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If there are too many people, we'll probably split up for a bit and I'll go to the park to play songs and talk nerdy while John reads his stories and talks nerdy.

I'll have an update video tomorrow with info for Chicago AND NYC nerdfighters. So come back tomorrow!

However, we've decided that, in order to accomodate all nerdfighters, John and I will be splitting up, and I'll be playing son.

The song is called "21 Jumpstreet" performed by DJ Wise and Redcloud of Syntax Recrods.

That's right! We'll take down any crew you got to throw at us. Miley and Mandy got nothin' on Missoula Montana!


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Good Morning, John, it's the first of August!

I know that you like me, I know that you like watching me and I know that this is vaguely entertaining. However, I have to say that I think that there are more entertaining things in the world, for example: I recently went to see a breakdancing crew practice. Which was possible the most entertaining thing I'd seen outside of YouTube since Grand Rapid's Michigan.

And today, I just want to show you that. And that is all that I want to do. And I'm gonna show it to you to the tune of 21 Jumpstreet.

Not the theme song from 21 Jumpstreet - *sings and dances* - ah, no. It's a song about 21 Jumpstreet by DJ Wise and Redcloud, courtesy of Syntax Records, thank you very much for allowing me to use that in the show. And of course an amazing huge, fantastic Thank You to Missoula's one and only Breakdance Crew, wouldn't matter if there were thousands of them, you guys would still be the best break dance crew in Missoula!

They're really fantastic and it's quite a surprise to find out that that kind of thing is actually going in this town. Thank you specifically to Will for helping to teach me to breakdance and for inviting me to watch his crew. So sit back, relax and enjoy because this is gonna be awesome. -breakdancing- Hank: I hope that you enjoyed that and I have a little bit of an update about Chicago!

We're a little bit worried that there's not gonna be enough space in the library where we're gonna be speaking. So I'll ask you to put a preregister and you can do that in the sidebar! I don't know if that's actually gonna guarantee you anything, but if there are too many people, don't worry, we're gonna figure something out, I promise.

Second, I'm gonna be part of a Wizard Rock Show! At around 10 p.m. the night of August 8th in a club called Reggie's Room and you can get tickets for that in the sidebar too! Oh my god, that's exciting; anyway, John, I'LL SEE YOU SOON!