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Mimei: Welcome to Toilet Tag: phase 1.

Spray things that you like.

Hank: Kitties. Ah it's in my mouth. Thunderstorms. Independent video games.

M: How does it smell?

H: It's a little strong right now, and so it tastes terrible, and it makes me want to sneeze. But yeah, it's nice. It's especially nice when it's on a girl, preferably my wife.

M: Draw a YouTuber with your eyes closed.

H: That turned out pretty well. It's Harry Potter from Potter Puppet Pals. I mean it's not good. It's just not as bad as I was expecting it to be. I threw the cap all the way across the room. Why did I do that?

M: Show the last thing you bought.

H: Why did you buy it? I can't show you the last thing I bought 'cause I'm in the toilet and the last thing I bought is on it's way here from, but the last thing I bought before that was a video game so that's not- that's software. I can't really show it to you, but the last physical thing I purchased from a store, and I have access to right now is this comic called Mara which is- that's the third in the series, and it's quite good. It's about a volleyball playing superhero. What?

M: Show us your toilet area.

H: My toilet area, okay. This is the toilet part of the toilet area. Yes, it's got a scale there that tells me how much I weigh. there's the shower part of the toilet area. There's the bird that you look at while you're going to the bathroom. There's the mirror part of the toilet area and then in here is where all of the things go, yeah. And over here is more storage. It's not very big. It's pretty small. It's just about big enough for me and a camera.

M: Flush one thing you want to delete from the world.

H: Vomit, particularly my cat's vomit or my dog's vomit, also anytime I've ever vomited. I don't want that to be a thing. It's in, out, in, out, no in, out, no.

M: Show us your best faces.

H: (strange noises)

M: Video complete. Who do you tag?

H: Thanks to DailyGrace for taggin' me in the toilet tag now it's my turn to tag toilet tag people. I don't know how many you are supposed to do. Let's do Kevin from The Kevin Show, Evan Edinger, Amanda's Chronicles, and Gunnarolla. 'Kay, that's four that should be enough. I don't- I don't know that Andrew's going to do this, but I (more strange noises).