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Broadcast is live. Have some kind of music happening, 'cause that just looked dumb.

Hi everyone! This is Hank. I have cookies. And I have everything I need.

I have Michael, and Laura, and Michael's turning on lights. Kaitlyn and Index. Hi, Index, you found a nice stool. You're cold, where you been? You were outside? Oh, you're gonna come say hi? Oh, you're not gonna come say hi? I was too interested? Um, so I'm... Whoa, what was that? ...and, uh, yeah, so I was just watching John be worried about whether or not I was here. Uh, I wasn't, because it wasn't 8 o'clock yet, but now it's 8:06 so I guess I am a little late.

Mm, cookie. That's not healthy. Yeah. Project for Awesome isn't about healthiness. It's about doing good.

So how're we doing? I'm gonna refresh. We are at 60-38...723. I'm really bad at numbers. We're about to hit $639,000. And I love that Sam has updated this page to automatically scroll with the things. So pretty.

So, sometime my plan is: sometime in the next eight...not eight hours.... I gonna go for eight hours? Maybe.

No. No! Six, maximum, hours, we're gonna hit $500,000. We're gonna do that with the help of you, and of you, and of him, and of me, cause I am gonna buy a perk. I have to buy several perks, actually. I'm gonna make sure I don't miss out on all the stuff.

Since I was gone, John increased his movie poster perk to 300 posters, so now there are still more left. There's about 53..there's exactly 53 left. Alex Day's clothes, which I think I put in my bag. But actually I don't ..I think I did. I didn't! I didn't bring Alex Day's clothes over here, guys. It's a disaster.

Oh! But I did find this. This is something we should probably have as a perk. These are you know the game "Explicit Corpse" or "Paper Telephone?" Katherine has a really great name for them, but I forgot.

It's a game where you write a sentence (this one is "Joe plays baseball with Miss Piggy") and then you draw the sentence, and then you draw what you think the sentence that inspired that drawing was, which is, in this case, Miss Piggy playing basketball. Which is close! We lost the fact that it's Joe, but frankly, if you look at this drawing of Miss Piggy, it's pretty amazing that Katherine figured out that was Miss Piggy.