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In which Hank makes mistakes, is confused, but then understands.
Hello, and welcome to "Hank Green Plays Portal 2". Here I am, it's 1972, Chamber 2. Can't believe this is Chamber 2, it looks very complicated. I can make a portal there, I can make a portal here, I can make a portal here, here, that is- wait, and here, and here, okay, so- and also here, but that's useless, because emancipation.

(0:32) Why is that there? So I can get there, clearly. "Remember, if you see an orange jumpsuit.. if you see an orange jumpsuit, hit the red button." What does that mean? Okay, here I am over here. People. There's Cave. (GLaDOS: Those people, in the portrait. They look so familiar...) GLaDOS, how can you see anything, you're a potato. Still creepy. 

(1:06) "Remember, alert your supervisor if you see OSHA inspector." (laughing) Oh, that's funny. So I have to- I gotta, I gotta use the portal, I gotta use the portal. Where am I, where am I- this way, this way, moving this way, okay. Um. So, let's just assume that I hit this.

(1:32) And that splatters all over the wall, okay good. So let's assume that if I do this and this, then I'll make a bouncy. And it'll be bouncy, there, and if I run really fast, I would- there's no way. Well, maybe. Uh-uh, uh-uh. Nope, nope.

(1:57) Clearly, obviously I need to use the orange gel, otherwise it wouldn't have given me the orange gel, I don't know why I just committed suicide, but I did. Maybe because I'm sad about the fact that I am living my life with a potato. My potato life. So I need a- so here's my thought process. I need this to be runny, and this to be bouncy, so it seems like this should be bouncy. Bouncy. Make that bouncy, okay good. Now this, will it shoot that far? 

(2:40) Okay, good, good, good. Give it a little blue paint at the end there, with an amazingly linear distinction, almost as if this is not reality, and then let's, let's run, and jump! Ooh, that was totally far enough, that was almost too far. Okay. Where am- oh, yep. Yup, yup yup yup. Okay. So I need- there's the yellow on that side need the blue on this side, we're gonna go, you and me, GLaDOS, we are gonna do an awesome thing right now-

(3:34) -that didn't work. Can we- nope, here we go. Need to go up there. How does that work? Okay, blue, orange. So that blue needs to stay- this orange needs to stay, so I need to make a- oh my god. And so just pass. Uh, I'm bad at that. Okay, so we've got blue, we need blue, we need the orange here, this is gonna be amazing, what's about to happen.

(4:09) I don't understand why that didn't work! You punk. Oh my god. Why didn't that work? Okay, so, yeah! Eh-he-eh-he! (Cave's speech becomes garbled) Cave, Cave you okay? (laughing at dialogue) (GLaDOS: I swear, I know him.) Yeah, that's creepy GLaDOS, because you're not supposed to know things, you're supposed to be a computer program, and why are you so evil, and I love the Aperture Science logo from the 70s, it's just awesome.

(5:01) It's totally cool. Aight. Here we are, five minutes in, and I feel like I'm doing pretty well. (Cave: You could walk outta here with 120 weighing down your bindle...) Bindle? Did he just use the word "bindle"? His voice sure hasn't changed much in the last twenty years. So jumpy hoppy runny, runny fast, enter. Entering is good, I'm in favor of entering. There's a thing there. Hey, ey. I'm just gonna go check this out.

(5:44) It wants you to run into that, and then, okay. Sure, sure, why not. Um. Get the splatter going over there, good, got the splatter. And then you- no- woo, there, that was close. Get up there, yeah, that's gonna make me bounce. That's gonna make me totally bouncy. That's gonna bounce me... no idea. No idea where that's gonna take me, that's gonna- I don't know. But we can assume that's someplace good! It's gonna take us someplace good! Over here, maybe? 

(6:28) Yeah? Sure, why not, right, maybe there. Bounce up, oh, and there's that over there. I don't know what that's for. That makes me go over, oh, man, this is so much stuff. So much stuff, man. I need to get over there. That's a long way, right? Yeah. There's a cube there- that's where that takes me, that's where that takes me, that takes me to the cube. 

(7:11) Okay. So, let's go. Doing! Ha ha. Boi-oing. Ooh, gosh, that was, that was not good. Okay, how do I get out of here, with this cube still intact and my life not broken. I guess I just drop down. Okay, good, good good good good good good good good. There, and there. Now where do I need to take this cube to? I saw a button, there's a button there, so, that's easy enough. What does it do? I don't really understand what that just did. 

(8:09) Is that, it's not even portal-able. I don't understand. So I'm in here now. Um. What is that, what, what's the point of that thing? Maybe I need to get some juice on it? Oh, balls. Nutburger. That's my new favorite curse word, by the way, "nutburger". Um. I need to bounce off of that thing? That did not work, that thing I just tried to do did not work. Okay, that did. So, what are you telling me here. That I need- I don't understand. How could I possibly get bouncy stuff on that? 

(9:20) Ooh! I understand. Wait, okay. There, and the blue goes in the bouncy stuff category. Good, good. Now you've got bouncy stuff on you. Oh-ho-ho, great. Okay. So I also need speedy stuff here. I don't know that that's gonna be enough speedy stuff, maybe, ooh, ah, in my eyes. Maybe if I connect the speedy stuff to the speedy stuff, and I start here, and I bounce here- that was too, almost too far, almost. 

(10:26) Ooh. (Cave: ...there's still some positions available for that bonus opportunity I mentioned earlier.) Yes. Yes, I'm gonna- just, uh, I think I'm gonna stick with what I'm doing, Cave, but I appreciate the offer. 

(10:51) Thank you for watching this episode of "Hank Green Plays Portal 2". Aperture Science is mean and nasty, and if you wanna watch the next one, you will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me, goodbye.