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Today's Episode: National Grilled Cheese Day
Hey Nerdfighters! The DFTBA Warehouse is back! Join us every business day in April for a behind the scenes look at the warehouse and a look at some new products!

Caenaan: Hi Nerdfighters, it's Tuesday, April 12th.  I'm Caenaan, the warehouse manager here at DFTBA Records, and today we're gonna go on a warehouse tour.  


Rachel: So this is what you see when you first walk into the warehouse.  There's our forklift, Forky McForkface.  Here is our giant door.  

This is kind of the walk we take when both Caenaan and I walk to our spaces.  Here's Caenaan's desk.  It's not really a desk, more like a rack.  Here's my desk.  This is where I answer all your questions.  Here's the mystery door.  We don't talk about this mystery door.  Mystery door #2.  No, just kidding, it's Dave's office.  Here's our awesome array of posters. This door goes to the bathroom.

We prepackage our mugs.  Here's a set of Good Mythical Morning mugs, so if you order two, you get it in a double box.  If you order one, you get one box.  Here's a giant stack of unboxed mugs.

This is the sorting table where we decide whether your order is in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw.  

Caenaan is sitting on the P4A table.  

C: Project for Awesome, here's all your perks.  

R: And then just across the way is our snack table and our microwave, where we eat our lunch.  

So here we are at lunch.  We took a break from touring the warehouse to celebrate national grilled cheese day.  Is that a good grilled cheese?

C: That was a really good grilled cheese.

This is one of our packing tables, where we have many of our mugs stored around.  This is where their locations are.  Also where we pack many of the GMM mugs. 

And behind me is where we store our hats and out other miscellaneous... dog toys, some plushies, tote bags, DVDs, that sorts.

R: This is the other side of the miscellaneous.

C: This is our awesome poster section, where we wrap all your posters.

R: So this is the hoodie aisle, goes all the way down there, and then everything else is shirts. So let's go.

R: Thanks for joining us on the warehouse tour today, I hope you enjoyed it. Tune in tomorrow, and don't forget to be awesome.