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Lemon's brain broke a bit yesterday.
Hello! It's Vlog Every Day in April, I didn't do a video yesterday 'cause it was a CRAZY DAY. Also, I did a video on Friday so I basically... it transfers. It's transferable. That's part of the rules. You didn't know that? Oh, well, it is, it's part of the rules! -I'm doing my best!!- My dog Lemon, we let her in from the yard, and she was looking a little funny and she was sort of, like, wobbly, and then she had her treat and she came out of her crate and she couldn't stand up. It was very scary, and sad. So Lemon is trying to walk and is just going around in circles, she can't stand up, it's getting worse and worse, so I'm like holding her on the ground 'cause she's freaking out. Katherine's calling the vet to be like, "Are you open, can we..." it's like 5:01, so the vet is just closing, the vet says, "Take her to the emergency vet, because everyone is leaving here," so we're going to the emergency vet, I have to pick up this dog - this 70 pound dog - and she's freaking out and I'm carrying her to the car, I take her to the car, we get in the car, we drive to the emergency vet. The whole time she's completely immobile, can't move, she hates the car, she's freaking out, her eyes are huge. Eight minutes into the ten minute car ride she calms down, and I, this is freaking me out, I'm thinking okay, is this the end for my dog, and she's calming down and her eyes are not bugging out of her head anymore and she's looking... So I pick her up and I carry her into the vet's office and we put her down on the scale and she stands. And she doesn't fall over. And then she just walks right into the room. Like ahead of us, like she knows where she's going. And then she lays down in there and then the vet comes and sees her and says, "Well, she seems to be doing okay now!" So probably what happened is Lemon had a little seizure, in her brain, and it made her muscles stop working. There are a number of other things that could have happened, but, uh, the thing that we thought it was, which, from reading the Internet, was like a vestibular thing, where there's like an inner ear problem, um, that is something that goes away and they do get better from but it takes forever, like weeks or months, whereas this was like an hour long thing! So we think she had a seizure, and that's what we were doing all day yesterday, and then I was freaked out and I just wanted to go to bed, uh, 'cause I thought my dog was dying. If the transferable thing wasn't enough of an excuse, I thought my dog was dying. None of you care, is the funny thing. Like, no one's like, "Hank I hold you to VEDA, and if you don't do VE-..."; no one complained yesterday, I saw zero complaints and I was all over twitter, so, 'cause I was like waiting in the vet's office, so I was all over twitter. The only person who cares is me, but I am trying to vlog every day in April. Part of vlogging every day in April is talking about when stuff like this happens to you. And so I hope that's not strange that this thing that happened to me that was scary, and, I don't think it's weird, but if you do, sorry, life happens... Poor girl, she was SO tired afterward, it was adorable, like she was like, "I'm home now, I've gotta go lay down!" She's very sweet, it was very sad, and we're emotionally fragile right now because of it, but, uh, doing better, all I want to do is watch Scrubs.