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Today's Episode: National Pet Day
Hey Nerdfighters! The DFTBA Warehouse is back! Join us every business day in April for a behind the scenes look at the warehouse and a look at some new products!


Allie Speed / Chico Phone Case:
Rachel: Hey guys, it's Monday April 11th which means it's National Pet Day. I know on Friday it was National Zoo Lovers Day but we love animals around here.


So Caenaan, it's National Pet Day. Do you have any pets?

Caenaan: I have one dog. Her name is Maisie and she's a Golden Retriever. We like to go to the park and go for hikes and go to the river. Every once in a while she's a little bit naughty and likes to get in the garbage.

R: If you have a dog that likes the finer things in life you can always get them this IKTV plushie set, it's for dogs.

C: So Rachel, do you have any pets?

R: I do. I have one cat, she's multicolored so she's black, white and brown. She's five years old and her name is Leeloo. I did not name her after Leeloo Korben Dallas from The Fifth Element, it was accidental, but that's her name.

C: I heard you two had a pretty big weekend.

R: I did. So I moved from one apartment to the other and I also had to move my cat from one apartment to the other. And so the first morning that I took my cat into my new apartment and fed her I let her be for a while and then I go move some more and then I come back and she had vomited on my pillow.

C: Blah!

R: So this is Dave, our operations manager.

Dave: Hi.

R: Do you have any pets?

D: I do. I have a dog, his name is Sam. He is half Lab and half Border Collie. He's pretty neurotic.

R: You have some other pets, right?

D: We have chickens. We used to have 300, we have downsized considerably to about 10 which is still a lot of chickens.

R: That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you tune in tomorrow because we'll be touring the warehouse.