:33) So we have 3 minutes to go and we are already half way done with the comments. we are about to kick our record's butt, OK? So keep commenting, go super quick, we're doing this, we're doing it, we're getting it, we're kicking butt, you know. K. Awesome. You guys are kicking butt, you're impressing me. even if we didn't reach the record, I'm still impressed by you guys. You guys are the best. I love the nerdfighter community. Can we just, can we just have a moment of love. In the next comments, do some love to the, to the people around you commenting, taking their time out of their Saturday night. No, we're not at the bar. No, we're not at the club. We're on the Internet. We're just getting work done. We're fighting for awesome, OK? We're doing some amazing things with our Saturday night, so comment some love for the people all around you, OK? Somebody says "No time for love, too bust commenting". Girl, those words could have been love. I'm on to you. So, I'm going to do some love, I'm going to give you guys some love. 

(47:34) Um, we need to raise $600 in the next 12 minutes. I think we can do it. So while you're leaving some love, get encouraged by the people around you. If you donated already, please comment that you're donated, encourage everyone around you to donate. If you give $10, that helps. I'm not even joking, if all of you that are watching right now and commenting took 1 second to give $10, we would reach our goal of $42000 for this hour, OK? We would reach that. I think we can do it. So we have less than $600 to go. I think we are going to do this, we're going to reach this amount, and if you guys do it, my mom's coming in here, OK? My mom's going to come in here and I'm going to do a video with makeup on. So please, if you haven't donated yet, we have almost $500 left to get to. I think, I think we can do it. You guys, I think we can, OK? So keep commenting.

(48:26) Um, OK can I get a new video to, um, promote? You guys have one minute left and you guys are at 4000 comments. Can you reach 5000 comments with less than a minute left? This is, this is getting, cutting it very close you guys. We're at 5 minutes, can we do it? You guys, cutting it close, cutting it close. Keep commenting as quick as you can. The only reason you shouldn't be commenting is if you're donating. Can I get a new video to promote, you guys? I see a whole bunch of people in the comment section, I'm giving you guys some love. I see pwnage? Ownagetrooper? I see colt5. I see Oh my god they're no name saga I see spant, spant online. So keep commenting, you guys are doing amazingly. Um, the next video we have, as you as you guys reach 5000 comments, I'm going to update the description of the live stream.
(48:42) you guys are almost there. Again, if you're commenting in the livestream feed, those comments don't do anything. You need to comment on the video that we're promoting. Right now it's the video for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, you can find that link in the description of the livestream. So you guys, we didn't reach the 5 minute limit. But it's OK, it's OK. It's OK. We're still kicking butt because six minutes to get 5000 comments is pretty darn amazing, OK? OK, so we have less that $400 dollars to raise in the next 9 minutes, OK? Can we do it? Can we do it? I don't know, I don't know you guys. This is a pretty big goal. (From Tyler's computer) "As someone who hates most things, it takes a lot..." Hm! Noise. 

(50:35) Um, did we, did we reach 5000 yet? No, we're so close. Keep going, you're less that 100. Less than 100 comments to go, keep commenting. And once you comment, go to the livestream, refresh, and click on the new video that's in the description. And this is probably going to one of our, no, this is probably our second to last video of what we are working on. In my hour, at least. OK? So, OK, so we've reached 5000. You guys are amazing. Now go to the next video, it's in the description, and it is for Make a Wish Foundation. I know somebody who works at Make a Wish Foundation. It is a real amazing organization. So please go to the link, or uh the video, in the link, um, or the video link in the description of the livestream. Click it. Go to the video. Watch it, favorite it, like it, share it, and get to commenting because we are about to reach 5000 comments.

(51:29) Um, I'm about to update you on our amount that we've raised so far. You guys, we are trying to get to $42000 in this hour. Haley just skated by in the last hour to reach her goal. I think we can reach our goal. We have $400 left to raise, in this next 7 minutes. If you haven't donated yet, please, out of the bottom of my heart. These organizations are going to be, you know, given an amazing opportunity with this money that we're donating. Any amount that you can give, whether it's $1, or $5, or $10, or $20 helps. So we have less than $400 dollars to raise left in the next 7 minutes. So we have, let's see, $378 left. Can you contribute? Can you give to that amount? I think you can. I think you can find it within your heart to, you know, skip out on the next t-shirt that you want to buy. And instead use that $20, and give to the Project for Awesome. Because we're doing amazing things with this money. Are you going to wear that shirt in the next year? Probably like 10 times. Then you're probably going to donate it, which is good within itself, but I'm just saying. Why buy a t-shirt when you can save lives, like, by donating to the Project for Awesome website,

(52:48) We have, oh my gosh. OK, we have $325 left in the next 6 minutes. If we don't reach this, I'm sorry, but I don't know what to tell you. I'm not going to put makeup on for a video, my mom's not going to come in here and dance with me and tell you embarrassing stories about me. So if you want those things, please find it within your heart to donate $10, $20, $25, $30, whatever you can donate. Um, we have less than $400 left. We have $310 actually. To reach our goal for the hour. We have 6 minutes left. Can we do it? I challenge you. If you're watching this right now, I'm looking at you into the soul.

(53:28) I'm speaking directly to you. Think about what you're going to do with $20 tomorrow. Why do that? Why waste it frivolously when you could donate to causes that are changing the world. I know it's amazing of you to, you know, donate your time through the commenting and, you know, doing things for Project for Awesome on YouTube. But let's get tangible here, let's do real tangible change through donation through money. I think we can do this. We have less than $300 to go in the next 5 minutes. We have, I think, $265 left. I think, you guys, we could literally do this in the next 5 minutes. $265, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? If all of you donated $10, if all of you donated $20, we would be well over our goal for the next, for this hour. I think we can do it, I think we can do it. 

(54:25) I think we can. So, that was my spiel. I know that I just bombarded you with guilt, but you know what? I will not, I will not find shame in guilting you, OK? No. No. And the most easy thing is to just go to the donation,, push donate, and just donate through PayPal. It's so easy, OK? Through PayPal, are you kidding me? You don't even have to get out your credit card, you just log in, push send. That's all. That's all you gotta do. How easy. We have 4 minutes left of my hour. I would love to reach my goal. Pretty please. We have almost, we have about $200 left for this goal. 4 minutes left. If 4 people were to donate $50, that's all it takes, that's all it takes. I think we can do it. Or, if 10 you find it within your heart to donate $20. Or if 20 of you can find it within your heart to donate $10, we could do this. We could reach our goal. OK, so we have less than $50 to raise. Who wants to be that final clincher that puts us over the edge, reaches our goal. Who wants to be it? I think it will be you. I think if it were you, I would, I would love you. I would do that. $50. That's all we need, that's all we need. And if we reach that, my moms going to come in here, we might do a little jig. I might wear makeup in a video. It's all it takes. 

(56:04) Bam, we just reached our goal. You guys. Project for Awesome. How about them apples? How about them apples? With 3 minutes to spare. So while you were, while I'm getting my mother, keep commenting because we have a video to promote. Don't forget we are promoting the Make a Wish Foundation right now. Mom! Mother! Come here! 

(56:39) Come on! Well, I'm about to, somebody else is about to take over the hour. I don't got time. Oh, my mother's putting on a fit.