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In which Hank (finally) successfully escorts Senator Edgar to wherever the heck and then starts following him to the banker.
Last time on Hank plays Assassins Creed Brotherhood 2.0 I was escorting Senator Adgegdega Trotian to the Campidilio to  ascertain the banker's location. I was trying to make his safe stabbing lots of people in the throat, which is generally what I'm good at. Um, I did not avoid detection, because it is just no fun to avoid detection. You stop there, and, I'm switching to, no that my other thing. Stabbed, oh yeah stabbed! to fast. oh, nope nope oh, Hank oh, hank play the video game. Oh that went all the way through the body.

(0:55) OK, now we are almost to where we are going, that's good. I definitely need to get rid of this because my meter is quite full. Let's just go up here, to apparently where it is safe. Safe in this triangle, sparkly triangle of safety. What? I though you said that it was safe? oh, check point reached. How far to I have to escort this lame ass fatty senator dude. Guess It's not that much farther, well  I don't know, maybe that's not it either. Maybe there more after that.

Oh gees they're everywhere, oh gees. oh there's, no no, they're every where. Everywhere. Go this way? OK. I guess you don't jump over things huh? Which means.. Oh wait, they moved. Quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick while they are not moving. Did I, Did I just go in a circle, because this looks exactly like what it looked like before. How close do we have to get to the guards, apparently that close. 

(2:18) Warning the Senator in under attack. Woah, that one just fell over without me having to. Woah, in the face. Oh great there's more of them fantastic. OK, who's going to take me first? OK, uh, int the head and how am I going to stab you? in the neck. how bout you how bout you? I think that was the neck. Oh, I love the big sticks I just can't handle not... oh no you threw... and I am going to steal you stick and I'm going to stab you with it. Oh, so fun!

Are the more? are there more? another one? oh Jesus, oh no. Yup I totally did that to you are you going to attack me? No don't get back on their horse! Oh gees. can we run away from this guy? Oh, give me a big weapon oh, can I shoot him with a crossbow? I can excellent, who needs it? Sorry about how you had to get hit by that be weapon, on well. I thought I was going this was but I wasn't. It turned out not to even be where I wanted to go. OK we are getting closer and Edigio, Edgar, can I just call you Edgar? we home? we here? WE can't stop here? Grrr, well than kill all the guards, whats a Sarto do? ah, uh stupid Borgia tower. I want one of those, I don't even know what they do. Maybe I can change the color of my clothing, that would be awesome. It wouldn't actually be that lame, but wouldn't actually be that cool. OK OK let's go. Let's go Edgar, let's do it. Oh gees, well we are just about to be. They're attacking you well then you should be....oh gees oh gees. I don't have my weapon out.

Warning restricted area. Oh, I have to stab you more than once? Oh, lay you down. Oh, not another horse dude! oh gees, oh gees, oh gees I can't see anything. OK. How's the senator doing? Do you have anymore money than usually if you were on a horse? Oh a trowing knife. Oh, I'm on a horse, I don't want to be on a horse. Get off the horse. I was looting thank you very much. I can't really handle any more horses because I just wasted a ton of freaking crossbow bolts.

(5:33) OK Edgar we are doing - stay here, you are annoying. Okay, here they come, you stay here, I'll go take care of them. It's as bad as you thought.

Hey that's ridiculous I just broke my guard, that doesn't happen I'm Edgar, I'm not Edgar, I'm Assassin Man I'm Enzio. OK OK yep, didn't even notice you, not paying attention. Stop chasing my guy.

(6:36) OK OK are we done now? this is the most boring mission ever it is just kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill. Stay here there's a guards just around the corner. Yup it happened,your friend died. It was you fault you were not paying attention. There is not safe place between there and here I just don't buy it.

No come here I'm  (?~7:13). OK, is this is are we safe now? did we find a safe place?

I thought you wanted money. What are we talking about here? I want to know there the banker is. I have money, how much money do you need? Do you need more than me. that sound extremely boring.

(8:03) Well you might actually be a bum. that sound like a rally boring mission, just saying. What is that ? Yeah, do not be detected, are you kidding me? I got detected like 25 times I did not even try. Is that a Borgia captain? Who is it? who is that guy? oh, it is that that guy I want to kill when I want to not be notorious anymore, which does not make any sense to kill more people than to rob their dead bodies in order to become even less notorious. But, you know, such is life. OK, there is an Exclamation point here, let's go to it. Ah, it's so nice to be able to climb again. It was so boring. I have 3,000 F. Yes well. Right, I mean clearly I am not doing this to help you.

Bet this guy's the banker and he is trying to confuse me. Great, this better not take forever. I hate following money, following monies, following missions. Follow this man as he delivers his payment to the banker, banker banker banker. OK, following the dude. Oh, money I'll take this.

20 Florin, that was a pathetic little chest. Where are we going? where did he go? OK apparently I don't have to follow him, thank goodness I can just walk over to where he is.

(10:16) Where is he? I want to eavesdrop from the eaves. Excellent I get to.
Listen Ezio listen, OK. Oh I have the money. "Except for this guy on the roof I came alone."

Now I have to follow, oh gees, oh gees, I want to get that thing. Frickety frickety frick!

(11:10) Following from the roof tops is more fun. Can I steal that guy's crossbow? It took forever to afford a crossbow and dues are just dying all the time with them on their back in this game. It odes not make any sense. Oh, where ya goin where ya goin? OK, were doing it we're doing the follow thing without being so boring because at least I get to free walk. I get to parkour my way as I follow. What's up? why ya waiting? should I kill you now, while you are waiting to like see that I am behind you? But I'm not, I'm above you, like death man from the ninja eves. Eves, I used that word again.

(12:12) Oh, frick. I totally wasn't... ah.. I stabbed that dude way before he detected me. Oh, I have to see them? There they are.

Dude why you throw the fricking throwing knife in the middle of nowhere? OK, OK this is annoying. Ow, oh gees OK done man why did you stop chasing me. Oh, cut scene OK, where, come on, there we go. I think that's dumb. OK, following you, doing the follow thing. I think that this episode might end soon. This is why I hate following missions because nothing happens and frankly I don't have anything interesting to say right now. Yeah, look at me, people are definitely suspicious of me, but then you turned around. Why did you do that? Then there was something inside of your heart. I hate when that happens.

(13:55) OK, I see you. Alright where you at? where you at? there you are. Am I done? I definitely need some help there, OK. I'm not done, there's more following that needs to be done clearly. It never ends, how many minutes has this been? Oh my God! it's time to end this episode of Hank Green Plays Assassins Creed Brotherhood 2.0 because the fricking fucking followings, I did not even mean to curse right then. that was just a frog in my throat. uh, it was a really long follow mission, and its boring. So I'm just going to go ahead and end this here and next time on Hank Greed plays Assassin's Creed 2.0 I promise you - it's actually Brotherhood 2.0 - I promise you something will happen instead of me walking around on roofs looking at people. UUH I hate follow missions! its boring ! OK, so this was Hank Green plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0 once again next time you will not see me, and I will not see you, bout you will hear me. uh, OK. Goodbye.