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I'm gonna sing a song for you. It's gonna be weird. I'm gonna read it off the computer though, so I won't be looking at you. I apologize. This is a song from the movie White Christmas and it's really great and, uh, Karen Hallion is making a shirt based on the number from the movie with Rosemary Clooney and that other girl. It's called 'Sisters'.

'Sisters, sisters
There were never such devoted sisters
Never had to have a chaperone, no sir
I'm there to keep my eye on her
Caring, sharing
Every little thing that we are wearing
When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome
She wore the dress and I stayed home
Through all kinds of weather'

Uh oh

'We stick together
The same in the rain or sun
Two different faces
But in tight places
We think and we act as one... uh-huh
Those who've seen us
Know that not a thing could come between us
Many men have tried to split us up but no one can
O Lord help the mister
Who comes between me and my sister
And Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man'

That's all.