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In which Hank and Katherine push the buttons.
Hank (H): Hello, and welcome to "Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4." We're resuming our story now. Harry Potter in bed, and Dumbledore staring at him while he slept.

Katherine (K): Harry spends a lot of time in the hospital wing with Dumbledore staring at him while he sleeps.

H: They have a very..

K: Interesting

H: Strong relationship.

K: Strong, yes, kind of like Wesley Crusher and Captain Picard.

H: Yes

K: I was always proud of you

H: I was always proud of you and now I'm spooning water with my hands, into your mouth. You've gotta be a pretty big dork to know what we're talking about right now.

K: We're talk, oh my god lim..oh my god limpy! Limpy limpy

H: What's wrong with? aahhh!

K: Ahhh! Oh my god, limpy.

H: Oh I don't, why don't I have...oh I do

K: Why are you so limpy? Aw, maybe you should get on this plunger! You could probably get around faster. Indeed.

H: What does this give me? What'd I get? What did I get? Oh it's for that, it's for that, it's for that, it's for that, it's for this! Over here! Oh my goodness I was far too excited about that. Put it in!

K: Yeah. I'm following you, on the broom

H: Oh no, you're following me, on my head.

K: Excuse me! Excuse me!

H: Ah, god! Jeez, the broom!

K: Coming through!

H: So much comic relief. What is this? That's a new thing. Oh, you saved him.

K: I did, man. I know what's up!

H: Whoaa this arrow is saying "you should not be here"

K: We..not, not, not meant to be here right now, apparently.

H: But at least we know how to get here in the future.

K: But look at all of the things! Oh man, so many things to shoooot.

H: Oh. Yeah, there's so many things. Oh, man-joe.

K: Oh, man-joe. Okay get..wait I gotta get back to my jumpy! Get on it!

H: Heyyy, the Mimsy Poopington!

K: There we go, okay. Because I am so slow.

H: I found the Poopers, I found the Mimsy Poopers. Okay, don't hurt me!

K: I'm not gonna, don't worry about it.

H: You probably are, accidentally.

K: Oh, we have to go see Potter, huh? Yeah we're gonna go

H: Gotta go see Potter? Oh, the hospital wing is up this way. We've never been this way.

K: We haven't. Yes we have!

H: We have?

K: Well we've been in the hospital wing before

H: But we've never walked there before. We got cutscened there.

K: Well I don't think..I don't think we're about to walk there right now, either.

H: Well we found the entrance to it. Oh, Ron, you're so pathetic.

K: But we got cutscened there, didn't we?

H: Okay, whatever. Yes, he's as good as new!

K: Like Apollo

H: What did you find, Ronald?

K: Oh, Ronald's just lamenting Buckbeak.

H: Ohh, he's okay, he's okay.

K: But Ron doesn't know that!

H: Yeah I know. That thing is humongous!

K: Pffff, how you gonna stuff that down your shirt, Hermione?

H: I'm gonna..get a bigger shirt!

K: Where you gonna hide that, later?

H: What'd you do to Ronald! Ohh the time has changed. If you do this correc...more than one innocent life may be spared.

K:What it says. Berkberk!

H: Berkberk!

K: (laughs) Look, it's Berkberk! Bergerrrr

H: Begerk-erk!

K: Kind of a chicken..

H: I got this...what?

K: She's trying to get the attention, see?

H: Yeah, I know what they're doin'.

K: Yeah

H: (yawning) (mumbles) a whole pumpkin!

K: Haha! Did you see his face? Oh, it was Harry!

H: Berkberk! It was Harry, on the...thedetdutdut.

K: The scarecrow.

H: Oh! Stuff to shoot. I'm gonna shoot this. And this, and this, and this, and this, and I'm gonna get my Leviosa out, just in I imagine. What are these things?

K: I don't know, we have unlimited time!

H: Yeah, all the time you want..ahh Mandrake butt! Oh, what is that?

K: I don't know, what's that?

H: It's a dragonfly, maybe?

