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In which John answers real questions from real nerdfighters from LAX.


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Good Morning Hank it's Question Tuesday, the day that I answer real questions from real nerdfighters, while sitting in a real airport.

What is going on with the Nerdfighter event in Chicago on 8/8/08?
The Harold Washington Library is going to try to accommodate everyone for the 2 pm event, but if for some reason you can't get in don't worry, there will be awesome available for you. And then we will see you at four o'clock for the wizard rock concert in Grant Park, and then at 8:08 pm at the Bean where Amy Krouse Rosenthal is going to make awesome happen. More info there or there and now, back to the airport.

Overall do you think that the flashlight is a worthwhile invention?
Yeah, who is opposed to flashlights, moles?

Can you give you give me a lol books summary of a Jane Austen book?
Mah Famlee gotz klass, But no Moneez, I can haz husband?

Do you and Hank have any other siblings?
Just me, and me and us.

Do you get nervous when you talk in front of a large group of people?
Yeah extremely, actually when I look at video of myself speaking in front of large groups of people I always look a little bit like how I looked when I was in seventh grade and I attempted to fast dance. Anyway I hope that everyone likes my new book Paper Towns.

Why are you only charging $3.99 for the new paperback of An Abundance of Katherines?
Well first I feel like books are generally too expensive and second I would rather have readers than have money, and third I kind of think of it as a way of thanking you in advanced for all of the money I am about to ask you to spend on Paper Towns.

How you keep so fresh?
Degree and thanks for noticing.

What college did you attend?

High school?
Indian Springs School.

Who would win in arm wrestling you or Hank?
I think that it is possible that we might both lose.

I subscribed to this channel by mistake how do you unsubscribe, this sucks!
OK first you have to write a letter to the Nerdfighter council, then Hank does this laparoscopic operation were he goes in with a special tube and he sucks all of the awesome out of your body and replaces it with like blood and organs and stuff. And then we have to hit you with a memory zapper so you permanently forget to be awesome.

Are you and Hank the same person?
Yes we are both Mary Tyler Moore.Obscure B2.0 joke, obscure B2.0 joke.

What do a race car and a kayak have in common?
They're both palindromes, riddle pwned!

What would your autobiography be called?
"Does My Eye Look OK to You? The John Green Story" Or else "As the Puff Riseth, The John Green Story".

When did you first realize that you were a total nerd?
Oh, people were perfectly happy to point it out to me pretty early on.

How did you propose to the Yeti?
There is this writer that the Yeti really likes named Hendrik Hertzberg and I happened to meet him at a conference and so I asked him to sign a book for me and he signed it, 'To Sarah, will you marry John Green? I think it's a good idea. Best Wishes, Hendrik Hertzberg.' I mean maybe she could have said no to me but no one can say no to Hendrik Hertzberg.

If you were a superhero, who would you be?
Probably Pants Power, the super hero with power pants created by my secret sister Debbie.

How soon after you finish one book do you start on the next one?
Pretty much the next day, I'm always worried that if I wait any longer, I'll just stop.

What's your favorite Hank song?
Probably Helen Hunt, although my dark horse pick would be I Sold Your Dog on eBay, because I just love how you can rock out to it and get kind of soulful, like we both know that we had bills to pay-ay-ay. I promised you I would never sing again but I was lying.

Do your parents watch you guys on YouTube?
No they are to busy watching Fred and Smosh, of course they watch us; they're our parents.

Can I get a copy of the Green Green Manifesto?
Yes, I just posted it at the Ning.

Will there be another Project for awesome?
Secret brother Tom didn't call it the first Annual Project for Awesome for nothing.

Did Hank get better grades than you?

What does Hank actually do like for money?
Huh, good question I never really thought about it. Maybe he like robs banks or something. Can't you see Hank robbing banks? - "Alright, I need all of you to get down on the ground, contemplate the size of your carbon footprints, and give me all your money, because Daddy needs some new corn dogs."

What is your favorite thing to put on toast?
Bubbles the Nerdfighting Puppy.

What was your college application essay about?
All I'm going to say is that my college application essay would literally have been better if I put a sea lion inside of a sealed room for a week with a typewriter. Actually, aside from the complexity of acquiring and feeding a sea lion for a week, that is a great idea for a college application essay.

Nerdfighters, I'm going to do another one of these next week, so please leave your questions in comments. Hank, thanks for being awesome and I will see you on 8/8/08.