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Made a bunch of boxes today preparing for the Pizzamas shipments...LOTS going on at the warehouse this week! CRAZY TIMES! The $3 shipping sale is going on for like FOUR MORE HOURS! So -
Hank Green: Rolling posters, I've been slamming these into boxes, these are CrashCourse DVDs.  Dave, what are you doing?

Dave: Printing out more labels.  All week long and all next week long

Hank: From your station label maker.

Roll it.

Katherine: Okay

Hank: Like a Polaroid picture

?: I think you'd ruin Polaroid pictures if you rolled them

Katherine: Yeah

Hank: We just got a box. Don't do this, but it is beautiful. I don't know where to put it though. It's very complicated, we haven't opened it yet, maybe I should open it.

Fort Awesome back here. Can't not have Fort Awesome. We've got a lot of mug boxes done, we're waiting for the Pizza John mugs to arrive so we can fill up all of these mug boxes with Pizza John mugs. I'm serious that actually won't even be enough.

These are the Lizzie Bennet scripts ready to go out whenever we're gonna get the DVDs which is... I am also not happy about that.

We did just get the Pizza John temporary tattoos. These are the lapel pins. Keychains also in there; these are heavy. And then we've got little Pizza John journals.

We just got these in - come here, show me how beautiful you are. Nice.

This box had two tardigrades in it. This one's very big. What is in its butt? Oh, it's just a two liter of Sprite. 

Matthew: ...fill it with Mentos and Coke

Hank: Diet Coke and [rocket launch sound]

Matthew: Tardigrade in space

Hank: How are you, Katherine?
And then there's a little one with a little button nose, it's pretty cute. so now the warehouse has a new mascot, Matthew. And also a mascot for the mascot

Matthew: I will take care of them

Hank: Oh yeah, this is - this is so complicated

Matthew: What's in the - what's in the owner's manual? 

Hank: Oh yeah, you gotta... there's an owners manual for the tardigrades so that you don't abuse it

Matthew: It's.. okay... it's like a heating pad. You're supposed to put water in the bottle...

Hank: Oh!

Matthew: ... and like heat it and use it for warmth

Hank: Well we need that here. We don't like to turn on that heater because it dries everything out

Matthew: Step 1, remove two liter form up the tardigrade's butt. If all is intact, you should have to unclasp some buttons first. Step 2, fill the bottle with hot water and seal it tightly. Double check to make sure it doesn't leak. Step 3 - whoops - dry the bottle. Step 4, stick the bottle up the tardigrade's butt, tardigrade don't care. 

Hank: alright, three dollar shipping sale is ending soon, all of you are being paid with those three dollars

Matthew: Just three dollars?

Hank: Just three dollars, that's all you get. The plan is to get this up before the sale is over so that there are still a number of moments left before that they can go and order things. What do you think they should order?

Matthew: Well I'm gonna be biased

Hank: Yeah, do it

Matthew: Fort Awesome shirts!

Hank: Fort Awesome shirts!
It's been crazy, it's gonna continue to be crazy until y'know like just before Christmas. but we're all working hard and it's fun and it's a great team here so, uh, bye! Sale's over at midnight eastern time.

Also the tardigrade can give birth to its tardigrade son or daughter or I don't know how gender works in tardigrades

Matthew: Oh this one's a puppet too!

Hank: Oh good! Just put your hand right up it
Matthew: I did