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In which Hank and Katherine muck around a bit some more on the grounds of Hogwarts, and then play some Quidditch.

Hank: Hello! And welcome back to Hank and Katherine play Lego Harry Potter! Uh, we are indeed replaying some stuff that I did previously. Which is a shame. Uh, but--

Katherine: Because you forgot to save.

H: I forgot to save.'s okay. And, uh, you'll forgive me.

K: Wait, why does it say 'Z'? On the thing?

H: Z, so you can cast it.

K: I'm...trying! Is my thing dead? No?

H: No?

K: Why isn't it working? (frustrated noises followed by a sigh)

H: We have to get all the pieces over to this thing.

K: I know. I'm trying to figure out why I can't cast a spell that I'm supposed to be able to cast.

H: I'm looking for stuff.

K: (more frustrated noises)

H: Oh, I just shot Hermione right in the face.

K: Oh! I just scared a dove right out of the bushes!

H: You did! And it got you this little thing that I'm now going to put in a pot for you. Boink! Yep, I do all the, I get all the glory.

K: Oh! I found that one too! Gimme! Ha...hahaha...get out of my way crap on the ground! Put it in! Put...put it in!

H: You have to push the button that you pushed to pick it up.

K: Same button. Okay. Oh, Look out! It's gonna blow!

H: No it's just...but we have to put this thing together. We're missing a piece. Or something. This isn't Wingardium leviosa. I use that.

K: Ok see how it's blinking? And now I'm pushing Z and it's noooot....doing that thing.

H: I dunno, works for me.

K: I hate my life. I hate my life, Wii!

H: Maybe it's because Harry sucks at that spell.

K: Stupid Wii!

H: Because Ron couldn't do this...

K: Let me be someone else.

H: ...and so I had to be Hermione to do it.

K: Ok well I'm being Ron this time now.

H: So Harry, Harry's like...he's great and everything but uh...

K: Not good at magic.

H: He's...he's got spirit.

K: Not very good at magic.

H: Aww, Hermione's all beefed up now. So I'm gonna pull this.


H: Pull the chain! Penalty for it..You might not want to stand there, Harry.

K: Whatever. It's like's like she took steroids.

H: Yes, she did. She took a steroid potion.

K: Oh, right, I'm Ron again.

H: So this is where we actually were last time. I think, when I left off. C? What? Ooh. Broom stick-y.

K: So I'm going to be over here.

H: Ohhhhh... (mumbles)  Jumped right off the edge of the thinger.

K: Shouldn't have done that.

H: (mocking Katherine) "Okay I'll just be over here! Don't worry 'bout me!"

K: Maybe the broom will come back?

H: No. I think you have to do something.

K: I do? Like what?

H: Yeah, I don't know.

K: Oh!

H: Yeah, there you go!


H: Yes, excellent. Okay.

K: I strained my wand arm.

H: They don't know what that means.

K: What do you mean?

H: Doing all your magicking?

K: Yeah, It's hard.

H: Yeahhh. I did it.

K: (whining) You always do everything.

H: What is this flying carrot thing? What are those little blue things called again? 

K: Uhhh. I had it, just a second ago...Oh, oh, who's gonna do something now? Oh, oh it's me.

H: Ooooh. Look at you! You're building a Monolith. 

K: I am...building a Monolith. 

H: It's a...poop splattered Monolith.

K: I think...we have to clean it.

H: Oh, do we?

K: Yeah

H: You found a broom. I found a broom too. This broom is my broom. 

K: What am I doing? I'm like...erasing the moles.

H: Erase those moles! Yeahhh I cleaned it. That is a clean...I cleaned it up. This one's got poop on it too.

K: I was growing a carrot.

H: Come here.

K: And now I'm building a....cookie! Oh, no it's a cloud.

H: Why can't can't build clouds!

K: I built a cloud, dude.

H: I can't move the..there's another...I have to use this broom. But I can't use this broom because it's not letting me highlight the broom! Ron, come highlight this broom!

K: Maybe you have to do something first, hm?

H: Maybe!

K: Maybe you have to build this Monolith first.

H: I'm gonna clean it though. You maybe got to build it but I'm gonna clean the poop right off of it.

