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Today's Episode: Zoo Lover's Day
Hey Nerdfighters! The DFTBA Warehouse is back! Join us every business day in April for a behind the scenes look at the warehouse and a look at some new products!

Jiff Pom:
The Weirdlings:
Animal Wonders:
CGP Grey's Politics in the Animal Kingdom:
Rachel: Hey guys, it's April 8th and today's an awesome day because it's Zoo Lovers Day. That means we're gonna take a look at the animals of DFTBA.


I think I love cats the most so if you do too then you'll also like this Weirdlings Swear Cat shirt, but best of all we just launched a four pack of stickers with four different types of cats. Or if you're a dog person make your room more cute with this Jiff Pom poster. If you're a llama person then you also may like this French the Llama shirt.

So Caenaan, what's your favorite animal?

Caenaan: Rachel, I love giraffes. That's why I wear my Giraffe Love 2.0 T-shirt available at

R: But most of all, if you just love animals check out this Animal Wonders poster signed by Jessi herself. And also don't forget to check out the Animal Wonders YouTube page along with the other channels that Jessi is on.

Well that's it for today. Happy Friday. Thanks for hanging out with us, hope to you on Monday, and don't forget to be awesome.