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Hanging out with Corey, Alex, Michael and the rest of the Apprentice A team last night.
[Hank] You may or may not know who these people are: this is ApprenticeA. [All] Hi! [Hank] And look, Alex Carpenter. [Alex] Hey, hello! [Hank] From Harry Potter... [laughter] [Alex] I'm actually on leave from Hogwarts right now... [Hank] And Corey. [Corey] Hello. [Hank] And that's Michael, who is not in ApprenticeA, but the rest of these people all are... [Michael] Not YET! [Hank] Oh....! [Corey] How to you feel about The Fault in Our Death Stars? [Hank] As just a term? [Corey] Yeah! Just like a thing! [Hank] Well, like, like the exhaust part? You know? [laughter] Like, V Fault? [laughter] Death Star? [Corey] We thought if would be funny to take quotes from The Fault in Our Stars, and merge them with faults... with quotes from Star Wars. So then I tweeted... [Hank] I totally missed this! I'm sad! [Corey] There was a whole hashtag and everything. [from back] We almost trended! [Corey] Yeah. [laughter] At least ten people jumped in on this! Because the Venn Diagram of Star Wars love and The Fault in Our Stars love is huge. "I'm a Death Star, and at some point, I'm going to blow up, and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay?" [another member] "They blew up Alderaan the same way that you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once." [another member] "My thoughts are like Death Stars I cannot use for exterminations." [another member] "Okay." I know. [Corey] ...person, it was just me in my underwear on a bed, and Alex in his pajamas on a bed, and us laughing to ourselves, tweeting these things, alone at one in the morning! [Hank] Why wasn't I on Twitter!