K: (Quietly) Why is everything a competition??

H: (Laughs) Get..oh I already did. I got it. I got it. Okay we're good. There is...

 K:'s not Grindylows....Cornish Pixies!

H: Cornish Pixies! There's my girl.

K: Freshly caught.

H: Oh, I'm..I'm on a carrot. I'm bouncin' on a carrot. 'Scuse me on a carrot.

K: I think I just grew all of those flowers.

H: Yeah, it's beautiful! You're so good at making life happen!

K: I know.

H: Yeah, you're just not very good at video games. Oh...

K: I made it rain on you!

H: You made a cloud.

K: Why are you bouncing on...

H: Are you gonna rain on me or

K: (Screams)

H: Or am I gonna get you with my carrot! It's such a bouncy carrot.

K: That's a carrot?

H: Yeah, it's a carrot! What do you think it is?

K: I don't know...

H: This broom! This broom. I can see the broom and I can see the poop but I can't get the poop off the broom.

K: Maybe you're using the wrong broom.

H: But I tried to use this broom and it didn't work.

K: Mmmm..maybe you have to do something else first.

H: (Sighs) This game is dumb!

K: It is a lot of complexity.

H: Ooh! What are you doing?

K: I'm destroying flowers! (laughs)

H: (laughs) I thought you made them

K: For the game. I'm doing it for the game

H: We've gotten...We're getting nothing done!

K: What are you talking about? I'm exploring ALL of the area. That is my job. Ahhh I grew a pumpkin, it's scary.

H: Ah! You grew a scary pumpkin. Oh my god look at all these Cornish Pixies. What do you do to Cornish Pixies?

K: I don't know.

H: (Singing) What do you do with a Cornish Pixie, what do you do with a Cornish Pixie, what do you do with a Cornish Pixie early in the mornin'?

K: I think there's one of those I have to find

H: (Still singing) Look at all the pumpkins getting bigger, look at all the pumpkins get..

K: See I did four of four. Give it!

H: You got Percy Weasley!

K: See, I'm rocking the house, man!

H: I don't really want Percy Weasley, to be honest. He's kind of a prick.

K: True. Oh god, that one...

H: Oh jeez.

K: That one ran away. What is..

H: Whatever you just did, I need to get back to Harry because he's stuck in a thing. Oh! It's beautiful! Look at the Quidditch pitch over there!

K: Yeah!

H: Good job..I'm stuck in a thing.

K: Why did I do that? What? What did that get me? Nothing. I don't understand.

H: Okay, what is this? This is a thing.

K: Oh...

H: (shouts) Student in peril!!! Where did you save him from? 

K: I don't know. I think he was locked behind a flower fence. Maybe? (Laughs) Some of these students are...

H: (Mocking student) I was locked behind a flower fence! (Regular voice) Like that first guy who was on the awning. How did you get on the awning on the first place?

K: (Laughing) Very silly. Why did you go up there?

H: (Making weird sounds)

K: I have another lobster.

H: You have a lobster.

K: I have a lobster honey!

H: (English accent) I found a lobster!

K: What do I do with it?

H: (English accent) I don't know!

K: Meanwhile, blast these flowers!

H: I know what you do. You kill the..fricken let me pick up the broom! My life sucks. 

K: Oh I can't use gold cauldrons until...

H: Uhhhh....until we have a better..AHHH

K: AHH KILLING! Killing death. Haha! Yeah, see? See? Get him! Get..

H: It didn't work. It didn't work. Yes it did.

K: Get this one, get this one! Come over here, get it.

H: (Growl?) Get it! Get you!

K: Yeah!

H: What'd it do? Why did we do that?

K: I don't know what..what it is.

H: What's the point?

K: What it is!!?

H: What's this one? I got that one.

K: (Sighs)

H: But that's just how we...yeah that's how we got here.

K: Ughhhh

H: Okay let's do the thing we're supposed to do.

K: Okay.

H: It's's almost to twenty four minutes.

K: Okay do we need to be finished now?

H: I don't think so. In a little bit.

K: Fine.

H: Okay. Oh!

K: Hello....

H: House...houses! Where's...that wasn't all of them? (Starts singing something). I got one of five! I got...I got two of five!

