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Goooood morning and welcome to the 2013 Project for Awesome. It's day two! 7pm Eastern. We've got uhh, sixteen/seventeen hours to go. I shaved. I shaved off my beard because it was covered in Sharpie colors and I felt like that was not the professional image that I wanna portray as your host for the Project for Awesome livestream.

Um- so we've got a lot going on. We've gonna have some special guests tonight. We're raising lots and lots of money for charity. I want to go through where we are and also announce a couple of new perks.

And um, and then I want to- after we do that, I wanna go- I wanna spend some time at talking about how to vote and the importance of voting... Before we get back to featuring videos, watching videos. Then we're gonna have some special guests on!

So. Hi! Thank you for uh- oh, maybe we'll have Meghan Tonjes join. (types) Um. Yeah! And we'll have Meghan Tonjes join for a little while. And I'll- I'll talk to her about the new perks. Um... Meghan Tonjes, of course, amazing musician. Wonderful person. Great YouTuber. Um... So while we're waiting for her, let me just give you the update of where we are, because I don't trust my brother to give you the current information.

We're at $434,556 raised on the Indiegogo in the last um, day or so. Uh, two days? I don't know how long this has been going on. Oh, where is my head?! Okay. Um. Oh, a lot of people are asking me for the link, so... Let me give you the link! Let me give you the link. Let us find the link. There we go! There's the link! Here's the link, little people. Alright, so um... Uh. By little people, I meant actually physically little - the people who are in the Skype chat, um- I don't wanna oversimplify, but by-and-large, they're just tiny humans.

(1:56) Um. Hi, Meghan!

Meghan: I'm creeping in!

John: Yeah, it's nice. You know Hank was doing that all night.

Meghan: Hello!

John: Hank was doing that all night. He would was just like- he would just show up, 'cause he had the link. (Meghan laughs) And he would just- he would just show up without any warning while we were trying to watch a Project for Awesome video, and make a lot of jokes in the background, like a jerk. (Meghan laughs). Meghan, can I tell you about some of-

Meghan: ? (2:15)

John: Can I tell you about some of our new perks? Um- that are available at the Indiegogo-

Meghan: Yes!

John: -If you click on the top link in the dooblydoo, it takes you to donate. Um. So Hank has agreed to make more Hanklerfish art. If you've never seen a Hanklerfish work of art, it's something to behold. Uh, that's uh, for $70. Um. You can get a snippet of a story that I wrote um, 5,000 words- I've been working on it for a few months. This is only a 5,000 word sneak-peak. I've written more than 5,000 words, but it's all very- it's all very rough, Meghan. Just so you- I just want you to be prepared for how rough it is.

Meghan: I'm prepared!

(2:50) John: Are you like that when you make songs? When like you first- you're first working on a song and you're constantly telling people "this is a very rough draft!"?

Meghan: Yeah, when I show it to my friends, I'm like, listen, I don't have a bridge. This is not finished.

John: Right!

Meghan: This isn't the final version, but this is- this is what I've come up with so far. So yeah, I'm always showing half a song.

John: But what you're secretly hoping is that they're gonna be like "it's already perfect!"

Meghan: Yeah!

John: But they never are.

Meghan: That's why- I'm hoping that they're like, this is amazing, don't change it. So I'm like, oh, less work for me!

John: Yeah, they never do that though. (Meghan laughs)
(3:20) Then uh, you can enter to win Alex Day's clothes, as worn very humorously by my brother Hank.

Then for $25, there is the Fault in our Stars movie poster. You can only get the Fault in our Stars movie poster by donating to the Project for Awesome. I believe it is the only way that you will ever be able to get it in all likelihood. So um, yeah! Make a $25 donation to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, um, and you can get that.

Then there's the men of YouTube calendar, the women of YouTube calendar, which features none other than Meghan Tonjes!

Meghan: That's me! Me, me!

John: Yeah. I'm in the men of YouTube calendar. I don't wanna brag (Meghan laughs) but we're currently outselling you.

Meghan: (laughing) Oh ho!

John: Yeah.

Meghan: Listen. I gotta- I gotta- I gotta do some tweeting, hold on. (John laughs)

John: I'll let you-

Meghan: It's not fair because- listen. More skin is shown in the mens calendar.

John: That's literally true.

Meghan: It's way more sexual.

John: Wheezy Waiter is damn near naked. (Meghan and John laugh) Um.

(4:16) Then you can get a number prop from Vi Hart. It's the only time Vi Hart's ever sold anything in her whole life, basically. (Meghan laughs) She's not the kind of person who sells stuff, but she- she uh, (?) (4:28) for the Project for Awesome, and we're very grateful to her for that.

There's also um, Jetpack Unicorn artwork that's original to that game, created by Christina Horner. And then you can get signed copies of two of my books left, uh. Poor long-suffering An Abundance of Katherines and my novel Paper Towns. Um. And then uh, you can get the Fault in our Stars movie poster signed. But there's only six of those left!

(4:52) Uh, but I wanna tell you about our new perks. Um, and then lastly, the last thing I wanna tell you is that you can get a Wimbly Wombly video on the topic of your choice. If you're a fan of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys, and who isn't?! I will make a video on the topic of your choice. Within reason! Don't make it dirty. Um. (Meghan laughs) Alright. What are our new perks, Meghan? I can't even find- I'm already a hot mess, and I've only been hosting for four minutes! (Meghan laughs)

Meghan: Um...

John: Oh, it's my shirts!

Meghan: Yeah!

