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Come see me and Maureen Johnson TODAY (yes...actually today, august 6th) at 6PM in Barnes and Noble's at Union Square!!!!!


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Good morning, John! It's uh....What is it? Ooooh, I remember what it is....It's New York!


Yeah, I'm serious. I'm like, totally in Times Square right now. I always assumed that Times Square was a square; in fact Times Square is a triangle.

I'm being advertised to like I've never been advertised to in my life. I am totally going to leave here and I am totally gonna buy so much stuff. Mostly I need a Coca-Cola.

If there's any nerdfighters out there who are thinking to themselves right now, "Oh my God, Hank's in New York and I'm not gonna get to him!" well, turns out that may not actually be true. So this is good news--

God, what a great backdrop for a video; I feel like I'm in a movie.

I have a plan for nerdfighters who are in or around New York City, and that plan is to hang out at Barnes & Nobles in Union Square. Union Square, that's correct. I keep saying Union Station, which is wrong--that's in a completely different city. So the Barnes & Noble in Union Square is where I will be tomorrow at six o'clock.

So...what do you think of that? You think you could be there? You know if you're like in Florida I excuse you for not coming but if you are anywhere else in the east coast, you have to be here. Okay, no. But if you can, do it, be there, it's going to be me and a special guest who you may have already have guessed. Wow, guessed and guest are the same word. Guest and guessed is spelled different but sounds the same.

Anyway, special guest, Maureen Johnson, who will be there signing any books you would like to buy from her at the Barnes and Noble. We will hopefully be up stairs in a little conference room. Actually, here it is quite a big conference room so it should fit us all.

I won't have my guitar with me, so I won't be singing any songs but I will be hanging out and if you want to buy some on John's books, I will sign them for you. I am not John but you know. There are people waving to me. Hi?

Person: Can I be in your video?

Hank: Yeah, hi.

Person: Hi.

Hank: Everyone wants to be in my video and I don't know why but that's New York. If there's any place in the world you can't point your camera and talk like a stupid person, it's right here. This is the place. The whole job of this place is to attract weird people to it.

So the reason we are having this Barnes and Noble event is apparently the Barnes and Noble in Manhattan doesn't think John Green can draw a crowd. HA! So the plan is to have a bit of an unsanctioned event. Unsanctioned, unplanned, a spur of the moment, where everyone can get together at Barnes and Noble and show that YES! Nerdfighters can indeed create a crowd.

So if you can contribute to that effort, I would like to see you at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, at 6 o'clock, tomorrow. What's tomorrow? I don't even know what today is. It's...tomorrow, August 6th.

So, yes this is a good place to film a video. I feel like I should do like 12 here so I can like keep having Times Square videos. But, you know, I've got plans. We're going to Chicago, do that's going to be a whole different ball game. This is the only New York Video you're going to get. John, I'll see you in like 3 days. Nerdfighters!