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In which Hank follows a dude somewhere and acquires some costumes.
(0:00) Last time on "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0" I got confused by the story line, but I still went ahead and did all the stuff that the game was asking me to do, and it seems to be going alright. Now, I have to tail a dude to go watch a play so that I can have my Assassin Recruits infiltrate the play, because it will be awesome. And I should use my Assassin Recruits to assassinate my targets. I don't do any dirty work myself anymore, I've got my own Assassin Recruits and I can do the Arrow Storm, the Arrow Storm's freaking awesome. So that's what we're doing. 

(0:29) And, what is this? Dottore. I'm gonna fix this place up. Ugh, no. No, stupid, always under a Borgia Tower. Everywhere I go. 

Okay. Where am I going? Oh, that green dot over there, that's where I'm going. Obviously. Not, not confusing, Hank. (Character in game yells loudly) Why are you so freaked out? 

(1:00) Okay. Here we go. ("... who contacted the ambassador of Venezia.") Confusing! See? It's all politics. 

(1:37) This guy... was thinking that it was a good idea to get a nice fur coat, and now it's all dirty. And looks horrible. For his murder, and sometimes, sometimes you get murdered in fur. 

("You intend to kill me? Your most loyal friend?") No, I'm gonna have one of my friends do it. 

(2:05) That's what I thought. That was fast. ("No one else shall have her.") That's creepy! She's your sister. Nobody else thinks this is creepy. 

(2:27) Okay, uh, I'm freaked out, I don't know about anybody else. My Arrow Storm is available, and I have to follow this dude. Preferably without him noticing me. Ah, it's another follow mission. You know, my least favorite thing in the world.

Okay. Where are my assassins that they can hear me whistle at any moment? Also, horses, just generally, seem to come out of nowhere. 

(2:59) Okay, careful with that. Alright, we might wanna hurry up, he seems to be going faster. Too close, too close. Right. Correct. *reading* Call Assassins/Arrow Storm. I wish, I wish I could just kill this guy. Yeah, beggar ladies. Oh, hello courtesans. I love you guys. What, are you clapping? Are you clapping for me 'cause I'm doing such a good job? Yes? Everybody's just having conversations, doing their Roman thing. What are you guys all talking about? What is so important? Just going about your lives, doing your things. 

(3:38) Oh, following. What a lame way to spend gameplay. 

(3:56) Uhhhh... What should I do here? Hey look, money! 

(4:14) Don't worry about me. I'm not trying to infiltrate this thing. 

Yes, I figured it would be a restricted area. It seems quite restricted. Wow, I'm out right in the middle of the open. There's two dudes there, I thought there was one. Two is much harder than one. 

(4:40) Oh, unlock. Un-lock on. Okay, this is annoying. Nope, nope, why are you guys worried? Okay, now I have to reduce distance to target, so I'm just going to go ahead and run, and somehow that worked.

(5:06) Okay... okay. Sweet! I did it. Huzzah, hurrah, (?~5:13). What do we do. Okay. *reading* Use the Assassin Recruits to kill your target and continue tailing. 

(5:30) *normally* You know it. Thank you! I'm just gonna... *reading* Costumes acquired. *normally* Good job. Oh geez. On a horse. He's on a horse. I don't have a horse. Okay, good, I was like, "There's these guards right here." Where are you. Horsey? Horsey? Horsey? Oh, pfft. You just appeared right behind me. 

(6:00) I'm reducing my distance to the target. I did it. Okay. Okay, good job. Good job, everybody. Way to work together. I don't know what I mean by that.

I've got three Assassins things, so I guess I can use those up one at a time and when it's all full, I can use the Arrow Storm and then I don't have any. I think that's how it works. 

Drop that box! And then it disappears, disintegrates and you get trampled. Oh my god, that was so horrible, all of the things that just happened to you.

(6:32) I hate following missions, it's so boring! Just following this guy. Arrow Storm is available once again. Oh, he's running now, he's running. Fast, fast running. What, what just happened to him, he just ran into somebody. Okay. Am I too close? Am I not far enough away? 

(7:03) Sparkly. Sparkly thing, I saw it. Why does the counter keep coming up? Sorry, sorry! Don't worry about me! Nope, stop chasing me or I will have to shoot you. Thank you! *laughs* That would have been bad. Oh, you made that guy drop his box, so embarrassing. Oh, follow mission! So boring! Just following! 

(7:31) I have remembered to fill up my health, at least. *reading* Terme di... *normally* Okay. Let's do it. Wow. That's what happens when you die. Just like that. 

(8:00) Unfortunately, that uses up all of my Assassins. So that's not good. Especially since there are so many of bad guys right there. No, no, I don't know what to do. Oh wow. 

(8:25) Wow. Somehow that worked. I don't think that I can use my Assassin's Recruits to kill them, 'cause I have no Assassins remaining. That's too bad. Yeah, I lost full synchronization because I used up my Assassins. But I got the costumes, so that's all that matters. And I've completely lost track of this bad guy. Crap, where is he? Get on the other side, gotta see him, gotta see him! 10 seconds, 10 seconds!

(9:13) And my horse. Good boy! Or girl! I don't know, I don't know if you're a boy or a girl. Okay, well, I lost full synchronization but that's just a shame, but instead of getting full synchronization I will end this episode here. So thank you for watching, you will not see me and I will not see you but you will hear me next time on "Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0." Goodbye.