(5:21) John: So you know how Hank uh, sold all of his shirts? He has 46 t-shirts and he just sold 40 of them to the Project for Awesome. I am also- I'm selling my shirts. I'm selling twenty of them, because that's all I have. I'm not as t-shirt-tastic as Hank. But it's a lot of Nerdfighter shirts - mostly mens larges, some mens extra larges. A couple ladies cuts, just because I didn't understand what I was ordering. (Meghan laughs) So that's uh-

Meghan: Pretty good!

John: -that's the update there. So you can get one of my shirts, that probably I've worn in a Vlogbrothers video. Um, yeah. You can get one of my shirts. Hank's shirts did so well, I figured-

Meghan: Do you get to choose what shirt?

John: No, you don't get to choose what shirt. I choose what shirt!

Meghan: Oooh! Oookay!

John: I'm gonna look at your name, and then I'm gonna think in my heart, what does this person want among my twenty shirts? And I'm gonna give it to you. You can literally have the shirt off my back. I'm currently wearing my Fault-- no I don't know if I can give this one up! This is my Fault in Our Stars shirt that was made for me by the um, by the crew in Amsterdam. Um, when we were filming the movie in Amsterdam, they gave me this shirt so I don't know if I can give this one up. I've gotta keep a few just for working out, and stuff.

Meghan: Yeah don't give that shirt up.

(6:32) John: Ha, like I work out. Um also, you can get a- for a fifty dollar donation, you can be one of the first people to read This Star Won't Go Out, um, Esther Earl's extraordinary autobiography that's coming out in late January um, from Penguin Books. So you should really do that. Also, I wrote the introduction and the introduction will be signed by me, if that's worth anything to you. But um, yeah you should get that because that's gonna be really cool, and that book is gonna be so special and I really think it's gonna be like a hot bestseller and you'll have been the first person to read it.

(7:10) So that's what you can get at the Indiegogo now, um, and there's also lots of other stuff that I didn't talk about because, uh, I don't have all night to talk about perks because we got to do other stuff, we gotta do Project for Awesome stuff. But like, yeah so go to the donate link, check out the Indiegogo and donate if you can. If you can't, there's lots of other ways to participate in the Project for Awesome. Meghan, how's it going? (7:26)

Meghan: It's great, it's great, how are you?

John: Good. 

Meghan: Good. I can't complain too much, I'm in Los Angeles right now, it's like seventy-something degrees and I have my windows open.

John: Ah, that sounds lovely. I am in Indianapolis and it's snowing. Yeah it's snowing so... it's just a different kind of pretty...

Meghan: I was checking all the uh.. It's a different kind of pretty. I was checking the weather in Michigan because my family lives, and I was just like "nope, can't go back. Gotta stay here."  (both laughing)

John: Yeah, I don't blame you.

Meghan: It's the reason I moved.

John: It's lovely, the problem with Los Angeles though, is that it contains so many people who live in Los Angeles.

Meghan: That's true.

(8:05) John: Oh, I'm just being mean.

M: No, it's fine!

J: We've raised 584,000 dollars, we're only 16,000 bucks away from 600,000 dollars. It's already the biggest Project for Awesome ever. It's pretty exciting stuff. Um, I don't know what we're gonna do next year to do better than this because we've done very very well. Um, okay so we have a featured video! We haven't shown this featured video yet have we, from paigelfinch? Have we shown it?

M: I don't think so.

J: You haven't seen it? Um, I call her paigelfinch. She's really named Paige Finch, but her middle name starts with an L, and so her username is paige-l-finch, and when I started watching her videos, when she had-

M: Paigelfinch!

J: I thought she was paigelfinch! I didn't recognize that it was a person named Paige L Finch. I thought paigelfinch was like a kind of finch.

(8:55) M: That's fine.

J: Anyway, she's-

M: I approve of that. A lot of people thought I was tonjesml, so I also suffer from the having letters.

J: Yeah! I'm surprised that- you're not- you're not tonjesml? I thought that was like your nickname!

M: (laughing) I'm not tonjesml! No-

J: Your friends don't always...

M: They don't, but Michael Buckley calls me that.

J: Does he? I love Michael Buckley.

M: He does. I love him too.

J: We talked to him last night. You know, he's been part of every Project for Awesome since 2007.

M: He's so good!

(9:23) J: Can you tell that I have razor burn from where I just shaved? Be honest with me.

M: Ummm, hold on... You look a little- like, a little sunburned.

J: Yeah, I'm not. I'm not. I had sharpie-

M: A little burned.

J: I covered my face in sharpie, and I think I have a small- a very minor chemical burn-

M: (laughing) oh my God!

J: -um, from the sharpie. So I think that might be part of it, because that was very- it felt weird inside my skin, as it does every year when I do that! Alright, let's watch paigelfinch's video! Just kidding, Paige! Let's watch Paige Finch's video, um, wonderful nerdfighter, supporter of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys, um... And creator of many of your favorite Swindon Town Swoodilypooper songs about Bald John Green and Other John Green. Um, the extraordinarily talented Paige Finch, we're gonna watch the video. It's the featured video, if you're in the livestream it's the second link down there, right beneath the donut- donut link? Uh, the donate link. And click on the video, we're gonna watch it together... Uh, I'm gonna mute myself, Meghan, so I can watch the video, so-

M: I'll mute myself too.

J: Alright, we're gonna watch the video together, it's two minutes long, let's go watch it!

(10:25) watching the featured video

(13:08) J: I'm muted! I was muted again! I always mute myself, and now Meghan's gone. She just disappeared. Who knows where she went to? I hope she's alright! Thank you for joining the part- the, what do you call it, the 2013 Project for- oh, she's back!

M: I- mute myself- I deleted myself instead of muting myself (laughs)

J: Yeah, that happens to me. Alright, so- that happens to me all the time.

(13:30) J: So, I thought that was a very sweet video. (13:32)