K: I don't know, what's that?

H: I don't know, it's a leprechaun, maybe?

K: What is it? I don't know.

H: Is Hagrid Head of Care of Magical Creatures by this time? Yeah, totally, obviously 'cause he's's got the Buckbeak. So there must be a bunch of..what are you do..ohh! Excellent. You've got a spear through your head.

K: There's a fish in that barrel

H: There is. Um, I don't know what to do to it, but...

K: What do you think about this, Buckbeak?

H: Ah! He sort of shook his head.

K: Rrrah! Rrrrah!

H: He didn't seem to like it, particularly. Okay

K: Is this just plant you...okay?

H: Yeah, it's a plant.

K: I thought maybe it was there for a reason though. You know, to use.

H: Maybe if you plant it, something good will happen. Haaa my butt!

K: Apparently not, I just got..I just got muffs.

H: Okay, what have I done? I made the s...I made the fish dead. I killed a fish.

K: How'd you make the fish dead? Ohh I like fish!

H: Oh Buckbeak loves fish! Right, 'cause we have to..where did she get all those rats? They were just like, hangin' up outside?

K: Yeah, they were hanging next to his, uh, you know! Next to his thing, there.

H: How did we make half these things disappear?

K: What do you mean?

H: Ooh, hello!

K: He did it!

H: Oh, he did it.

K: He lifted the fish above his head and he was like "I'm after this thing!"

H: I...ah yes, I have strength I never knew!

K: Ooh, you're making a turkey leg for him.

H: Hey Buckbeak, I got you this turkey leg, keep breakin' stuff.

K: See, look at that!

H: Break that stuff.

K: Okay. Aaaalright.

H: Alright, alright. Oh, what do we got now? We've got an axe. I chopped, I chopped. We are free, we're free of the confines of the evil ministry of...

K: Something is going on with gotta...

H: Yeah!

K: I got you this turkey leg! What's the thing in the cage?

H: I don't know, maybe we uh, missed something, or maybe

K: Well, you are always going too fast.

H: I was going normal speed. Ahhhh

K: Probably should have kept Buckbeak with you, seeing as he is kickass and you just called a werewolf on you.

H: Yeah, you are basically a sack of meat. Soft sack of meat.

K: Mmmm. What? What is she gonna use the record player for?

H: louder? Because they couldn't hear her? I hate you...die! Ahhhhhhh there's more, there's more, there's so many more. There's so many more.

K: Ah, ah, ah! No there's, there's more, they're coming, they're coming, they're coming. Okay, I'm Hermione, and I thought I was Harry.

H: I was wondering why you thought it got you. It's amazing because you did actually succeed in doing quite a lot.

K: Yup.

H: I rescued a student who was in peril!

K: Well, you know, I just pushed button a lot...

H: It works, it works. Yeah. Alright mushrooms, do your mushroom dance.
K: That's kinda how you gotta do it. Oh right. Right, right, right. And of course I'm not on the right spell, either, to twirl this bush around.

H: (Singing) Do the mushroom dance, they do the mushroom daaaance. What is this thing? I got a thing, Katherine Green, what do I do with it?

K: Uhhh

H: What is it? It looks like a tiny man on a record.

K: It does. Oh, it is a tiny man for a record player.

H: Oh

K: But where is the record player?

H: It's up there!

K: Oh I fell, where am I?

H: Covered in...

K: Okay frogs, what are ya doin'?

H: I don't know, maybe we can get on them? I'm on this one. I didn't help, though. Okay, I'm gonna put this record player down now. Or this record, just the record, not the record player. Uuuummm we've been here before!

K: Well it's sorta the same area, it's on the side of Hagrid's thing. Right.

H: Right, right. Whoaaaa what was that? What is that? Okay, are you guys friendly? Oh, I have pixie, I have to kill pixies.

K: Good. You kill those pixies, Hank.

H: I did it. What do we have here?

K: I'm gonna be killing these flowers. Deadly, dastardly flowers.

