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Part of our question tuesday video that I couldn't fit into the video. There were quite a lot of other out-takes actually...I'll try and edit them up on the plane home.
Hank: Which one of you would win in an arm-wrestling match?
John: Mmmmmmm
Hank: [offers to begin an arm-wrestling match in the space between them, without resting his arm on a table]
John: [goes to take part in the air-arm-wrestle] I mean it's not going to be fair, but I think it's me.
Hank: Oh w- if you think it's you we should actually do it, cause I think it's me. 
John: Mmm I think it's me, probably. 
Hank: I think it's probably me. 
John: Probably me. 
Hank: [gets up] Well then we definitely have to do it.
John: [gets up as well] Okay.
Hank: [turns the camera around to a table and sits down]
John: [sits down at the table] I mean just because I've been working out, I think I do have a legitimate chance. It's not going to be really fair. 
Hank: [adjusting camera] Why not?
John: Well I'm just trying to come up with reasons why I might lose. 
[both laugh]
John: Right, you ready?
Hank: Yes. You been working out a lot?
John: No, I actually haven't the past few weeks, so if I- if I lose, that's why. Ready?
Hank: Okay. 
John: Oh wait, you can do this? (referring to holding the edge of the table with your free hand, which was what Hank had already been doing) 
Hank: Yeah!
John: Right, ready? Three, two, one, go! [arm wrestle begins]
Hank: (slightly strained) this is going to make for a bad video!
[both laugh]
John: (whilst laughing) Oh I am gonna lose! God!
Both: nyaaahhhhhh
John: Ooooowh
Hank: Nyaaaahhhhh
John: (whilst laughing) Ooohh [loses arm wrestle] I mean, I could have kept going but I was laughing so hard!
Hank: (whilst laughing) Yeah, uh-huh, cause I'm too funny! I won with my wit!
John: (whilst laughing) You did! You were like, crooning!
[both laugh]
Hank: That was my strategy.
[both continue laughing]
Hank: DSUUUUUUUH! [throws both arms in the air]
John: [laughs]
John: (whilst laughing) I don't even feel like I lost, because I got such an amusing experience out of it!
[both laugh]
Hank: (whilst laughing) I wasn't joking around.
[both laugh]