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In which Hank tails the chest to the crazy party and finds the Banker, Cesare and the guy who stole his apple, but doesn't kill any of them.
Last time on Hank green plays Assassin's Creed  Brotherhood 2.0 there was anther mission where I just walked around and I had to listen to the people around me and mostly I just sang Kesha songs. And so now I have to follow the money to get to the banker, kill him and escape. Killing him from a bench without being detected is my goal. The Banker is, I think maybe this hippie dude with the courtesan in the funny hat and the beads. So I'm gonna except and start this off ... because.... triangle exclamation is what I live for.

(0:37) The banker is here call assassins, what do I, you guys what do I. Tail the chest through the party, OK.I have to tail the chest, chesty tail. Excuse me I'm blend-y, don't worry about me. Don't worry about m I'm coll I'm just another Assassin, tail the chest, the party is all around us. 

Hey you, another one of those things that I.. oh gees can I blend with someone please? Can I blend, blend blend? Oh gees, where's a group I cam blend with? Hello, I can blend with you. OK, good good good, now I'm running. Blend with you, excuse me, (laughs) out of my way. 

Oh, where... how am I going to get through this? with you guys? This is exactly how I am going to get through this alright. 

(2:06) could it possibly .... what is going on with this dude? why am I not wearing clothes like them?

I'm not here at all. Oh, gees... no.... why did I jump out of the hay stack. I don't want to do that again. Grid of fail! But you are holding it in those strong armies of yours, was a subtitle that just lasted and lasted. 

OK, I didn't have to do it all again, excellent. OK, I blended. Who's talking to be, money is changing hands, tail the new carrier. Oh, that was dumb, that was dumb. that was very poorly done Hank, very poorly done. OK, we are trying this again, we got the grid of fail once more, of course. Pink and blue pink and blue grid of fail and uh, let's do it. 

(3:39) I'm now notorious, guards are now on high alert! of course they are. Who's talking to me? is someone talking to me? this person isn't even wearing any clothes. 

I don't understand what I have to do.

There is quite a party going on all around us as it were. this is very dionysiun as it were. alright are you guys going to have some fun? are you gonna take - WHAT OK, I was too close, definitely too close. what are you guys doin', hello what are ya doin, what are ya doin, you gonna party some with these girls? Girls girls girls girls those girls girls ..... Oh, Jesus, I'm not here, everybody stopped, the whole world stopped when I got detected that time 

(5:16) OK, I can hire these courtesans, thank goodness. Finally, Hi girls, come with me. Do your thing. Yes with your palms up outstretched. Yes girls that's gorgeous girls, love it. And that's the banker, that is the bank. That is not what I was picturing. Oh, how very romantic, you are so gross. Do I get to kill this one? I don't think that you put your coin purse anywhere on you. Because there's not a place to put it. Cesare's here! Can I kill him? Can I kill him now? the game would end. Can I kill him? Yes. Nicely done girls, do I get my money back.

Kill the banker without being detected. I have to hire them again. target is moving. Where is the target moving to? I see an apple I can pluck that apple. Of course you pluck that apple.

Yes you stop the ladies but you don't stop me, interesting. It is so hard to resist the urge to run. 

oh gees, you guys totally see me. (7:01) what happened? don't know what happened oh man, I shouldn't have run... clearly. Wow that's poorly done that they just..... man it's there's distracting things happening around here. Hart to keep my eyes on the prize as it were.

What's up did i loose? Did I desynchronize just because i was looking at a hot girl is that what it was? because I was looking at some computer generated hot girl. Ceasere! with a gun! I can shoot you easily.

Nice ram on your pants, look at that ramie pants, over there. Yes, we are going to Comichiamo ora. that guy's the guy who stole my apple. I could shoot you both so easily right now.

(8:18) Yes well I... I'm glad to see some descendents in the ranks. yeah, he looks like he is perfect for this kind of party. Well, so I'm glad Rome hasn't lost its roots as it were. Kill the banker without being detected preferably from a bench. So there's a bench her, so can I just ...... Sit on benches to become invisible. I'm invisible! Well that could've gone better. Any other benches around? there's a bench, see if I can get onto this one without being detected. 

Oh, come on! I sat on the bench! Uuuh that was just not ok.

We are going to end this episode of Hank green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0 on this pink and green fail screen, and it;s embarrassing, but next time I'll come back and I will do even better I promise.