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*background talking*

Hank: Hello! Welcome to the Project for Awesome Livestream. All five of the people that are currently watching. I'm gonna tweet this link out so people know.

Uh, these boys are putting on, um ...

???: The Ritz!

Hank: ... today's clothes. You are also gonna put on the Ritz.

(all snap, sing, and dance)

???: Six! I don't remember the words.

Hank: That song was written by Irving Berlin. Irving Berlin ...

???: Christmas Guy?

Hank: Yeah. Well, he wrote White Christmas.

???: This is a tiny shirt!

Hank: I know. Irving Berlin also wrote "God Bless America", which was very surprising to me.

???: Wait, how old is that song?

Hank: Not that old. I mean ...

???: This is the perfect-sized shirt for ...??

Hank: We finally found somebody who can fit inside Alex Day's shirts. And the pants? Yeah.