K: Why am I spinning these flowers around?

H: No that's one of four.

K: reason apparently?

H: Now I got two of five.

K: What's this? What's this!?

H: Yes, you're doing that, I'm doing that too.

K: Fly my freak flag!

H: We're flying the freak...(laughs) Really? Flying your freak flag? I don't...

K: That's not what that is?

H: Ooooh. Broom!

K: Aha ha!

H: Three of them!

K: Three brooms.

H: But we can't fly. Only Ha....What? They went away.

K: I don't know...maybe it's for later.

H: What the frack. Five of five!

K: Suck it Slytherins!

H: I got this thing! I got it! It's Katie Bell!!!! She's my favorite!

K: You are. You love the Katie Bell.

H: Can you..can you..oh never mind.

K: I got four of four! I got...I got...

H: Padma Patil!

K: But..Padma..Patil.

H: (stutters Padma's name a couple times)

K: Can I go up here?

H: I'm gonna go in this room.

K: It looks like I should be able to go up here. AHH! We have not explored the entire...!

H: I told you, I said I'm gonna go into the room!

K: Well I was trying, you didn' said..

Both: I'm going into this room now.

K: Right now.

H: Just be prepared! Okay. (Makes sound effects for the brooms taking off).

K: Tell you what, Oliver Wood is not hot as a LEGO. Not not not not.

H: How odd that there's no hot LEGOS. Yeah, Hermione isn't hot as a LEGO either.

K: Well she's also nine at this point or whatever. Eleven. Same thing.

H: Yeah, they're all the same shape. The boys and the girls.

K: You're not allowed to lust after the...eleven year old Hermione anyway.

H: Yeah! Yeah Harry Potter, showin' off!

K: You're're gonna

H: Uh-oh. Uh-oh! Yeah...that's because you should be playing a video game or..not a video game. Playing....oh get it! Get it! Somebody's gonna curse your wand! Broom I mean! Not your wand!

K: You are having...

H: Shut up!

K: Mouth problems. Oh, which..oh obviously Snape is right in front of him. But...I cannot look past that and see Quirrell doing the thing.

H: They're both making their mouth movements.

K: Come on we got stuff to do!

H: We got...yes.

K: Wait. What the fuck?! Who am I?

H: You're Hermione!

K: I was not! Wasn't I Ron before?

H: I don't know. Just do it!

K: I'm confused.

H: Come downstairs, love!

K: Wait stop! Stop. I'm...I...I have to do a thing.

H: We're not gonna fi...

K: See! One of seven! They're all gonna be on our way so we can do that.

H: (Singing) I'm doing a thing, I did a thing. (Makes sound effects for spells). I just spat on myself.

K: Why did I do that? 

H: Because you needed to get this crankety cranker.

K: Crankety cranker, okay!, this way.

H: Okay, thank you. Oh!!! Harry's like, having his broomstick cursed this whole time and we're like...

K: Yeah. It doesn't matter.

H: Whoa, okay..there...

K: Wooah! Look out!

H: There he is! There he is. Shake it like a little..whoooaaaa I jumped.

K: You're bad at following directions. Oh god, Hermione is bad at flying.

H: Well I didn't...

K: Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhh! 

H: Okay.

K: Coming back for you. Push the C button. 

H: Oh.

K: Push the C button, get on the broom. Fly over to me.

H: I'm not as bad as Hermione.

K: Well Hermione is never good flying.

H: No, she's not. That's one of the things she sucks at!

K: It's not her skill.

H: It's like two things...hello Quidditch player!

K: Shoot him.

H: Was he not on my team?

K: No that was a Slytherin obviously.

H: Crankety cranker. Ooh I can use my rat over here.

K: See, look at these rainbow banners! 

H: We probably should end this episode of Hank and Katherine play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 here. 

K: Probably. Uh, it's been like...

H: It's been a long episode. Uhhhh. But we'll come back and we're gonna save Harry Potter next time on Hank and Katherine play LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. Goodbye! Would you like to say goodbye as well?

K: Oh, goodbye

H: No, say it like "goodbye!"

K: (Mocking Hank) Goodbye!