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‘Paper Towns’ stars Nat Wolff and Justice Smith put together the perfect John Green Starter Pack. But does John Green approve?

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Nat: Die Hard 4 would probably be in the John Green starter pack.

John: Great movie, underrated.

Nat: Yeah. Uh, just a big picture of himself. (John laughs) Probably right next to Die Hard 4

John: Unfair.

Nat: Maybe, maybe like three pictures of himself. (John laughs) Actually, large posters of his face.

John: Yeah.

Nat: His own face.

John: Yeah.

Nat: And then, um, a picture of the two of us, framed. From your wedding day. Um, that's all I got for the starter pack. What about you, Justice?

Justice: Mountain Goats albums.

John: Yes.

Nat: Just mountain goats, the actual goats.

John: Actual mountain goats?

Justice: Wait. Is it like a survivor pack. I feel like...

John: Like an introduction to John Green pack.

Nat: A first aid kit.

Justice: I feel like I want...

Nat: Band-Aids.

Justice: First aid kit.

Nat: Advil.

Justice: Swiss Army knife.

John: Yeah.

Justice:  I don't know. Some granola bars.

John: I do enjoy a good snack.

Justice: Yeah, I just feel like, is it like deserted island kind of package you would have.

Nat: Cough drop? Cough drop?

John: I gained a little weight on the Paper Towns set, by the way, you'd be surprised to learn. You remember how at one point Nat was like "Whenever I want to see John I just go to where the Cheetos are and he's always there."

Nat: It's true.

John: Like if I ever have a question for John I'm always like "Why isn't he with the other producers? Oh, he's probably with the Cheetos."

Justice: That's actually...

Off screen: Do Cheetos have to be...

John: Yeah, so Cheetos.

Justice: Yeah, so Cheetos. Yeah, they're great.

Nat: Cheetos.

John: Anyway. Thanks for sponsoring me Cheetos.