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In which Hank infiltrates the Pantheon by the roof, impersonates a guard, and carries some money to the Banker. And sings TiK ToK by Ke$ha.
Last time on "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0," there was something annoying happening, and I was following people around, and it was annoying, because I was tired of following them around, and I sure as hell better not fail this mission, because it has been a long series of following people around, which is not, as it turns out, my favorite thing to do! I mean, there might as well-Kay, I get to kill people every once in a while when they're walking around on the roofs-Nice armor! Can I steal that from you?

OK, Finally heading down to the ground. (with funny voice) Well well, this is a special .... give it to me here. Well well funny name. Well keep it till I get back(end). You better not loose sight of the money Enzio. Infiltrate the pantheon by the roof. That's how I infiltrate everything in my experience. Infiltrate by the roof.

I'll infiltrate your mom by the roof. What is taking you so long? who are you talking to? Why can't I climb? Jesus, you suck at this Enzio. Must infiltrate by the roof. That looks promising, let's try this one. Alright, interesting things are happening now, I'm trying to go to the top of the building Enzio, what the frick. Sometimes you are a tard and a half. Infiltrate the Pantheon by the roof. This looks promising, ah, OK, this looks good. I like it, I feel as if I have accomplished something. Give it a grab, good grab Enzio. OK this looks good it looks like something I can.. ahhh really? that looked very climbable.

WHAT! WAA, that was close. wow I just jumped for no reason, potentially - OK there we go that's good, that's that I thought, I thought that was climb-ale, alright. I am infiltrating the Pantheon by roof. Oh, I want to, can I synchronize that? WOAH, woah, I didn't realize that there was a hole in it. who I love it! Can I read about the Pantheon? Tell me about the Pantheon, I'm curious about the history of this building. Curious tell me! Look, Can I look. Inventory, map, data base, recent entries, No. Pantheon beech I want to know about the Pantheon, there's no Pantheon entry? Well that is dumb. Locations, Rome, Rosa in Fiore, Celio, Basilica, Basilica, Arco, You know this is boring, you guys don't want to know. You probably aren't even interested.

(3:24) oh, Pantheon. you can probably tell just by looking at the picture of these things. that looked king of like it, Nope. Nope nope nope nope..... oh, never mind. OK fine, fine I will infiltrate via the roof. Somebody tell me in  the comments about the Pantheon because I am obviously very curious. 

Ooooh freaky! Making me dizzy. Kill the guard without being detected. Yer sir, I shall. Do I have anymore? I have one more throwing knife and 3 more crossbow bolts, not ideal. Can I assassinate him from here? NO. What?  Gees... that is scary, that is scary. Oh, good thing there's these handles. Oh man, you are stronger that I am Ezio Auditore, holy crap. Give me an assassinate. Oh that didn't look good! OK I am getting a little too caught up in this stuff, to be honest. Alright infiltrating by roof Slowly. This is what they call a slow roof infiltration. I can call assassins on him. OK, I'm gonna do it. What happened? OK, I was detected, but we are done. 

(5:13) Was that the guy with the ridiculous voice? Are you the banker? who's the banker? Show me the banker! Is there anything in there? I bet it's empty, I bet he stole my freakin money, and didn't even give it to the banker. 

Oh, but my... nuts.... Who is? wait a second, I'm confused.Discussed as the chest carrier, lead the guards- I didn't realize I changed my clothes, I missed that part, somehow. Listen to their reactions to determine the correct route. This should even more boring!

Oh, goodness I have to listen so I can't talk as much. Now we're going the right way. OK, good I'm glad we are going the right way. OK, I have chosen the correct direction the first time. What about this way? An..Anybody want to say something to me about?  
We are, good. I am good at- wait no, he totally is, you guys were running into people back there. Why do I have to lead the way? Medium synchronization it says I don't know what that means. 

Tell me, give me a hint. OK, good. Nope, nope I'm going to the banker, I know what I am doing. That's I'm good at thought stuff. What does that mean? the party is always all around us, we're just like Keisha. (singing) The party don't start till I walk in. I am talking pedicure on my toes toes, boy blowing up my phone, phone doin the little bit of other stuff. 

(7:51) Stop drop and playing my favorite CDs comin up to the parties trying to get a little bit  tipsy. (end) Oh, shoot, well we're in a freaking tipsy. (singing) don't stop make it pop DJ blowing my speakers up. (end) No! shoot no, come on I'm fine. We are? this is the right direction? No, this way? what I'm confused.

(singing) tonight I'm a fight till we see the sunlight. No, nope I'm not. Oh, my suspicion level went up. My, gees, I thought that I was right. We are? I thought that we were going in the right way and then you told me uhh, you guys are confusing. What is that? oh, that is the full synchronization music, which means that you are going to -- what, what, you told me that we were going the right way! I'm fine, it's just stop giving me a hard time. OK, now we are going the right way.

This is where I came from. I don't know, is he in like the.. Are we here? is this the door, hello! This is a confusing mission. Is you hanging out with these courtesans. We're on track. I went down, you told me to come up these stairs, so this is good? This is good.

We are? wahhh you guys are confusing --- whattt? We're on track now... this is an annoying mission. Shouldn't we be taking a right up here? why don't you say thing like that? Isn't the banker three lefts and two rights from here. OK, now are we on the right track? k, that is good. Soon we will be there.

Now we are going the right way. Isn't it the other way. I don't mean to question you your authority but ... this mission is dumb, because you have to walk with the freaking box. We're on track, ohhhh. Tonight Imma fight till we see the sun .. I a what wait, that can't be right. Tonight is it I'm gonna fight? is that the words? Till we see the sunlight. I used to think that it was the southern lights, which would be a very long time If you were in North America. Like forever. Until we see the sunlight tick tock on my clock and the party don't stop nooooo whoah tick tock tick tock....

I made it to the bankers house, the bankers bankers bankers house. I and I probable should end this. They let us in. you guys can't go in. oh, you can't go in the party is not all around you. the party doesn't start till I walk in remember? what? shite balls. that guy has a surprisingly manly voice. 


OK, so I'm going to end this episode of Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0 here I have to play in and out next time, this dude isn't wearing a shirt he is kind of a hippie or possible a lady, judging by the hat. Follow the money to the banker and kill him and escape. Full synchronization, kill the banker from a bench without being detected. I'm looking forward to trying to do that next time Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0, goodbye.