H: What I'm doing th...oh I'm making rain.

K: See, I got a thing, too.
H: I..the...I put that there!

K: Oh.

H: I'm now swimming. I made it rain so much that there is...

K: See the frogs needed to get in the water.

H: Well, that's what I did! I did that.

K: Okay, good for you. Good for you, that was good for you. Ooh I have a kitty.

H:  Yeah, um, get your kitty.

K: I gotta get my kitty out. Go kitty, go!

H: Ooh, it's bouncy! It's bouncy.

K: Dig it, kitty, dig it.

H: Oh, that did not actually help.

K: I got another record.

H: How many records do we need?

K: I don't know.
H: on the bouncy, Harry. Jeez! Alright, using my light...light of ligh...oh I've made that fall. It's over there now.

K: I'm stuck in this thing. I'm stuck here carrying a record. Okay.

H: Oh, I'm down. I'm down, I thought that I'd be able to do something and I was right. For a second I didn't think I was right, but I was right. Alright...

K: Ohh there it is, okay, alright.

H: Yes, I just made it.

K: Record player...come on. There's another one behind me. There it goes?

H: Okay, okay....where? Uh, you made...I thought they were gonna come kill you, but no, they just wanted to have a dance party.

K: Sweet.

H: Um, I'm gonna go put this one there too. Doh, it doesn't seem like the first one did much good.

K: Maybe that wasn't the right one!

H: Okay. Now they're chubby dancin'. I don't know why I felt like that was a chubby dance.

K: Polka! They're doin' a polka.

H: Ohhh

K: Wait, what?

H: What is that used for?

K: That was how we were supposed to get out of here.

H: How we're supposed to get out.

K: Also, up the thing, here.

H: Yeah, interesting.

K: What are those floaty...what are those floaty globes?

H: Floaty glo..I don't know!

K: Like, light globes. Yeah

H: Yeah, they didn't hurt me, so that's good news. Ooookay? What do I do with this? Ahh, I always fall in! I don't understand, what is that for? There's a lot of stuff here.

K: There's a lot of stuff here, we gotta get true wizard.

H: We gotta get the true wizard. We're only halfway there, man.

K: Shhhh. I had to...I had to spin that bush all the way around.

H: Yes, you spun it. You spun it like nobody's business.

K: What is..

H: There's a golden chest down here that I'm interested in. And I've made a hook.

K: Oh, okay

H: But this is an entirely A hook.

K: Right. Alright. What do you do with the hook, huh?

H: I tried shooting it, this...oh I missed, I missed. Apparently I missed when I tried shooting it. It's golden!

K: Well. Yeah.

H: You have to shoot that too.

K: Ohh there's the right record, isn't it? Isn't that the right record?

H: Ah, ohhhh I dropped it in the water.

K: I just like..dead man float.

H: I know, I thought..I was were on your back, I thought you were on your front. Ahh!

K: Shoot dat tree!

H: Yeah, you had to shoot it.

K: I wanna shoot it! I wanna shoot it more. I'll shoot those things too.

H: Okay, I don't know what they are. (imitates game sounds) What, Hermione? I've never heard you so exasperated before.

K: Whoaa!

H: There you go! I thought that's what we were gonna do in the first place.

K: Apparently she wasn't, though.

H: Yeah. Oh, nice little dance there. Yeah, use your Buckbeak! Bakakakow!

K: Buckbeak is so awesome.

H: I was just gonna be in here.

K: I'm just gonna be under this cone.

H: For safety.

K: Just call me Conehead.

H: Just for safety. Okay, are we gonna do a cutscene now?

K: Yep. Oh I guess we're not.

H: Oh no, no we're not. Thank you for watching this episode of "Hank and Katherine Play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4."  I'm Hank.

K: I am Katherine. Sometimes.

H: And you will not see us and we will not see you but you will hear us next time. Click right video for next..

K: Correct.

H: Okay, good. Uh, goodbye!

K: Goodbye!